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thank you for the reviews this is really great i don't feel it's good enough but this is absolutely great so this he longest chapter i've ever written i'm pretty happy about it? i don't know enjoy rate, comment, and review

That night linda iero phoned donna way and told her of what her son had done and how that was unacceptable and how he ruined their tree house who frank’s dad had build years ago and donna was extremely shocked it wasn’t something gerard would do but she still was angry as well so she promised linda that gerard will build them a new tree house as a punishment and they’ll pay for the expenses.

“I’m so sorry I screamed at you baby” linda said to frank while they were having dinner that night.
Frank was too deep in his thoughts he didn’t hear what she said.
“Frankie, hello?” has mom waved her hand infront of his face.
“what?” he blinked multiple times and turned to his mom
“as I was saying, that way kid is a piece of work poor don and donna it must be a pain to raise him, don’t you think so dear?” linda continued to her husband
and frank was back in his thoughts.
why would he take blame for something like that, he hated frank was he trying to mess with him ? is he gonna tell later get him into even more trouble with his parents for lying ? frank was truly confused.
“so when I talked to donna today she said she’ll make him build us a new tree house like some sort of punishment” donna babbled to her husband.
“What !” frank looked at her suddenly interested in what she was saying
“yeah he’s starting tomorrow, what an odd way to punish but I guess it’ll teach him a listen”
“may I be excused?” frank stood up.
“sure honey, is everything okay?” linda questioned suspically frank wasn’t being himself that evening
“yeah mom, I’m just a little tired” frank said while heading to the stairs.


Frank couldn’t go to sleep that night he was feeling paranoid he needed answers amd he was going to get them so he waited till his parents had quieted down and opened his window he knew the window in front of him was gerard’s he saw him once and the curtains were always down so he climbed on the tree between the houses and started to crawl slowly till he reached gerard’s window and reached for the window and lifted it up and climbed in.

“Whoa!!” frank murmured looking around the room it wasn’t that big but it had posters of bands he liked covering most of the white walls a queen sized bed in the corner of the room with a tv, dvd player and an xbox in front of it a desk in the other side with 3 bookshelves filled with comic books and movies.
Frank didn’t hear the door open or gerard picking up a baseball bat but he definitely felt it in the back of his head as he fell to unconsciousness

frank felt something soft pressed to his cheek he didn’t know where he was so he opened his eyes and remembered what he had planned when he saw the back of gerard’s black haired head by the end of the bed sitting on the floor playing something on his xbox, he didn’t remember laying down on gerard’s bed though he blushed and felt a little weird on the inside when he realized that gerard must’ve carried him and then he remembered the pain he felt in the back of his head reached up and touched it “OWW!” frank cried out of pain and removed his hand quickly.
Gerard took his headphones off and turned to look at frank “you’re up” he said as he got up and stood by frank’s head.
“umm .. yeah” frank thought this was really awkward and it’s not going how he had impinged it.
“I figured you came in through the window since you left it open, so what do you want” gerard said casually sitting on the edge of the bed.
“why did you do that?” frank said sitting up.
“umm what? beat you in the head with a baseball bat? I thought you were a thief” gerard said trying to look innocent as possible.
“No, I mean why did you tell my mom that you drugged me and threw the party all by yourself?” frank said annoyed
“I don’t know”gerard shrugged “aren’t you thankful?”
“well, yeah but what made you do that you knew you’ll get a lot of shit on it I mean you’re building us a new tree house” frank said leaning back to the headboard.
“and I’m grounded till I graduate from school” gerard add “mom was pissed”
“fuck, this feels wrong you can’t do that” frank said frowning
“it’s okay I’m pretty crafty and the first semester’s almost done it’s not like I go partying with my friends every weekend.” he said sitting beside frank and crossing his legs
“umm, oh I thanks” frank said looking down
“no problem, hey we got on the wrong foot don’t you think ?” gerard said “new beginning?” he said while extending his hand for a handshake.
Frank looked at his hand then looked at gerard in the eye smiled and shook his hand “new beginning” then he looked at his phone “it’s 2 am!!”.
“yeah you were unconscious for 2 hours, sorry if I hurt you badly” he said rubbing his neck
“no it’s ok, I’m gonna get going now” frank said as he removed the bed sheet from his legs.
“you don’t have to” gerard said holding frank’s forearm. “it’s still the weekend and you already sneaked out, we can play a game of fuse.” he said with a hopeful look in his eyes.
Frank was shocked and a little paranoid it was weird then he looked down and the hand grasping his arm and looked up again to meet gerard’s gaze.
Gerard realized he was still holding him “umm but I mean you can go if you’re tired or something” he said as he released frank who felt kind of saddened but needed to go get some rest.
“I’m a little sleepy actually, but I’ll see you tomorrow?” frank said
“umm, yeah sure I’m coming to start on the tree house guess I’ll see you then” gerard said getting up and looking down.
As frank walked to the window gerard said “you know you can use the front door?”
Frank stopped “didn’t think of that” feeling his cheeks heat up.
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