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Helena's first (unintended) outing.

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Helena was standing outside of Masques’ Hall. Her skin was developing goose bumps from the cold quiet wind.
Gerard sent her out alone tonight. I need to do some researching, he told her. You head back to the house and get some sleep. I’ll be there before morning.
Helena walked through the field, thinking about everything that happened.
Kissing Frank. Gerard paralyzing her. Kissing a girl and drinking her blood. Had sex with Gerard yet again.
She sighed with exasperation. What’s come over her? Her life was getting completely off the skids. Once she was human with morals and a sense of dignity of respect. Now she was an undead thing with little to no morals whatsoever.
She reached the end of Ophelia’s Field and stopped where the dirt meets the street. Across from her was the house. She at both sides of the road. To her left, a long dark road whose end was uncertain. On her right, a bright light glowed at the end. Helena wanted to see what that light was. She knew she had to return home.
To what? Her mind asked. To sleep through yet another day away and be open to another night of blood and sex? Is what you want to do for the rest of your existence? Being a vampire and a sex-crazed whore?
Her shook her head. No, she didn’t want to keep living like a animal that needs to be kept in her cage. She wanted to explore the outside like she was visiting it for the first time and it would be.
She was going to explore it being dead.
Without any second thoughts, she threw caution in the wind and started to run down the right side of the road. Thanks to her newfound speed, she was able to reach it in 30 seconds. She looked downhill and saw that there was a town, having a carnival.
She could hear everything with her supersonic hearing. She could hear men trying to cock toy guns before they could use on a moving wood duck, women chatting with one another about what their man won them or how their kids drove them crazy because they were excited about the fair, kids going wild about the rides and the prizes.
She smiled at this happy scene. None of these people knew about the horrors of Ophelia’s Field. They came here to have fun and enjoy the summer air. Helena couldn’t contain herself any longer and went down the hill to join the others.
She walked through the crowd, smiling at the kids holding balloons and eating cotton candy. She looked at all the bright lights and the distant gleeful screams. She reached towards the end of the fairgrounds and saw that there was a small group of people watching the fireworks going out in the sky.
She strolled over and bended down on her knees. She watched as the fireworks go up, explode into a brightly colored fire flower, and faded into the nighttime sky.
“Why is your skin snowy white?” a small voice cooed beside her.
She turned her head and a little boy, no more than three, standing next to her. He was holding a stuffed penguin. He was smiling at her.
She didn’t want to scare him off by telling him that she was a vampire. Instead, she said, “I don’t get out much.” She quickly changed the subject, “That’s a nice penguin you got there.”
“My daddy won him for me,” the boy beamed. “He shot a row of yellow ducks to get him.”
Helena smiled at him, “Well! Aren’t you a lucky boy?”
“Doesn’t the burnies hurt you?” he asked.
“Burnies?” she was confused. The boy pointed to the fireworks. Oh, her mind understood. He meant fireworks.
“No. Why would they hurt me?” she asked him.
The boy looked upon her with curious eyes, “You are a vampire, aren’t you lady?”
Her body rang with shock. How the hell could a three-year-old know that she was a vampire?
“H-How did you know?” she stuttered a little.
“Daddy told me,” he told her. “Are you going to eat me, vampire lady?”
“Eat you?” she was baffled. “Why would I eat you?”
“Because Daddy said vampires eat little boys,” said the boy.
Helena scoffed at this. Something in her head told her that maybe his daddy told him that so he would behave. “Well, I’m going to eat you. I like you. My name is Helena.”
“I’m George,” he said earnestly and extended a small chubby hand. She took it and shook.
“George?” a man’s voice called out. They both looked and saw a tall man walking towards them, “There you are! I was looking for you. Come on, we have to go home before Mommy gets worried about us.”
George reached out his arms to him and his father lifted him up and put him on his shoulders. He looked down at Helena, “Sorry if George was bothering you. He’s kind of a people-person.”
“Not at all,” said Helena. “I enjoyed his company.”
The father smiled and said to George, “Say bye-bye to the lady.”
“Bye-bye Helly,” said George and with that, they both walked away. Helena could hear their words.
Truthfully, Daddy! That lady is a vampire and she didn’t eat me!”/
[/“Son, that girl wasn’t a vampire. She was just a pale-skinned girl teasing you.”

