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Gerard's father instructs him on how to deal with his new human.

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Franks's POV

I groaned as my senses came back,and I felt the plush bed underneath me.Where am I?Small bits and pieces started to glue together and I sighed as I remembered the recent events in the woods.But,where am I now?I slowly opened my eyes and blinked until the blur cleared away.

I was in some dark,but dimly lit bedroom.The covers beneath me were soft and plush,and a canopy was dangling from the rafters of the astonishingly large bed.There was a set of large wooden doors across the room,one slightly ajar with a few stands of clothes falling out.

Against another wall was a large black wooden desk.It was cluttered with papers and pencils,and even had some oil pastels and paints scattered over it.There was a large tapestry that took up most of the wall around it.I was a beautiful blood red velvet.It pictured a lamb,in a pool of blood.

It was a very disturbing thing,especially since the lamb did not appear harmed,but as if it was the one who had caused the blood shed.I shuddered and sat up,dangling my legs over the edge of the bed.I tried to turn my head and the pain shot through my light a lightening bolt.

My hand shot to my neck and I jerked it away almost as fast as I put it there.I could feel the two pulsating wounds where that thing...that monster..had bitten me.I snarled up my nose in disgust.The lips of that creature had been ON ME.I slowly stood up and walked around the room.

I made my way to the desk and picked up one of the papers.Turns out it's a piece of art.It was beautiful to say the least.I was of a beautiful corpse.She seemed to be alive but with the body of death.Her long flowing hair cascaded down her shoulders and she seemed to smile at me.

Her ripped and tattered dress was splattered with blood.She held this evil in her eyes but looked so innocent.A monster in a beautiful form.

Gerard's POV

I threw Frank upon my back and took off with him,running at my top speed.He needs to lay down and rest,rebuild blood and strength.And I need to talk to my father.I need answers.I jumped over twigs and sticks,ducking under branches,making sure not to let Frank get hit.

Thoughts raced through my mind:will my father be proud of my chosen person,why did my heart start beating when I drank from Frank and not anyone else,and most importantly,why did Frank freak out so much when he thought I was going to kiss him?Am I that repulsive?I frowned to myself.

It doesn't matter.I don't care.What is he to me?That's right,all he is,is a food source.Something to drink.A meal.I snarled and forced myself faster,a pang of hurt shot through my dead heart.Am I not fucking good enough?!I growled and tightened my grip on him.

Soon enough the hurt and anger subsided.Then all that is left is the burning guilt.It shot through me and made me freeze dead on the spot.Why did I even think that?He isn't just a food source,he's so much more than that.He is a living thing,he has a life.And most of all,he's now half of me.

I loosened my grip on Frank and took extra care for dodging branches after that.What the hell is wrong with me?!I scolded myself mentally all the way back to the manor.

"Welcome home,Master Gerard.Who is this,if I may ask?" Our maid Diana greeted me.

"Please,Diana,take him to my bedroom,and make comfortable on my bed.Be careful with him."She wearily and worriedly nodded her head.I handed her Frank,and even though Diana isn't the strongest she held him with ease.It was only then I realized how terribly thin he is.Does he not fucking eat?

She nodded to me and scurried of with him.Answers,that's what I need.I speed walked down the hall,a determined mindset and balled up fists full of amazement.The excitement at what had happened fluttered around inside of me.I bit my lip hard to keep the idiotic smile from my face.

I breathed in deep and stopped outside my father's study.Calming myself has never been this difficult,and I took a long moment to steady my breathing and compose myself.Eventually,I slowly opened the big doors,and stepped inside.

"Father,I have some news for you.I have claimed a human."
"That's wonderful son!Bring her in so I may see her!" His lips spread into a toothy grin.
"Him.And he is currently asleep.I made a mistake.I nearly killed him dad..."I trailed off.
He sighed,"Son,I care not about the gender,but,I must ask,did your heart start to beat in time with his?"
"Yes,What was is?!It was the most incredible feeling ever!"
"Son..I'm so proud of you my boy!You have achieved what most of our kind only wish to achieve!"HE threw his arms around me,patting my back.
"What do you mean?"
"Your human,son,is also your mate.The one destined to be your other half.But I am sorry to tell you though,You still must train him,as you would any other claim.You must break him."
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