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Gerard tells Helena about his first love

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Gerard gave Helena another change of clothes since he tore her dress during sex. She was now wearing a black lace-trim empire dress and buckled mules. He got dressed in the clothes that he wore before.
They walked back from Masques’ Hall and headed back to the house. After Gerard closed the door, Helena turned to him, “Gerard, do I remind you of someone?”
“Huh?” Gerard piped out.
“The way you said my name earlier,” Helena said. “That was the first time you said it and you had this surprised look on your face.”
“Oh,” he remembered. “Actually, yes. You have the same name of a woman I loved before. A long time ago.”
“What was her full name?” she asked.
“Helena Marie Colette LeAnge”
“The Angel”
Gerard looked at in confusion. Helena explained, “Her last name. It’s French. It means ‘the angel’.”
He understood, “Yeah, she definitely fit that definition. She was an actress in the late eighteen hundreds. She preformed in an opera house in Paris. I was living there at the time.
“I met her through a friend of mine. I fell in love right there. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Long auburn hair. Blue eyes. She was a vision. An angel wearing a mask of a vampire.”
“She’s a vampire?”
“Was a vampire. Past tense. She’s dead.” He said bitterly.
“I-I’m sorry,” Helena apologized. “I didn’t mean to imply that-“
“It’s okay,” he said, noticing that he did sound angry with her when he said that. “It was nothing you did. It’s just that her death was violent. She was burned to death when the opera house burned down.”
“Was it an accident?”
“The police thought so, but I didn’t buy it. I think someone knew that she was a vampire and was trying to kill her. Whoever the person was, they succeeded.”
Helena shook when he said that.
Gerard continued, “I left Paris shortly after that and came to settle here in Ophelia’s Field. Whoever came past here either became my fledgling or my meal. That’s how it got its infamous rumor.”
“That it’s haunted?” she guessed.
He nodded and then said “It’s gonna be morning soon. You need to go to bed now.”
“But Gerard, what about-“ she wanted to learn more about he got the others.
Helena’s body obeyed Gerard’s command and her legs carried her upstairs. “Wait!” she cried.
Gerard regarded her, “What is it?”
“What about the others?” she asked. “Serafina. Tabatha. Ray. Bob. Frank, even…”
“The guys and the girls have coffins in Masques’ Hall. And you don’t need to worry about Frank,” said Gerard.
Helena nodded once and then headed upstairs without Gerard commanding her again.
Once she got inside her room, she saw that her window was now bolted shut and wooden shutters replaced the curtains.
She harrumphed a little, Guess he’s not taking any chances.
Then she sighed. It was pretty pointless for him to do that anyway. She would’ve burned into ashes in a matter of seconds. She lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling, replaying the memories of tonight.
She had sex for the first time in her life. Well, in her unlife since she had been a virgin when he turned her. A man who loved an angel and even had the face of an angel, despite the monstrous personality it has beneath. Then she replayed the scene when she killed an innocent man. The hot sweet taste of blood flowing through her mouth and down her throat.
She felt a stabbing pain in her stomach. She became worried. Will she be like this with every victim? Will she have to do this every night? Killing innocents for blood and having blood-inspired sex with her master? She tried not to think about it.
She closed her eyes and within minutes, she was asleep. Unaware that another creature was in the room with her. Staring at her until it left.

Gerard retreated to his room and went to open his coffin. Secretly wishing that he had never told Helena about her.
She’ll indicate that I haven’t moved on, he scolded himself. But I have moved on…haven’t I?
He then sensed Helena going to sleep and felt a twinge of disappointment. She still felt guilty about killing that guy. But then he remembered that he was just like that when he was first turned and what his master did to make him get used to the killings. He would have to do that. With that, he slipped into his coffin and was sound asleep when the first rays of sunlight graced the dirt of the earth.

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