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Frank and Helena are alone together...guess where this is going soon...

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The sitting room in the house was massive and beautiful in Helena’s eyes. French windows draped with plum gossamer curtains. Red roses floating in glass pots with Roman symbols. Black furniture and a oak coffee table.
Frank sat down on the couch and motioned Helena to sit next to him. She sat down, slightly nervous about what Frank was going to say.
“You’re looking better after your personal blood feast,” he commented.
Helena blushed with shame. Perfect, she thought. Not only is Ray afraid of me now but Frank knows about it too?
“…Thanks,” she muttered. Then she turned to him, “H-How are you, Frank? Are you h-?”
“No, I’m not hurt,” he said. “Well, not anymore.”
“Anymore?” she gaped. “What he do to you?”
Frank looked at Helena and simply smiled, “Let’s just say that you should be lucky that he only paralyzed you.”
“Where were you yesterday?” she wanted to know.
“Gerard kept me in my crypt,” he said. “He didn’t me near Masques’ Hall when he brought you over for your next lesson.”
“How did you know what happened last night?”
“Ray told me when he released me. He was kinda shaky.”
Helena swallowed hard and then composed herself, “Well, at least now we can start again as-“
“I don’t want to be friends,” he said. “And I’m not gonna to apologize for doing that to you because I’m not. I liked it. A lot. And I want to do it again…and more.”
Helena blushed furiously. What is he saying?! Her mind was flabbergasted. He just punished for that and he wants to do it again? What is he, a ghoulish masochist?
Frank scooted closer to her, “And you didn’t stop me last time either, so I know you liked it too. Didn’t you?”
Yes, she did but Helena said nothing. Only let out a tiny gasp when she felt Frank’s tongue licked the shell of her ear.
“Didn’t you?” he asked again but his voice was laced with a lusty tone that made Helena hot within her.
“Yes,” she breathed out. “Yes, I liked it.”
“You want me to kiss you again, don’t you?” he nipped her earlobe. “You want it so much your fucking body can’t stand, can it? You want me to fuck you right here and now, don’t you? Tell me, Helena. Do you want me?”
“Yes! Yes, Frank,” Helena turned her head and kissed his lower lip. She pressed her body to his. “Fuck me here. Take me right here you dirty-talking ghoul.”
Frank smirked at her comment and gave Helena a hot kiss. She moaned in the back of her throat. Her body ached for consummation.
Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Her mind screamed at her. What are you saying? Where’s all this coming from?! Since when did you get so hot for Frank?
Her mind made a point. Since when she desired Frank? Is it because he’s a good kisser? Or is it because he wasn’t a vampire? She couldn’t figured it out why she wanted him so much.
You are Gerard’s only! Her mind scolded. And here’s a reminder of yesterday.
A flash came to her. Gerard biting her neck and sucking out her blood until she was paralyzed.
It was enough convincing to get her push Frank away from, “Frank, I can’t! Gerard will-“
“He won’t,” Frank interrupted. “He won’t wake up and find us together. Not unless I take away the wolfs bane garland from the bedpost.”
“Wolfs bane?” she asked but realized that vampires are repelled by wolfs bane. It wasn’t as efficient as garlic but it acted as a sleeping drug to vampires. She read it in a book when she was in school.
Frank untied Helena’s hair and continued, “So we won’t be disturbed. He won’t wake up until the wolfs bane is removed, which means I can do whatever I want with you.” He leaned in closer and licked Helena’s lips, “And you can do whatever you want with me. Things you can’t do with Gerard. Things Gerard wouldn’t do.”
The lust was reawaken in Helena and she threw caution in the wind when she roughly kissed Frank.

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