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((Hetalia) Magic Club Trio) The Bad Touch Trio has pushed Arthur, Vladimir and Lucas too far. And the last thing you ever want to do is anger a magical being. (France's POV)

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I woke to the smell of smoke. Opening my eyes, I thought I was still dreaming. Arthur stood in front of me, a huge smile on his face. "Good morning little frog." He smirked at me. "Sleep well?"

A sharp pain rang through my head. "Arthur? What happened?" I asked, trying to move my hand to my head. I couldn't. My arms were tied at my sides.

"You don't remember?" He said sweetly. I shook my head, my vision blurring. Beside me, something moved.

"What the hell?" Gilbert's voice. He was here too? My heart started pounding, making my head hurt worse. "Cousin?" He asked someone.

There was a soft laugh and suddenly Vladimir was partly behind Arthur, his hand resting on his shoulder. "Buna. You're awake." He smiled at us, his fangs gleaming. "All three of you. Antonio, you can't fake anything here." He said off handedly.

A sigh to my left made me jump. "Si. I know." All of us were here.

"What happened?" I asked again, my eyes still closed.

"His lingers." A soft voice made me look up slightly. Lucas stood on Arthur's other side, folding his arms behind his back. "Should I?" He asked his friends.

"Might as well." Arthur shrugged. Lucas stepped up to me, getting on his knees about a foot away.

His blue eyes burned into mine. "Don't move." He said softly, stretching his hand out to me. I flinched slightly as his cool fingertips touched my forehead.

The pain moved to him, gathering to form an intense pain under his skin. A small scream came out of my mouth. He pulled his hand away and the pain vanished.

I opened my eyes. Pinched in his fingers, he held a little black blob. It looked like a leech.

He looked at it calmly, holding it high. "It's time to return to me." He said calmly. The blob straightened up in his grip. I watched as he lifted the blob over his face.

My heart froze as he dropped it into his mouth. He looked at me, his eyes as calm as ever. How was it not hurting him? "It came from him. All three of them.did." Vladimir said evenly. "You see when you were alone, he sent them to you."

"Cousin, why are you doing this?" Gilbert growled, thrashing at the rope around him. Vladimir laughed.

"I will do anything my draga here asks of me." I glared as he cupped Arthur's face.

"We're family!" Gilbert said sharply.

"He's my boyfriend. He wins." Vladimir said easily. My jaw fell.

They're together. Is that why he doesn't want anything to do with me? Because he has someone already? But I won't have to worry if he's into men or not. But what if he's only into vampires? I'll be so screwed!

"Don't worry, Francis." I looked up at my name. "He likes being bitten. Just not that often." He winked his red eyes at me.

"Do I want to know what he's thinking?" Arthur asked Vladimir, kissing him quickly. My heart beat heavily.

"Probably not." Vladimir laughed, kissing him again. I bit the inside of my cheek. "We should get to ."

"Yes, we should." Lucas's measured voice made me swallow. He circled out of my view. Antonio flinched against me. Vladimir moved silently to the left. I assumed he was in front of Gilbert.

In front of me, Arthur flipped a black hood over his head. "What are you going to do to us?" Antonio asked, his voice tense.

"What do you think? Look down, fools." Arthur laughed. I looked down in a panic.

All I saw was a white chalk drawn circle and some lines. "Welcome to our circle." Vladimir laughed happily. "Arthur, let's show them how powerful our magic is."

"Let's." Arthur stretched his arms to the sides. "Flare up and burn intensely. And turn it into crisp from corner to corner." He said, his voice clear. "Don't even leave a single trace. And burn the souls to crisp! Flare up and burn intensely. Heed and answer my calls now! Burn down these foolish mortals now. With the flaring, crimson flame!"

The other two chanted something with Arthur. I couldn't understand what they said. My eyes were drawn to the lines. They were glowing purple. " up and burn intensely. And turn it into crisp from corner to corner. Don't even leave a single trace. And burn the souls to crisp!"

"Look!" Arthur laughed. "For our horrifying revenge, I'll cast the curse with all my might! Therefore I call thee from the netherworlds. Come forth!" The room shook wildly.

"Flare up and burn intensely. Heed and answer my calls now! Burn down those foolish mortals now. With the flaring, crimson flames!" Fire shot through the lines.

I couldn't hold back the scream of fear that burst out of my mouth. Through the flames, I saw Arthur.

His face was lit brightly, his eyes seemed to be glowing with the fire light.

The fire seemed to get sucked back into the floor. Arthur crouched in front of me and a true sense of terror rippled through me.

"I think it's time to choose personal curses. Francis, I curse you to love me. To love only me for the rest of your life. And I will never accept you." He took my chin in his hand, tipping my face up. "If I ever do accept you, which I won't, this curse will be broken." My heart sank in my chest. "I curse you too see me with others and know that it will never be you holding my hand."

"You're a fool if you think that doesn't happen now!" I whimpered. He laughed softly.

"You don't know the meaning of love." He whispered. "Look what we did to Ivan's little sister. She thought she loved him. Just as you think you love me." My eyes widened. "You're in for eternity of heartbreak, Francis." His grip tightened on my chin. "And it starts right now."

His lips touched mine. Before I could enjoy it, stars burst behind my closed eyelids and I couldn't feel anything.

All I know is I wanted his kiss again.

I haven't decided if this will be a three of four parter, but I'll figure it out soon.

But right now I need to sleep. It's really late and I have things to do tomorrow. So R+R and all that yummy stuff.

Hugs and SwAustria,

PS, I do not own characters or England's demon summoning song. I only used them.
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