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call my name

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Gerard is a vampire,Frank is HIS human.He has his mark on him and will destroy anyone who dares touch his Frankie.

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Gerard's POV

"Son,you have to claim a human.Your past the deadline already.You have a week left to make a claim.I'm sorry I'm having to rush you but you have had long enough.Go,and look now.For the rest of the week that's all you will be doing."

I sighed nodded at my father.I know it's time that I claim a person,I can't keep surviving off of my fathers claim.It's disgraceful.Even Mikey,my younger brother,has made his claim.

I slowly left my fathers study and walked through the halls until I reached my room.I looked across the dimly lit room,walls smothered with band posters,drawings,the occasional picture.

I really don't want to go out and search for a person to claim right now,besides it's already 1:37 AM.Who's going to be out at this time?Hookers,hobos,burglars,murderers,and other vampires.

I dragged my Doctor Martin clad feet across the pitch black carpet to my overflowing closet.I must have something that doesn't reek in here.I pulled up a Black Flag hoodie and sniffed it.

"OH MY UNHOLY MEECE FUCKERS,THAT REEKS!" I instantly dropped the hoodie.What did I do?!Wipe my ass with it or something?!I chucked it over to the dirty clothes bin and dug around for a

different hoodie to wear.I may be dead,but damn,I can still get cold you know?I finally found one I knew I hadn't worn in a while.I was black and red striped and in the middle it said

I CAN EVEN MAKE STRIPES LOOK GOOD Pretty nice if I do say so myself.I got out of my closet,ha wow funny,and snatched my ipod up from my desk and ruefully made my way out of the house.

I plugged my headphones into my ears and started blaring out the sounds of the amazing "The Misfits" and made my way to the park.I didn't want to go to town.All that will be waiting

for me there is a bunch of prostitutes or a mugger maybe.This is New Jersey after all.I walked down the chewing gum and trash speckled side walk for what seemed like hours,but in reality it

was only about 20 minutes.I stopped at the big gates to the town park and looked up,admiring the rusted twisting bars,and the huge open iron gates.There is something wickedly beautiful about

this park at night.I pulled a half smile up at the moon.It really is gorgeous tonight.I walked into the park and headed for the swings.That is,until I noticed a boy siting on a swing,crying

his eyes out.What the hell?Should I do something?Should I like,say something before I get any closer?What if he thinks I'm a mugger?What if he stabs me?Shit I hate these situations.

I walked over carefully until I was a few feet from him.
"Uhm...I'm not a mugger,so please don't stab me,I just kinda wanna...say hi?"

I tried to be funny but I think it came out more like a retarded question.His head slowly lifted up and he looked at me with huge watery eyes.DAMN.He's beautiful.He had

a floppy mowhawk,a "Smashing Pumpkins" hoodie, faded grey skinny jeans,a pumpkin belt buckle,and some battered green converse.He had a cute little button nose,small lips that had a piercing

through his bottom lip,and big chocolate brown eyes,ringed with red liner.Most of it had been washed away by tears though.Wait..shit,I've been staring and gaping at this guy for like three

minutes.He probably thinks I'm a freak.Way to go fuck face.
"I'm Gerard Way.And you are?" I held my hand out to carefully.

"Frank Iero.." He mumbled under his breath and weakly shook my hand.

"May I?" I pointed to the empty swing beside him.Maybe he will talk to me?Damn,I hope so.

He nodded his head and ducked his head down,hiding into his fringe.He's so cute,why does he seem so broken?Better yet,why the hell is he out by himself this late in fucking Jersey?

"What brings you out so late?Don't you know it's dangerous to be out alone?" I asked quietly.

"Uhm...f-family issue.Just kinda needed to leave the house...and not go back." He whispered the last part,but thanks to my super awesome vampire hearing (Kick ass,I know)I caught it.

"Well...if you need someone to talk to,I'm right here right now." I grinned stupidly at him.He smiled a little back and sighed.

