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Decades later, Francis is desperate (Pirate days warning!)

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I sat, bound and gagged, in the dungeon of Arthur's ship, waiting for him to come. Why they tied me.up is beyond me.

Especially considering I came willingly. Any excuse to see him.

Resting my head against the dirty wall, I closed my eyes for a second. A croaking sound made me look up. There he was, my prefect little brit leaning on a support beam. "I knew you'd understand the language of your people!" He clapped sarcastically.

I stared at him, not able to say or do anything. "So I heard that you came here. Without a struggle. What are you, stupid?" He laughed, fixing his gloves over his knuckles.

"Here. Maybe this will help." He pulled a small knife out of his boot and unlocked my cell. I didn't move as he went around me, cutting the rope that held me.

My arms fell weakly against my sides. Once I could feel my fingers, I untied the gag and pulled it out of my mouth. I handed it to him. "Nice to see you too, my dear." I smiled.

He waved his hand and rolled his eyes. "This way." He started up a set of stairs. I followed, my heart racing.

"Where are we going?" I asked softly. He turned around and smacked me across the face.

"You'll see." He said like nothing had just happened. I touched my face, feeling the cuts his rings had left. They were shallow, not much blood.

He opened a door and shoved me through it. I fell to my hands and knees on the deck.

The moon was out, only half full. A few of his crew looked our way and ran to an opening in the wood, jumping in. "Why are we here?" I asked, fearing another strike. He walked past me, standing at the bow.

"To talk. And so I can throw you overboard if you start to be even more of a wanker than usual." He sighed. I stared at him, not sure what to say.

The moon lit his body with a sickly glow, draining the color of his clothes and hair. "Why are you here? And why have you been following my ship?" He asked, turning to look at me.

"You know the answer, Arthur. You know it as well as I." I stood up. He laughed darkly.

"I do. So how's the cursed life treating you poppet? Because for me, it's bloody brilliant!" He threw his arms out like he was going to hug me.

"Arthur, please. I love you. I've loved you forever. Before the curse." I stepped closer. "Je t'aime."

"I just love the moon light." he ignored my honest words, staring over my head at the moon. It reflected in his eyes, making them sparkle. "I can just feel the magic it sends out." He hugged himself. "It's like a wave, washing over the world. But you wouldn't feel it, would you Francis?" He looked at me.

I opened my mouth to speak, but he didn't stop. "No. Of course you can't feel it. What would have changed?" He laughed, his eyes darkening. "But do you know why you can't feel it?" I shook my head silently. "Because you think you're above it." I wanted to argue, but he wouldn't stop. "You can't deny it. All the legends you think are just make believe. They are real, Francis. But you sweep them under the rug and walk all over them like they're not even there."

"Arthur..." I stepped closer to him.

"And instead of trying to live with them as equals, you treated them as if they were lower than you. In fact, I'd be willing to bet your safety that the only magical encounter you've had since we were young was back at school."

"You're right." I said, not wanting to fight with him. "I don't remember much of our childhood, but I remember watching over you. And cutting your hair." I touched the edge of the rough hair cut he had now.

"Is that really all you remember?" He slapped my hand away. I didn't try to touch him again. "Really? After everything we did together? All you remember is cutting my hair?" He growled.

"I remember a few other things, but that is the one I remember the easiest. Because it was the first time you asked me to help you after a long time." I felt the smile pulling at my lips.

"You really are an idiot." He shook his head, staring at me. "Some things never change." He sighed.

He turned away from me, looking out at the water. "Arthur..." I touched his shoulder nervously. He didn't move. "Listen. I've had time to learn. Back then, when I used to tease you, I didn't know how to express my feelings." He stiffened under my hand. "And now, I'm still not that great at it."

"Then express your feelings." He said, turning his body to face mine. I can't believe he wasn't beating me.

"Arthur, I love you. I always have, but when I was a boy, I didn't know how..." I trailed off, angry at my voice for breaking. "Everything I've ever done and will ever do can't make up for what I've done to you."

He watched as I took a cautious step closer. I touched his cheek. He stood still as stone. "The curse has changed you." He finally said. "But I will never accept your love."

My desperation took over and I took his face in my hands and I kissed him. He pushed me away hard, making me stumble. "You're going to regret that." He sighed, cracking his knuckles.

Through my fear, I smiled. "No beating would ever make me regret kissing you." He kicked me in my stomach.

"We shall see." He said as I fell to my knees. He punched me in my jaw, snapping it shut and knocking me onto my back.

He sat on top of me so I couldn't move and beat me for a few minutes. Once he was done, my eye was swollen shut, my nose and lip bleeding. I felt the bruises on my skin.

With a final kick to my side, he stood over me. The moon was behind him, it's light turning his hair into a halo. "My men will get you to your ship. Feel lucky you'll be alive at sunrise." He smirked and walked away, his boots thudding with each step.

I was left alone, staring up at the moon with one eye. After a minute, I closed my eye and relaxed my body, letting the pain wash me away like a ship in the ocean.

Okay one- I love the French, so anything I say in here that sounds racist or bad, just know it's for the sake of the story and not a personal opinion.

Two- If you don't know Hetalia, the story probably doesn't make sense to you. If you like anime but have yet to watch.Hetalia, DO IT. It's one of the best animes in the world. And there's three seasons as far as I'm aware. And you'll have to figure that one out on your own.

Three- a About the character list I had given you guys for AFW, it's changed a little. I don't know what I'll be doing the first day, but it's not Irene from Blood+. A lot happened and yeah... It's canceled. If I can ever find what I need, I might be Rose Lalonde, but no promises.

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