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"We're connected dumbass."

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Gerard's POV

"Wake your lazy ass up.Coffe."
I jumped out of my bed to the pound on my bedroom door,as my little shit of a brother sounded my wake up call.Who does he think he is?A fucking sergeant?I grumbled and sat up,rubbing my eyes.

And did he say coffee?Wow,I can't believe someone besides me made the coffee.I walked around my room,picking up scraps of clothing.A shirt here,some pants there,hoodie out the closet.I walked

into my bathroom and dragged a brush through my think,ebony,tangled up hair.Ok,but I can still do better.For some reason I decided to not only brush my teeth,but use mouthwash,cologne,and

eyeliner.In my opinion,I look pretty damn good.I finally made my way to the kitchen and made my first of several cups of coffee.
"Ooooh,don't you look handsome today sweetie!",my mom called from her seat at the table.
"Oh hush,I look normal."
"Yeah,still awkward as usual." Mikey called as he walked in.

I wish I could knock that smug ass grin off his face.I mean I love him and all,but sometimes he just begs for his ass to get kicked.

"And your still a nerdy little fuck." I grinned back at him as he sat down.

He flipped me off and Mom glared at the two of us.I gave her a huge goofy grin and made a finger heart towards her.Her face faultered into a smile and she laughed,shaking her head.

"I swear Gerard,your such a fruitcake." I chucked at my Mom and sipped at my coffee.I really do love that woman.She's always accepted me,no matter what.Even when I told her I was gay.I

finished off my first cup,fixed my second,and trudged off to my room with my addiction in hand.My alarm clock read 11:15.Didn't I have something to do today?....Oh yeah,Frank.I smiled a

little and stuffed a pack of ciggarets into my pocket,along with my lighter,slipped on some shoes,and headed out the door.I wonder if he will even show up.I hope so,I really don't feel

like tracking that minimotherfucker down.I sighed and kicked a little pebble on the sidewalk.Turns out the pebble fell in love with my shoe,because I kicked that little pebble the

whole way to the park.And,surprise,he's not even here!I shook my head and lit up a cig.What did he not understand about the whole 'connected' thing?I closed my eyes and felt for him

energy,then closed in on his thoughts.He was thinking about trains,and how gross the people are on them. 'Oh shit..that guy is going to touch me....don't touch me..please don't fucking touch

me with your chicken licken fingers you greasy ass hobo.." Wow,Is he really trying to run away?Uhg,this means I have to track that little bitch down.I sighed out heavily and stomped out my

"Sir,you can't smoke in this park." An elderly woman came up behind me,with a small child peaking out from behind her legs.I smirked and flipped her off,telling her to kiss my ass.

She glared and scooted her grandchild or whatever off to the monkey bars.I smiled and texted Mikey,saying I wouldn't be back until late.I walked into the woods and took off.Running at my

top speed,chasing after Frank's energy source.I ran for at least an hour,Dodging branch after tree,after branch.I'd even gotten scraped by thorns a few times.Soon enough I found myself at a

train station where frank was planning on getting off to switch trains at.Apparently he was trying to make his way to New York.I don't know why he would want to go to a place like that.

I leaned against the wall parallel to where Frank would step out of his train.Boy,he's gunna trip balls.I chuckled to myself and watched my hair whip in the wind as the train flew into the

station and started letting the passengers off.A few women and children eyeballed me carefully,like I was a mugger of some sort.I smiled a bit as I saw Frank poke his cute little

head out like he was scarred.He slowly stepped out and pulled his bag up over his shoulder.That is,until he caught sight of me.His expression was priceless.It changed from scared,to confused

to angry.He stomped over to me,and by this point I couldn't help but giggle at how adorable the boy is.
"Why the hell are you following me?!"I gritted through his teeth,as not to draw a scene I suppose.
"Your mine rere.Didn't I make that clear last night?I claimed you."
"Look,I don't know how you knew where I would be,I don't care about you delusional little fantasy you have here,but leave me alone."

He went to walk away but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back in front of me and pulled his face up to mine.

"Look here princess,your mine now,ok?Your not going anywhere but with me.Now you can either come on or I can drag you out to the woods and drain you of blood,then leave your body for the
buzzards.Now come on,don't make me get ugly.I like you,and I don't very much like killing people I like."

I whispered to him and gazed into his eyes.I really do hate to talk like this to him,but I have to get him to leave with me,or I have to kill him,It's the rules.He had teary eyes and slowly

nodded his head.I nodded back and offered my hand to him.He tentatively took it and laced our fingers together.This feels nice,it feels like this is how it should be...except for the smell

of fear practically rolling off Frank.It's sickening knowing I'm the reason for it.I want him to be happy with me,not fear me.I want to be his friend.Even though I doubt that's possible now.

"How did you find me?Do you have a fucking tracking device on me?" He mumbled peaking up from behind his hair."

He really is to freaking cute.I smiled at him and shook my head.

"We're connected dumbass."
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