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Frank's POV

I'd been rifling through the drawings,oil paintings,and other works of small art when I found something interesting.At the base of the desk,buried under those beautiful pieces,was a secret holding place.I dug my finger tips in and wretched it open,and gazed at the sight before me.

Sat in a neat little stack were documents.All were of mysterious deaths,reports dating back about a hundred years ago.


I feel numb,shaken,and empty.I stopped shuffling through them and read a bit into one.


Off to the side of the page,was a picture of Gerard.He had the same hazel eyes,long black shaggy hair,but older looking clothes.I choked on the air,dropping the paper.What the hell?How can this happen?The only way this is even vaguely possible is if this fucktard is actually a vampire.

I shook as I hurriedly put the papers back in and closed the small opening,shoving drawings back on tops of it and backed away.Just as I drew my eyes from the desk,The huge wooden door swung open,and in strode the vampire himself,Gerard Motherfucking Way.

Gerard's POV

I felt sick.Sick and disgusting.I don't want to do this,I would rather be drown in a pool of crucifixes.I stopped outside my door and breathed.This is hard,I mean I was happy and ready to do this,until I claimed FRANK.I don't want to do this to him.But I have to.If I don't do as the tradition of our species dictates,Frank dies.

I frowned in frustrations and sighed.I pushed the door and watched it swing forward,revealing a very scared looking Frank.We sat there,staring at each other,for about 3 minutes.Slowly he advanced towards me,picking up his pace with each stride until he was running across the my over sized room.

He crashed into my arms,wrapping his arms tightly around my back.I could feel his tears soaking through my shirt,and feel his small shakes.What's gotten into him?Shouldn't he be running AWAY from me?I don't really know how to comfort people.I started looking around,searching for anything to give me a clue as to what to do.

Eventually I decided to just wrap my arms around his small shoulders and hold him as he cried.His grip on my tightened and I realized I must have done something right.

"Gerard,I'm sorry.I shouldn't have been such a dick to you,you've been through so much already." he mumbled into my chest.What?What the fuck is he talking about?I slowly pried him off me and looked at him worriedly.Had I taken enough blood to do fucking brain damage?!

"Frank,what the hell are you talking about?"
".....Nothing,but just know that I'm sorry."
He mumbled under his breath and pulled away from me,walking back to my bed and sitting down.
"How long have you been up?"
"About 20 minutes."He shrugged it off.
"I see you went through my drawings..."

The pages were scattered,the oils smeared,the charcoal smudged.I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.I let him in my room,sleep in my bed,and he smears my art?Fucking nice huh?He gave me a sheepish smile and looked down,mumbling a soft sorry.I felt a small smile ghost over my face.

He really is cute.Then the realization hit me.I have to break him.I have to break this poor innocent boy,who is supposed to be my mate.This is probably the most fucked up thing iv'e ever had to do.I stalked forward and stared down at Frank.He slowly lifted his gaze to meet mine.

I could see the confusion change into fear as I leaned down,pushing him back onto the bed,pinning his arms down my his head.
"Wha..What are you doing to me.." I could see the fear explode in his eyes,like a supernova busting in the solar system,only his eyes seemed so much more deep and beautiful.

"Shh,I wont bite you.And I'm truly sorry that I must do this to you Frank..."
I saw his eyes flash from relief back to worry,and before he had a chance to protest or ask further questions,I smashed my lips into his.At first he was taken aback,and froze on the spot.But then something in him slowly began to change.

He tentatively kissed me back and slowly melted into the kiss.I could feel him getting more into it,kissing me hard,and even biting my lip,begging for an entrance.Which of course I denied.I have to break him.I have to make him want me,make him need me,and make him fear me.

Frank's POV

I couldn't stop myself,as soon as his lips connected with mine,I felt these tiny lightening bolts firing through my body.It was like every sense came alive,and all that mattered was Gerard,and me.Right now,right now was so perfect I almost forgot the situation.Almost.

This situation is completely unforgettable.It's one of those things you just don't forget.I bit his lip,once,twice,three times,and each time he has denied me entrance.But you see,things have turned now.Now,I was turned on.I was going to get him,even If it meant seducing a fucking vampire that kidnapped me.

I slipped my leg between his thighs,and grinded my leg against him.What I found me me smirk to myself,He was half hard ,and getting harder by the second.A small moan came from his mouth,although it was muffled my my mouth.The sound sent shivers down my spine and turned me on even more.

He let go of my hands and cupped my cheek with one hand while the other traced down my body,and under my shirt.I instantly wrapped my arms around Gerard's neck,pulling him down onto the bed with me,and sat on his hips.I licked his bottom lip,as a final attempt at entrance.He quickly parted his lips,much to my surprise,and I began exploring his mouth.

While I was busy with that tho,I could feel his icy hand exploring other regions and his nimble fingers undid my pants button and snaked down into my underwear,and wrapped his hand around my hardened cock.I let out a low moan of pleasure as he moved from my lips and started kissing and nibbling over my neck and jaw.

I gripped his hair,but quickly moved down to his pants,Trying to undo the button with my shaky hands.As soon as the button popped open,he froze,and in response,so did I.Did I do something wrong?Did I hurt him?I quickly glanced at him and saw all the lust swimming in his face and eyes,but buried down deep in his gorgeous eyes,I could see something else.

I could almost feel the strong emotions I saw in those eyes.Lust,obviously,but they were layered over pain,and something else I have never seen before.Suddenly his expression turned hard and cold,and he jerked me up with him,and dragged me from the room.Once I had finally come to grasps with what was happening,I was being dragged into another room.

This room,was something truly terrifying.It had chains and shackles hanging from wet stone walls,and it was so dark,I doubt if the door wasn't open I could see a thing.He yanked me over and down to a set of wrist cuffs,and locked my wrists away.I couldn't stop the scream of agony as the old jagged metal sliced into my wrist as he closed them impossibly tighter.

"Gerard..No..Don'r,please!" I called after him as he slowly stood up and turned his back on me,leaving me there,in the dark,alone with the worst thing right now.Myself.I hung my head low as I felt the tears overcome me,and sat there,shaking and sobbing in my shackles.
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