“Really Daddy?”
“Really, George. Vampires don’t exist. I just said that to tease you too.”
“You’re silly, Daddy.”
Helena smiled knowing. That’s what you say, Mister. Your kid knows more than you do.
When the last of the fireworks faded, Helena got up and started to head back home. When she went through the slowly disappearing crowd and reached the hill, she had this strange feeling that she was being followed.
She cringed. What if it was Gerard and he was waiting for the right moment to swoop down on her?
Well, she was right. She was being followed and her follower swooped down from behind her.
Only it wasn’t Gerard.
It some slimy overweight guy and his friend, who looked more like a pipe cleaner with a head attached to it. He pinned Helena’s wrists to the ground. She tried to struggle and he loomed over her, “Well looky here, Pete! Looks like a pretty vamp lost her way.”
Pete giggled like a manic, “What’re we gonna do to her?”
Fatty Nameless smiled like a gargoyle and drooled a great deal like a hungry dog, “We’re gonna eat this tasty vamp, but first she’s gonna give us a taste of her lovin’. Right girly?”
His drool landed on her cheek. It was enough to boil her rage from pissed out to bloody fucking carnage. She kneed him in the balls and kicked him off while he howled in pain. She stood up and her eyes were as red as blood-roses. She bared out her fangs and hissed at them like a jungle cat. Her nails grew longer and sharper.
Fatty Nameless huffed and smirked at her. He stuck his tongue out. More like he let it out. The tongue became longer and seemed to be moving on it’s own. Helena was angry with disgust. This guy isn’t human and he’s got a gross ability.
He lashed it out at and without thinking; she grabbed it in a flash. She gripped his tongue and glared evilly at him, “You like using your freakish tongue to get unwilling girls? Let’s see how you like using your tongue on YOU UNWILLING!!”
She let go of it and, like a serpent obeying a command from a snake charmer; the tongue flew straight into the guy’s eye.
“BLLAAGGG!!!!” his scream was muffled by his stretched out tongue and soon enough the tongue went into his other eye and out through his nose.
Helena stared her evil stare at him and his tongue wrapped around his round frame and poked in and out of him in a bloody fashion. When she finally sensed that he was close to dying, she went to him in a flash and sank her fangs into his tongue. She sucked out all the remaining blood from him until he was a dry husk. She dropped him and looked at Pete.
I want more!! The vampire in her mind screamed.
Pete tried to run away from her. But he didn’t move fast enough and Helena chomped down on his neck until she hit a bone and she suck out the blood like a vacuum cleaner.
“Freeze!” yelled a man’s voice. Helena swiped her head towards the voice and saw two policemen pointing their guns at her.
“Step away from the boy and put your hands behind your head!” the other cop said.
MORE. MORE. MORE. Her inner vampire chanted.
She dropped Pete’s body and went to the first cop. She ripped out the gun and two of his fingers out of his hand and sank into his neck. Blood spurted while she drank. The second cop tried to load his gun, but he wasn’t fast enough as Helena dropped Cop One and attacked Cop Two. After he finally died, Helena pulled away and relished the taste of blood in her mouth. She heard a rustling in the bushes and she jumped into them, growling. She pinned down her prey and flashed her fangs at…Ray.
“Gee!” Ray hollered.
Another rustling occurred and something tackled Helena into the same position she was earlier.
Only this time it was Gerard.
“Helena,” he said to her. She roared and struggled to get away.
“HELENA!” He screamed at her. She stopped moving almost immediately. Her eyes changed from blood red to its natural sea green again. She looked at Gerard with tear-stung eyes.
“Stop,” he said softly. “You got them. Relax now, baby.”
Helena hiccupped and tears streamed down in rivers. She started to sob and Gerard let go of her wrist. He lifted her up and held her close to him. She continued to cry.
“It’s okay,” he said to her in a soothing voice and ran his hand up her back. “You’re okay. Everyone’s okay. Let’s go home now.”
He, Helena, and Ray climbed up the hill and went home. Not one of them had said another word.

Ray went back to Masques’ Hall and Helena and Gerard went back the house. He escorted Helena to her room.
“Well, I guess-“ she began to say but Gerard gently pushed inside and followed her in. he closed the door and locked it. Helena became scared. What is he going to do to her now?
Gerard stepped closer to her, “I’m sleeping in here tonight. Just making sure you don’t get into more trouble. Plus, I didn’t think you want to be alone tonight.”
Helena sniffed and nodded. She didn’t want to be alone with herself. Especially now. “Gerard…”
“Shush,” he said in a whisper. “We’ll talk more tomorrow tonight. Right now, let’s go to sleep. Okay?”
“Okay,” she said and with that, they laid on the bed and went to sleep an hour before the sun rose up to another bright day to some. But not for all.

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