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moving forward

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Frank's finally leaving

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Frank's POV

What the flying fuck just happened?Did that guy drug me?!Shit!I picked up the pace,scuffing my converse along the pavement.I quickly checked behind me,that freak better not be following me

home.From what I can see he's not.I ducked my head down low and ran off towards my house.I don't really want to be there either but that's a lot better than being out on the streets when a

'vampire' is under the impression that I'm now his fucking rag doll or something.To hell with that!I jumped lightly over my fence and stared up the side of the house,up to my bedroom window.

That's going to be one hell of a climb.I sighed and grabbed the string of tried sheets I'd fashioned into a rope and used to get out in the first place.Sliding down was the easy part,now I

had to climb up the damn thing.Worst of all?I had to remake my fucking bed.I sighed and started to work my way up the sheets.I swear,I must look like a fucking five hundred pound fat kid climbing

up the gym rope.I laughed,either at myself or the situation,I don't really know.I'd been trying to scale up the side of this damn house like this for about thirty minutes.This is pitiful.I'm

only 4'9,and 112 pounds!Finally I managed to get myself up,and into the window.My bedside clock read 3:37 AM.Yeah,time to go to sleep.If I'm actually gunna do what I have planned tomorrow,I'm

going to need all the energy I can get.I shook off my clothes and jerked the covers back on my bed.It looks so inviting,so comforting.I smiled sleepily at my bed and and fell down onto it.


I jumped at the sound of the shrill alarm,and slapped the bed side table a few times,then finally hit the button.

"Uhhhhhggg...ok.",I got up and pulled on some clothes,and stuffed the rest of my clothes into a bag.I rifled through my room,grabbing things I would need.Within 3o minutes I had gathered

up my wallet,my guitar,my cell,and my cigs.This is it,this is the start of my life.I walked out my door and straight into the living room,and stopped in front of my mother.

"Get out of the way of the damn TV Frank!"
"No Mom,I'm telling you goodbye."She sat up straight and took a drink from her bottle of vodka.
"So,you're gunna up and leave me?!You're just like your father!Get out,one less pain in the ass!"I could fell the tears building up in my eyes.
"Fine then,you always where a bitch!Go to hell!'

I had had enough.I stormed to the door.I turned around just in time to see the bottle flying towards my face.I ducked down,barely avoiding it and flipped the bitch off.Time to book it.

I ran out the door and headed for the train station.I'm leaving.I'm not going to live with my mom,and I'm not living with a fucking pyshcotic vampire.Fuck Belleville,fuck vampires,and fuck my mom.

*I hope you all liked it,sorry it's not very long
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