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Helena speaks to a sleeping Gerard.

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Helena woke up again around 4:30 PM. She rubbed her head and yawned a little. Once she closed her mouth, she remembered what Gerard told her four hours ago.
She was a fucking monster last night and the worst part was that she didn’t remember anything from after talking to that little boy, George. She sighed in relief that he wasn’t around when she did all this. He would’ve been afraid of vampires then.
Would’ve been afraid of her then.
She turned her head and looked at Gerard sleeping peacefully. She couldn’t get over how beautiful he is. There was something else she couldn’t get over but it also bothered her.
He said it. He said that he loves her.
But does he love her really? Or was she a replacement for the Helena he lost long ago? She didn’t know. She knew she loves him, despite everything that has happened. Was there a future for them? She didn’t know.
She got up quietly, never leaving her gaze from Gerard. She felt envious towards him. He knew what he is and didn’t give a fuck who said otherwise. When he wanted something, he took it. She was never like that. She wished she were like that.
Then again, what she know about Gerard? She didn’t know when Gerard became a vampire or how he handled living all those years after. She wants to ask him.
Then her thoughts reverted to Frank. Where is he? She hasn’t seen him since yesterday. What happened between him and Gerard? Is he hurt?
More thoughts entered her mind about Frank. Why did he come to her room that day? Why did he kissed her, even knowing that she was Gerard’s? Why didn’t she stopped him instead letting him continuing, hoping to go further?
She shook her head rapidly, as to clear her thoughts about him. She didn’t want Gerard wake up and find that she had been thinking about him. She leaned over him and laid her arm on his.
“Gerard,” she whispered quietly enough so that she wouldn’t wake him. “There’s so much I want to ask you. About your life, your un-life, everything. I don’t know anything about you. And I’m not sure what you know about me or if you want to know about me.”
She gently strokes his cheek with her forefinger and continued with her soft speech, “What I do know is that I love you. More than anything. I know this is crazy, but I do. But did you mean what you said?”
She sighed, “I know I shouldn’t ask you this. But I need to know what your feelings are before we go any further in our relationship. Would you want a real relationship with me like what you had with the Helena before me? Or are we only blood-drinking sexual beings? I wish you would tell me…and I wish I knew how to ask you.”
She lowered her head and kissed the side of Gerard’s head. “I love you,” she whispered in his ear. “I’m going to go now. See you tonight.”
She quietly moved away from his side and got off the bed. She grabbed her make-up case, some clothes, and shoes. She tiptoed out of the room and closed the door. She took one step away from the door, turned her head, and blew a sweet and precious kiss at it.
She headed to the bathroom and got changed out of her dried-blood dress. She slipped into a black-and-white French-stripe camisole. At first, she couldn’t put it on past her bra, so she took it off and put on the camisole again with no difficulty. She made sure her breasts were covered and secured from spillage. Then she put on her black lace-hem denim miniskirt and her black wooden-bead mule heels. She put her dark hair in a ponytail.
She went downstairs and saw that Frank. He saw her, “I need to talk to you, Helena,” he said. “It’s important”.
“Sure,” she said.
“Let’s go into the other room,” he said and started to walk to it.
Helena didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what Frank wants, but she complied and followed him into the other room.

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