"My mum is drunk again.Like she always is.Threw a bottle at me,said some stuff,and I couldn't take it so I left for a little bit.Fresh air and all ya'know?"

I nodded knowingly at him.I feel so bad for him.I can smell the dried blood on him,and usually that's my cue to devour,but no,now it's just the need to help.In fact,I CAN help,and helping him

would also help me.



"Do you believe in vampires?" He looked at me a bit oddly but then smiled a litle.

"Yeah,Love the idea of them.Real shame it's all just fantasy though." I smirked and stood up.

"So,if I told you I was a vampire,you wouldn't trip balls and run screaming?"He just laughed and shook his head.

"Nah,I'd probably tell ya to prove it." I extended a hand to him,which he took and let me pull him up from the swing.

"Okay then.I'll prove it.Watch this,and don't fucking freak out,okay?"

He nodded and I opened my mouth wide and extended my fangs from my gums.

"Convinced?"I asked with a smirk.He laughed at me and shook his head as if to say 'nice try idiot.'

"Sorry but,what Halloween store did you get those from?" He laughed more and put his hand up over his mouth.Your a cocky little bastard aren't ya?

"Ok,fine then,gimme your hand." I took his hand and placed it over my dead heart.I watched with a smile as a look of confusion swept over his face.He pressed a little harder on my chest,moved

his hand to each side a little,trying to find a heart beat.I watched as the look of confusion turned to horror as he realized this shits for real.

"'re telling me you're a real ..vampire?" He looked up at me with big eyes.

"Yep,and since I like you I'ma do this for you." I leaned into him and he froze with fear.Seriously,does my breath smell like dead animals or something?C'mon dude!I made a small

incision on his shoulder,and carefully drank a couple sips of of his blood.I stopped my self and
cut the center of my palm,held it over the wound and let my blood drip into it.

"I'm sorry for this next part by the way." I mumbled and sealed the wound by licking it and got ready to catch him.

"Huh...?" He mumbled before his legs gave out and he fell into my arms.I can't believe it.I just motherfucking claimed a person!Hell yeah bitch!He's not a vampire,I didn't give him my venom.

I fused our souls together.That meaning were connected.Telepathy,knowing the others actions when the same time they choose to make them,and the best is,he can't refuse me.I can have his blood,

or body anytime I want.All the other vampires will be able to smell the claim as well.They will know that he is claimed.They can't,or at least better not,fucking touch him.Should I take him

home with me now?I should probably let him have one more day at home right?To say bye and get his shit and all.I became aware of the movement in my arms and looked down to see Frank was

waking up.

"What..where..YOU!GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO ME!?" Oh,he's mad as shit...

"I claimed you.Nobody can touch you now.You're mine.I'll never let them hurt you,I promise.Were connected now.Mind,soul,the whole shabang.I can have your body or blood anytime I want,but I

won't force anything on you,you have my word on that." He seemed to calm down a little,even cheer up a bit actually.Did that just make that fucker happy?

"Okay.I accept." It's not like I gave you a choice but ok good to know he said cheerfully but still apprehensive.

"Okay,well,go home and say goodbye,get your stuff together,meet here tomorrow at noon." I smiled at him sleepily.I'm tired as a fat kid who just ran down the candy isle to get the last


"Okay,I guess...I guess I'll see you then Gerard." He smiled and turned to walk off.Wait,shit.

"Hey Frank!" He swung back around and looked at me expectantly.


"If you need me,whenever,just call my name and I'll be there,I promise."

"Ok,I'll try not to bother you by testing that.Bye!" He waved and gave me the cutest little goofy grin I'd ever seen.Why is he so damn adorable?

I smiled up at the full,gleaming moon and lit up a cig.This was a damn good night.I started my way back home to get some sleep.Finally!I swear to god,if I stand any longer I'm gunna fall over

and pass out on the side walk.I kicked through the door and dragged my lazy ass down to my room,kicked off my shoes,and passed the hell out.

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