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come again, please?

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so, i'm pretty happy about this chapter i like it actually it's pretty long , i made frank kind of an asshole in here but it's alright

next day :

terrified was an understatement to describe what frank was feeling that morning he barely got any sleep, what was he going to tell his parents? He was absolutely terrified.
“hey.” Gerard said as he walked in the kitchen “wow you look like shit.”
“well what do you fucking expect, I’ll be brutally murdered on the kitchen floor”frank replied “why the fuck does this shit happen to me?!” he whined
“stop bitching about it, you threw an unsupervised party with a lot of booze what did you expect.”gerard said annoyed with his whining.
“oh god, they’re gonna send me to military school” said frank with his eyes widening in fear. Gerard sighed and rolled his eyes.
“when are they coming anyway?” gerard asked as he poured himself some coffee.
“in 2 hours.” Frank replied with his head on the kitchen table
“well, haven’t you thought about cleaning up a little? Make it look presentable?”gerard said looking around “gosh it looks like there was a tornado in here” gerard muttered raising his coffee to his mouth.
“do you think it’ll soften them a little ?” frank asked hopefully.
“yeah, they’ll think it wasn’t that big if the house was clean, this place looks like a pigsty you should start cleaning now if you want to finish before they’re here” he said sipping his coffee.
“wait, aren’t you gonna help me??” frank was shocked sure he was a bit of a jerk but he can’t let him clean everything by himself!
“well let’s see, is this my party ? No. was I involved in this party? No. and give me one valid reason to help you, you’ve been nothing but an asshole to me iero” he said clearing some stuff from the party and sitting on the couch.
“you’re a nice person ?” frank followed out of the kitchen.
“HAH! Nice try, no I’m a no good druggie remember ? now get to cleaning while I watch” gerard smirked.
“Fuck you.” Frank started putting plastic cups and plates into a trash bag

“MOVE YOUR GODDAMN LEGS!” frank was getting pissed with all the cleaning, there was only the area under gerard and he’ll have about 10 minutes till his parents get home.
“okay! Okay! No need to shout” gerard put his comic on the couch, stood and stretched. “give me the bag I’ll finish this area, you go wash up you smell like puke and shit” gerard offered
“gee, thanks” frank scowled and handed him the trash bag forcefully (like yeah you’re my bitch)

frank was pacing the living room nervously and mumbling “I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die”
“chill man that won’t help with anything” gerard said his eyes not leaving his comic.
“yeah sure. you’re not the one in trouble, you’ll go back to your house and your mom will gossip about me and how much of a shit child I am” frank snapped and heard a key in the door lock.
Frank looked like he was going to faint. He never got in this much shit with his parents he was the perfect kid, gerard actually looked up from his comic and stood up his backpack was by the door as he assumed the iero’s wouldn’t appreciate having him with the situation at hand the door started opening slowly and a very furious linda appeared, She started to look around her house looking for any damage which luckily there wasn’t any but for the tree house.

“FRANK ANTHONY GODDAMN IERO YOU WILL REGRET THE DAY YOU WERE BORN.” linda screeched and frank visibly gulped and hid behind gerard a little.
Linda marched to the 2 teenagers “you could’ve burned the whole house down” “why the fuck would you do that frank?!” frank was scared shitless it was his first time ever to hear his mom curse “you’re responsible, you never do these kind of stuff Frankie, why?” her voice kind of broke at the end.
Frank didn’t know how to reply he kept opening and shutting his mouth he’s never been in a situation like this.
“actually Mr and Mrs iero, I did it.” Frank and his parents stared at gerard like he had grown out a second head right here right now. “I drugged up frank and had the party to rebel against my parents.” “I don’t want to be babysat” he said looking at frank who couldn’t believe what he was hearing, gerard just took the blame for the whole thing.
“umm, oh” linda was at a loss for words she didn’t see that one coming at all.
“ummm, I’ll talk to your parents gerard, you should .. you should go home now” linda said a little more preserved than she was just a minute ago.
“yeah sorry for the damages though, didn’t think it would be that bad” he said as he walked to pick up his backpack by the door. Frank was still in shock he felt horrible.

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