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Gerard and Helena's early day conversation.

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(12:45 PM)
“Are you awake?”
“Kinda. Been fading in and out. What’s wrong? Why are you awake?”
“I’m been trying to remember what happened last night.”
“How did you guys find me last night?”
“I’m your master. You have my blood in you. It’s kind of hard not knowing where you are.”
“(Sighs) What exactly happened to all those people?”
“Don’t you reme-Oh right. That was your first real solo blood prowl. Okay, what was the last thing you remember?”
“Just that I was pinned to the ground by some fat fuck and his creepy friend.”
“Okay. To summarize it up, that fat fuck was a vampire hybrid. He could only suck out blood with his tongue and his friend was his pathetic fledgling. He did something to make you really go psycho-vampire-bitch mode. You used your hypnotism for the first time and made his tongue wrap around him, poking him through various places that it shouldn’t and squeezing the life out of him. You killed him and drank his blood. His friend too. Two cops tried to stop you and you ended up killing them too. You would’ve killed Ray if I didn’t stop you.”
“God…everything was all black…”
“Be grateful. Next time, you’ll see your victims crystal clear.”
“God…when I came to, I could taste a whole palate of different types of blood”
“Like I said, psycho vampire bitch.”
“I hypnotized a guy’s tongue to coil around him like an anaconda and sucked his blood?
“Yeah. Ray’s kinda freaked out about that. I think he’s scared of you now. I, however, am impressed.”
“Yeah. I didn’t think you were ready for your first outing. I thought I needed to train you more. But you managed to defend yourself and took out two vampires and two humans on your own. And you used hypnotism! I didn’t even teach you that yet. Now, that’s a real shocker. All I have to do is teach you how to stop yourself when you go into your blood frenzy again and you’ll be ready.”
(A pause)
“He’s fine. Stop worrying.”
“Frank. I didn’t punish him too hard. He told me everything and that he was the one who started it.”
“But it’s not entirely true.”
“I know.”
“I have to know one thing, though.”
“Why did you kiss him back?”
“…I don’t know. It’s like something inside me took over. I haven’t been able to control myself with anything since you turned me. Everything I ever knew has gone awry.”
“I know and I understand, but…”
“But that doesn’t mean I’m not still bothered by it. I don’t want to give you to anybody else. If that makes me arrogant and selfish, then I guess it’s true.”
“Gerard, I’m sorry. You’re not selfish.”
“Yes I am. I don’t want to lose another one again.”
“Another one?”
“Another woman I love.”
“Y-You love me?”
“Yes. I thought I made myself clear with you.”
“Was it through sex? Because I know you never actually said those words to me. I said it to you but you never said it back.”
“I’m not good with words. Verbally. Physically, I’m brilliant.”
“No argument here.”
“I’m tired. Let’s continue this when night comes. Go back to sleep, Helena.”
“All right. Good night, or good afternoon.”
“Doesn’t matter. Not to us anyway.”
(A moment of silence)
“…I love you.”

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