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Francis gets tricked. (Vampirism warning!)

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The room I was in was pitch black and I was tied up to a wall, my arms over my head and feet hardly touching the ground. I jumped at the sound of a door opening. "I figured you'd like to see this."

"Vladimir?" I asked, recognizing the voice. There was a snap of fingers and dozens of candles lit the room.

Arthur stood beside Vladimir, arms crossed. "Da, I found him last night wandering around drunk." Vladimir explained.

"He's always drunk, love." Arthur came to look at me face to face. He took my chin in his hand and turned my head, brushing my hair away from my neck. "You really haven't bit him." He laughed, letting me go. "Well, you can. But remember the rule the club put on you."

"Da. I never kill to feed. Unless it is full moon." Vladimir's broken English was nervewracking enough. "Thank you, draga. Have a safe trip." He came to me as the door shut behind Arthur.

His red eyes met mine. "What's going on?" I asked.

"You are my slave." He grabbed my chin. It was the first time the man had ever touched me. His grip was easy, but it hurt my jaw. And he was so cold...

He turned my head, just like Arthur had. I bit my lip, trying to not let him see my fear. "You are scared. I can read minds."

"So you know." It came out odd, but I got it out. "You know how I feel about Arthur. How I always have."

"Da." He sighed, his breath dewy on my neck. "But he is stubborn. It takes a lot to Gerry through to him." I swallowed hard.

"Do you think he...?" I let my mind finish the question.

"I know he does." His words made me look at him, despite the pain it meant. "But, like I said, he is stubborn."

"But then-" fangs dug into my neck, making me gasp. It didn't hurt. It scared me.more than anything.

Actually, it felt good. Like being in a huge body of water all alone, just floating. Until I felt it.

Something nudging me in the water. I opened my eyes and saw a flood of events.

But they weren't memories. Not mine. I was in them.

One slowed in front of me. It was the room when I first got cursed. Arthur and Lucas were tying me, Antonio and Gilbert up. "Is this really necessary?" It was Vladimir's voice.

"Of course it is." Lucas said, drawing the blob out of Antonio.

"If they apologized, this wouldn't happen." Arthur sighed, opening a thick book. "Why do you care so much Vladimir?" He asked.

"They are nations, da? We can no kill them." Vladimir moved, closing Arthur's book. He took his chin in his hand.

"Who said they can ever die?" He smiled.

That image broke, a different one taking it's place. It was dark, a crack of light shining through.

It got bigger and bigger. "Vladimir, wake the bloody hell up right now." Arthur said from the light.

"Arthur, the sun! Shut the curtains!!" Valdimir hissed. The light vanished and there was Arthur, his face mad. "Hello draga." He said, his voice painful.

"I heard who you bit, Vladimir." He smacked Vladimir across the face. Vladimir sat up.

"Who did I bite?" He climbed out of the coffin. "I haven't fed in two weeks. You've been ill."

"I heard you bit Elizabeta." Arthur pushed Vladimir. "It's everywhere in the school. Everyone knows it."

"Arthur, I swear to you I didn't bite anyone else. I swear to you on my immortal life. And who told you this?"

"Antonio told me." He crossed his arms.

"You trust Antonio?" Vladimir laughed. "Draga, let me prove to you I am faithful." Vladimir touched Arthur's neck.

"Prove it to me then." He turned his head to the side and pulled Vladimir close.

Thankfully the image broke before I saw too much. The one that took it's place scared me.

"Get back here!" Vladimir was up in a tree, his feet hanging over the branch. Below him, there were hundreds of people, holding torches and pitchforks.

"Na, I am good where I am!" He laughed back. The tree shook. Someone was cutting it down.

"You demon!" Someone shouted. Vladimir sighed and stood on the branch.

"Time to go, draga mea." He held his hand out to a little girl. She looked up at him with bright red eyes.

"I will miss this land, papa." She took his hand.

Vladimir looked back at the people. "They can never understand us, draga. They are humans. We are not." Vladimir jumped off of the branch, the girl at his side, and flew through the air, going from tree to tree away from the angry mob.

I was pulled back into the candle lit room with Vladimir. He was wiping my neck with a soft cloth. "What was that?" I asked.

"Your blood is thin. You must eat." He let me down. My legs gave out.

"Who is that girl? The one from the tree." He looked at me, his eyes shocked.

"What do you mean?" He asked, pulling me to my feet.

"I saw things." I said, my head light.

"You saw my memories." His voice was stunned. "So that means your blood also holds a trace of..." He trailed off, running out of the room.

I leaned against the wall heavily. "Hold still." Vladimir said, coming back in.

He lifted my hand, biting into my wrist. But he pulled away, holding a vial under my arm. "This will hurt a little." He pressed his thumb hard to the twin holes in my arm, making my blood well there.

"I need some to analyze. Do tests on." He wiped the vial over one of the holes and grabbed another, doing the same.

He did it two more times, each slightly more painful than the last. "Come on." He licked my wrist and picked me up, putting my.arm around his shoulders.

A low whistle came out of his mouth and the room went black. He walked me to the door and into a damp tunnel.

Before we reached the stairs, my body shut down. I couldn't support myself.

"Francis, all you have to do is apologize to us. We're not evil. And though a lot of people think it's a lie, I have a soul. And feelings."

"Papa?" I opened my eyes. "What is he doing here?" It was a girl. The girl, I was sure.

But she was different. Older. She was beautiful. "Draga, come help papa." Vladimir said softly. "I am weak draga. Please heal him."
I was slowly lowered to the floor. The girl sat next to me. "I am the daughter of Vladimir. You may call me Marica." She put her hands around my neck.

Heat spread though her palms and into me. She moved one hand to my chest. "He must eat soon Papa. Or he may die."

"I know. I lost control. But Marica, he can see what I have seen." Their conversation got too soft for me to hear.

"Vladimir." I said, trying to focus. "I'm sorry." He laughed softly.

"I know." He smiled at me. I'm not sure if I returned it. Everything went black.

So I've decided to make this a four parter. And, if anyone wants, check out my new video here

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