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party's still on

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later frank had emerged from his room and found gerard on the couch watching tv.
“hey, I’ve been planning this party since my parents told me about their work trip and I didn’t really think I’ll be stuck babysitting you” “NOT babysitting.” gerard growled
“oh yeah? Then what is it? Your parents don’t trust you enough to leave you on your own cause you already fucked your life up now I’m stuck here with you” frank crossed his arms gerard just glared “that’s what I thought. I’m having the party anyways tell my parents and you’re dead”
“fine I won’t tell them their precious little perfect Frankie isn’t so perfect ok?now leave me the fuck alone. ” Gerard said annoyed and got up to put his shoes on.
“but you can come down if you want” frank said guiltily while rubbing his neck awkwardly.
Gerard snorted and frank asked “where are you going?”
“None of your goddamn business !! now out of my way” he pushed frank’s chest lightly and walked to the front door.

A few hours later

Frank was getting ready he gotta look nice since ray told him jamia nestor was coming he wore skinny jeans that hugged him in all the right places a plain black V-neck t shirt he gave himself one last look in the mirror and walked out of his room to find gerard getting out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist his hair plastered to his face frank made a weird high pitched noise and found it realllly hard to not drool over gerard’s toned body gerard turned to look at frank he stood there holding the towel for a little bit and walked over to frank inching his face closer to frank’s neck and sniffed. frank’s eye’s widened “are you wearing cologne iero?” he pulled back smirking “who are you trying to impress ? he sniggred
“no one!” frank squeaked he didn’t know why but he was kind of nervous. gerard chuckled “what are you 12.”
“are you coming down?” frank said quickly trying to change the subject
gerard said nothing and walked back to frank’s room “dick” frank mumbled proceeding to go downstairs.

Ray showed up with shitloads of beer that was enough to intoxicate an elephant
Soon the place started to crowed with horny drunk teenagers frank was absolutely drunk out of his mind and was currently laughing with his bestfriend ray over some lame joke he cracked “where’s gee? He needs to hear my joke”he slurred “I don’t fucking know man probably somewhere upstairs I didn’t see him” ray said as he laid down on the couch
frank stood up fell and giggled “I’m gonna go look for’m” he said and stumbled upstairs.
“This is the coolest party ever man” a guy patted him on the back
he walked in his room to find gerard sitting on his bed with a sketch book and a pencil in his hands “THERE YOU ARE”frank slurred loudly which startled gerard who took out his ear buds “I’ve been looking for you” he walked to the edge of the bed “come join us,have some beer” he said tugging at gerard’s sleeve
“um, no thanks I’m good”gerard replied quickly
“but whyyyyyy” frank frowned.
“because.” Gerard sighed “could you just go away ? I wanna stay alone”
“no we’ll stay alone together” he said childishly and tried to push gerard so he can sit beside him he leaned to the headboard and pulled gerard by the waist with him
“what are you doing?” he turned his head to frank and asked curiously
“have I told you you’re really pretty?” frank slurred while putting his weight on gerard
gerard tried to push him “get off, you’re drunk” it only made frank push himself more until he was laying on top of the taller one, gerard sighed.
“really what do you want Frankie you have your party and your “awesome friends” down there waiting for you” gerard said still trying to push the short yet surprisingly strong and heavy drunk teen off of him.

Frank giggled. “what’s so funny?” gerard huffed seeing there was no way he can push him off
“you called me Frankie, no one calls me Frankie but my mom” frank admitted.
“you’re really drunk aren’t you.” Gerard stated
frank ignored his statement and continued “I came to tell you a joke”
gerard looked at him confused “oookay?”
“so what did the green grape say to the purple grape?” frank beamed
“what?” gerard said waiting for the punch line
“BREATH, STUPID BREATH” he shouted in gerard’s face and started laughing
gerard chuckled “if that is it you can go away now”
“No.”frank put his hands under his face “you also have pretty lips” he said
“uhh, thanks” gerard blushed and looked away
“oh I wonder what they taste like” frank said as he inched his head closer to gerard’s
gerard didn’t move or push him away he didn’t think until he felt frank’s lips on his in a simple kiss he felt Goosebumps rising up his spine and butterflies in his stomach his eyes fluttered close and he kissed back as the kiss started to heat up they heard an explosion and they both pulled back eyes wide.
“fuck.” Frank grunted and got up with gerard right behind him.

my english is horrible gosh sorry for my grammar :(
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