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We learn about Frank and see what happens when you anger vamp Gerard.

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Helena woke up around three in the afternoon. She walked around the room for a while, thinking about her current situation.
No doubt Gerard would make her kill again. If she couldn’t do it on her own, Gerard would force her. She hated that about him.
She hated what she become. A blood-drinking demon with no morals whatsoever. She was so immersed in her own misery that she didn’t notice that there was a knock on her door.
She did notice when her door was opened and someone stepped inside her room.
It was Frank.
Helena looked at him, “Frank, what are you doing here?”
“Seeing what you were doing,” he replied. “I was outside.”
Outside?! In the DAYLIGHT?! Her mind gaped. “But you’re a vampire! How can you survive?!”
“Whoa, whoa,” Frank smirked. “Who said I was a vampire?”
What? She thought.
“You’re h-human?” she then asked.
He shook his head, “I didn’t say that either.”
Now Helena was confused, “Then what are you?”
He stepped closer to her and touched her arm, “Stand still.”
She became scared.
“Don’t be afraid,” he said in a soothing voice. “I’m not going to hurt you.”
He held her arms to her sides and ducked his head to her shoulder. His lips touched her skin, causing her to shiver. She then felt his sharp teeth nip her.
But his teeth weren’t like Gerard’s at all. Gerard had two sharp canine fangs on the top. Frank had fangs everywhere.
When he pulled back, he and Helena stared at each other. “What are you?” she asked again, softly.
“I am, what they call, a ghoul,” Frank said.
“A ghoul” she repeated the word. “Isn’t that just another word for grave-robber?”
Frank chuckled at her question, “Heh. We’re not grave robbers. We’re a lot worse.”
He nodded, “We are flesh-eating beings. We travel in packs and we devour everything and everyone we cross paths with. We have rows of sharp teeth. Ghouls and vampires are closely connected. They turn us into their slaves because we’re the only monsters that can walk in the daylight and we can’t enter their lairs without their say-so.”
That was then Helena understood why Frank didn’t go in with her to Masque’s Hall last night. He wasn’t allowed to.
Helena sat on her bed, “How did Gerard get you?”
Frank was silent for a moment then looked at her seriously.
I never should have asked him that, she thought. “You don’t have to tell m-“
“He killed my family,” he said.
Helena looked at Frank with a mixture of shock and horror.
He continued, “He murdered my entire clan and only spared me because I wasn’t strong enough to fight him off then.”
“Oh, Frank” she said. She felt sorry for him. Even if he is a monster, he was just like her. Gerard robbed him of his peaceful life for his selfish reasons. She reached out and held his hand, “You must miss them so much.”
Frank shrugged, “Yeah, but it was a long time ago…”
“How could he?” Helena interrupted and shook her head in disapproval. “I knew he was miserable about Helena’s death, but did he really have to take out on other people?”
Frank pulled his hand away and kneeled down to her eye-level, “Maybe. Then again, I don’t know shit about vampires or their emotions.”
“I don’t know either,” she agreed. “and I am one.”
Frank leaned forward and took a quick intake of air through his nose. Helena didn’t know what to make of that.
He backed away again and said, “Hmm. The scent of a mated vampire.”
Helena blushed furiously. He knows Gerard and I had sex?!
She blushed even more when Frank asked, “So how was he?”
“I-I d-don’t want to tell y-you!” Helena stuttered in embarrassment.
“That good, huh?” Frank said with a knowing smile. “Tell me how he kisses you. Tell me how you kiss him.”
“It’s hard to tell,” she said.
“Try,” he urged.
Helena took a deep breath, “He starts with a gentle kiss and then he licks my lips so he enter…”
“Like this?” Frank asked in a whisper and without a word of warning, he leans forward and kisses Helena softly. He gently licks her lips and she allowed him inside. He begins to suck and bite gently on her tongue.
Helena squeaked when he did that. Gerard never did this to her tongue. Or maybe he did. She couldn’t quite remember the way he kissed. It seems like so long ago.
He then snaked his hand into her black hair as his tongue traveled from her gums to the roof of her mouth. She decided to take this opportunity to lick underneath his tongue. He moaned in her mouth and soon enough they were rubbing their tongues together and they pressed closer to each other.
They pulled apart for air for a minute. “So sweet…” Frank breathed out. Helena didn’t say anything. She was panting, wanting more.
She kissed him again and Frank joined right with her. Helena felt a bolt of hot electricity running through her body. She was getting so turned on by his kissing.
“What the hell is this?!” A familiar voice boomed through the room.
Both of them stopped kissing and looked at the door. Gerard was standing there, furious, “One of you, start talking. Now.” “I-I’m s-sorry…it-it’s…” she was scared. She was scared of him being so mad.
“It’s my fault,” Frank said with a defiant ring in his voice. “I forced her to.”
Gerard looked at Helena and then at Frank, “You, leave the room. I’ll deal with you later.”
Frank nodded once, “Yes, Master.”
He got up and left the room. He stopped at the doorway and said, “Please forgive me, Helena.” Then he left.
Gerard closed the door and turned to Helena. “Gerard, I was-“
“Did I say you can speak?” he snapped. “No, I don’t think I did.”
Helena sank down in her seat, silent and afraid.
“How dare you let him kiss you? You are mine. All mine,” he said, walking towards her.
He approached her and made her look up at him, “I’m so mad at you right now that I can’t even think straight. But I’m more mad at Frank and myself.”
Helena wanted to ask him why at yourself? But she kept her mouth shut.
“Why myself? Because I don’t want to be mad at you nor do I want to punish you, but if going to be like this, then I have no choice but to do this,” he said.
Gerard bared out his fangs and sank them deep into Helena’s neck. She screamed in pain.
Her mind screamed God! It hurts! Ahh!!
His thoughts entered her mind Scream all you want. Scream until your throat dries with pain. You brought this upon yourself. Be grateful you aren’t being punished severely like Frank will be.
He finally pulled away and Helena fell back on the bed. Her neck throbbed in pain. She couldn’t move at all. She couldn’t even lift her fingers.
Gerard leaned over her. His mouth was a bloody mess. “I only sucked out enough blood to give you temporary paralysis. You won’t be able to move until eight tonight. That is your punishment and if you don’t want this to happen again, you will not repeat what you just did today. Understand?”
She nodded sullenly. He smiled at her, “Good girl. I’m glad you understand.”
He kissed her quickly, spotting her lips with her blood, “See you later. Have fun.”
He raised up from her and left the room in a flash. He locked the door. Helena felt tears running down her face. She felt guilty for getting Frank in trouble with Gerard but she felt even more guilty for making Gerard upset.
She was mad at herself for feeling guilty about that. That was the worst feeling of them all. It was more horrible than the feeling of hopelessness for being a vampire.

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