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Just another Day at the mall

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Great book prsomise

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DISCALIMER : I don't own 6teen
JOBS : just to tell you where they all work

Jonsey : gigantoplex a movie theater( right now he does not work he gets fierd to oftern )

Jude : stick it( a food on a stick restraunt )

Nikki : the kahki barn ( a clothing store )

Whyatt : spin me dics ( music store )

Caitlin : The Big Squeeze ( a lemonade store )

Jen : the penalty box ( a sports store )

" yes" said Jonsey as he sat down at the lemon
" what" asked Caitlin she was standing at the lemon giving out lemonade Jen was sitting thier reading Whyatt was tuning his gitaur and Jude was playing with his sk8board
" I got a new job a the gigantoplex "
" AWSOME " said evryone " hey wait where's Nikki " " I was at the taki barn " said Nikki and ashe sat down at the table " just in time " said Jonsey " graet " said Nikki sarcasticly " I got a job at the gingantoplez want to go with me " " no " Nikki replied simply " please " begged Jonsey " fine " said Nikki " woo hoo see ya later better get back to work any way " said Jonsey as he walked off " "m hungry" said Jude " be back pronto dudes and dudettes" " i am late for work " said Whyatt
" I Better get back to work too " said Jen as she walked off towrads the penatly box
" i better get back to the clones too " said Nikki " see you Caitlin and she walked off leaving Caitlin at teh big sqeeze " uh not again " said Caitlin angerily " they always leave me here "
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