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Gee gets thirsty.

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Frank's POV

As we walked,I noticed a change in him.We had taken a path through the forest,still holding hands,him still trying to talk to me,me still ignoring him.But,there was a change in him.His voice,his breathing,the way he looked at me,just his whole personality.

I watched him carefully.Ether he really is a vampire or he's a mentally unstable boy who could possibly be dangerous.His grip tightened on my hand.
"Frank,come here." Gerard slowly and carefully pulled me close
"Are you...trying to kiss me?"I looked at him with huge eyes,slightly pulling away.
"I'm sorry"

And that was all I heard before I felt his lips on my neck,then long fangs brushing my skin.I whimpered squeezed his hand,and he immediately froze.Wait,..what?Is he not going to do it?My suspicions were thrown to the wind and he quickly plunged into my skin.

I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out.This hurt more than anything.It felt like being stabbed in the throat twice,but at the same time.Hot tears built up in my eyes
and cascaded down my face.I could feel him sucking the blood out of the wounds.

I felt my knees shaking and the pain dulled.My world became fuzzy and the last thing I felt was Gerard Wrapping his arms around me and pulling his mouth away from me.

Gerard's POV

I could feel the pain intensifying in my throat.It was a terrible pain.Imagine being stranded in the desert for a week with no water.have a better idea now?It fucking hurts.It was all I could do to keep trying to make conversation with Frank,to which he constantly ignored me.

I kept myself to together as long as I could before the pain became to much.It was aching throbbing and scorching in my throat,and I could fucking HEAR Frank's blood pumping through his body.
"Frank,come here." I slowly pulled him close to me,cupping the back of his head with my free hand.
"Are you...trying to kiss me?" Frank looked freaked out,and tried to back peddle.
"I'm sorry."

I pressed my lips to his neck and felt my fangs grow out.The monster inside of me had almost completely taken me captive,when I heard Frank whimper,and squeeze my hand in fear.I froze.Can I stop?Can I make it to the house?He has to get used to it anyway.

I apologized mentally,and plunged my fangs into his neck,and felt an explosion like no other.My senses all came alive at once,and it was like little fireworks flaming through my body.My heart sputtered to life and for the first time in all my undead existance,I had a heartbeat.

I wanted to pull back before he got hurt,I could feel his hot tears hitting my hair,but I couldn't pull myself away from this feeling.I felt Frank shaking and wrapped my arms around him in time to catch him.I forced myself to leave the sensation behind.

My heartbeat slowed at an unbearable pace.I fell to the forest ground,clutching Frank in my arms,and let out an agonizing scream.I laid there for about five minutes,panting and holding onto Frank as if he was my life line(which he practically is now).

Finally,I managed to get up,and the pain subsided.Frank was still unconscious though.Shit,this means I have to fucking carry him.
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