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weekend disaster

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Gerard's a drug addict and his parents don't trust him so they leave him with the "responsible" Frank while both families go on a job going away thing. And Frank hates him because he's ruining ever...

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“But momm I don’t wanna be stuck babysitting that freak” frank whined to his annoyed mother
“I know you don’t but we promised the ways, and I don’t you to stay all by yourself this weekend, besides you were such good friends when you were 7.”
Linda said while checking her hair
“Were mom focus WERE he became weird and barely talked.”
“anyway he’s coming over for the weekend be nice frank!”
“please don’t do this” frank pleaded as he tried to put on a puppy face
“won’t work Frankie now go put some pants on for god’s sake you’re gonna be late for school” she pushed him lightly.
“UGHHH, I hate my life gosh!!” he screamed as he walked to his room

“I’M HOME” frank announced as he locked the door behind him “mom?”he walked to the kitchen and saw a note on the table he picked it up and read his mom’s hand writing :
frank we had to leave early so we won’t miss our flight money’s in the cookie jar on the fridge I’m assuming you’re reading this after school so Gerard’s gonna be here any minute again be polite and don’t mention his addiction
Love mom
He walked to the cookie jar and took out 300$ “nice” he mumbled to himself and groaned as the door rang he shoved the money in his pocket and walked to meet his stupid neighbor who was stopping him from having his dream party what are the odds of both your parents going off on a work trip.
He opened the door and was shocked a little to see how Gerard had change in the past couple of years he barely saw him except for small glances now and then which were nothing compered to a full on view he lost a lot of weight and got taller he had grown out his hair and dyed it black he was really pale he never got any sun anyway he wore the tightest black skinny jeans that made frank wonder how was it even possible to walk in them a misfits tee and a leather jacket
“Aren’t you gonna let me in?”Gerard said as he shuffled from one foot to another
frank was still staring the he realized what gerard had said “umm .. Y-yeah come in” gerard glared at him and walked past him “What’s his problem?” frank thought as he closed the door after him and turned to see gerard standing awkwardly in the middle of the hallway.
“where should I put my stuff?” he said looking anywhere but frank
“there’s an inflatable mattress in my room for when my friends come over you can blow it and put your backpack beside it or something”he wasn’t going to be nice to the boy who ruined his plans.
Gerard stopped looking around and stared a little at frank “where’s your room?” he asked frank didn’t reply he just walked past him to the stairs and turned to see gerard in the same spot “do you want to put your shit down or stand there all day?” and continued to go to his room

got the idea from Silver_Electric . i will continue if i get good feedback
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