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Chapter Seventy Four - Safe And Sound

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"Lexia," Andy sniffed. "I can't believe I hurt someone . . . I didn't want to. I-it just happened. They might be dead, Lexia."

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A/N I'm sorry I suck so bad at updating on time . . . those couple exams I mentioned me having last chapter have suddenly turned into a million and I got distracted with studying . . . I'm sorry guys, really. Moving on, this chapter's fairly exciting I think. There's a couple things I planted in there which are gonna become pretty dramatic later on so I'm hoping all you lovely readers'll enjoy the chapter! Thankies to Chemical_30 and ArsenicAutumn for reviewing the last chapter, it's really appreciated! Any theories on what you think is gonna happen next are more than welcome, I love seeing what you think of this so far. Sorry for any mistakes or typos. Enjoy ;)

Chapter Seventy Four - Safe And Sound

Dressed without an inch of their skin showing, Poison, Death and Acid lurked around the dark streets of Battery City searching for Andy with their lasers ready to aim and shoot in case a Draculoid or S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W agent found them.
While Acid searched Parkview street for her brother, she could feel her phone vibrating in her pocket. She instantly answered it, hoping it was Andy.
"Alexandria," Her mother's voice almost sounded panicked. "I apologize for calling at this hour, however I fear Andrew is in danger." Acid was tempted to hang up, but she knew it'd look strange to them so she listened.
"What has happened to him?" She played dumb and pretended to know nothing about Andy's outburst and the fact he was loose in Battery City.
"I have no idea why, but he suddenly started screaming and shouting and your father and I at dinner. He wants to be a Killjoy, Alexandria."
"A Killjoy?"
"Yes, a Killjoy. Your father became violent and before we knew it, Andrew ran out and now he is on the streets in Battery City."
"Mother, I am deeply sorry for how Andrew acted . . . I thought he was a better young man than that."
"Yes, I think it is safe to say we are all greatly disappointed in him. The second we find him, he is going on the Better Living medication. We cannot risk our son becoming one of those filthy Killjoys."
She rolled her eyes. "Yes, I understand. Mother, I am sorry but I must go. Devo seems like he is starting to wake up." She used the fake Killjoy she'd supposedly been staying with for the duration of her time in the Zones the last few months as an excuse to hang up.
"I understand. Good bye, Alexandria."
"Goodbye, mother."
"Was that your mom?" Poison asked her in the alley way.
"Yeah, she was filling me in about Andy. It wasn't anything I don't already know so it wasn't important. Any luck?"
He shook his head. "No, none. I was hoping you'd found something."
She shook her head too. "Nothing. We need to keep moving before the sun rises. It's gonna be a whole lot harder to find him when there are people walking around the city. Not to mention there are gonna be Dracs and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S and-"
"Ace, calm down. We've got at least an hour and a half before the sun rises. We've got time to find him." His hands were on her shoulders and he stared into her icy eyes.
"Promise me."
"I promise. I promise." He repeated.
After a moment of them staring into each others eyes, Acid broke the moment. "We need to keep moving if we're gonna find Andy before dawn."
He nodded. "Right. Why don't you call Andy and find out where he is?"
She shook her head. "I can't do that. The reason he hung up on me before is because he was hiding from Dracs. If he's hiding again and they hear his cell phone, they'll find him. I can't risk that and I don't know what else to do."
"We can only try and look for him in the area."
Acid and Poison were joined by Death seconds later. "You two find anything?"
"Nope." They said in unison.
"Same here. We need to start looking in other areas, he's long gone from Parkview that's for sure."
"She's right."
"Where's he most likely to have gone?" Poison asked Acid.
She thought about it for a moment, recalling the times she'd gone to Battery City and spent time with him. There was one place in her mind that stuck out the most.
"When I first met Andy . . . there was this one place he loved to go to. It was about two miles away from the Battery City gates, there's this small house no one's lived in for years. He'd hang out there sometimes with me. He could be there, I don't think anyone even knows that places exists aside from me and Andy."
"Then then what the fuck are we waiting for? We've gotta check it out." Death said before they hurried back to the Trans Am and headed straight to the borderline, hoping to go unnoticed.

Back at the diner, Lo tossed and turned at the uncomfortable mattress and struggled to find even a couple minutes of sleep. It was mainly because the thoughts about everything that'd happened were swimming in her mind. She mainly thought about the Dead Flies and the fight that'd broken out between the Dead Flies and the Fabulous Killjoys.
Lo got up, completely giving up on the concept of sleep for the night. She glanced at a clock and it told her it was almost four o'clock in the morning. She sighed heavily, frustrated. All she wanted was sleep, she didn't want the memories of the Dead Flies haunting her.
Not only had they hurt a lot of the Killjoys staying in the diner, the Dead Flies told them her brother was an Exterminator. While she'd not seen her brother since she was a teenager, he was their main enemy and the blood which ran through her veins was the same as the blood that ran through his.
She closed her eyes, remembering the last time she ever saw her brother.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, Lenah?" Her older brother by six years demanded to know.
"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm leaving and going with Jessey." She replied, scurrying around her bedroom to gather everything she needed.
"What? You can't leave, you have a job here, you're family's here and your future's here. Why are you wanting to leave?"
"Because of everything. Open your eyes, David, everything's being controlled by Better Living Industries. Their intentions to make the world a better place aren't pure, at least they aren't now. They're taking advantage of their situation and I'm not gonna be a part of their shit anymore."
"Where are you even gonna go?"
She shrugged, packing a duffle bag with all the clothes, food and water she needed.
"I don't know. Just somewhere that isn't Battery City." She lied, knowing exactly where she was planning on going. The Zones to finally become a Killjoy.
"You can't go, Lenah. You can't, our parents have plans for you just like they do for me. I know you might not necessarily like it here, but we need to make sacrifices for the greater good."
"Are you talking about leaving your pregnant girlfriend as a sacrifice you made? Because if you are, then that wasn't for the fucking greater good. You did that because mom and dad told you to, David. If anything your girlfriend and your baby probably would've been better off having you there with them."
"I didn't want to leave them, Lenah. You know I didn't, but they interfered with the plan out mother and father have form me."
"Fuck whatever plan they have for you, David! They don't control your life so don't let them, make your own decisions for once in your life."
She was about to leave, but he grabbed the top of her arm with a tight grip. "I can't let you leave, Lenah."
"You can and you will. You might let our family dominate your life, but I'm not gonna let them take over mine. Now let go of me and let me leave." She glared at him straight in the eyes. "Let. Me. Go." She almost growled.
"As your big brother, it's my job to protect you and to stop you from doing stupid things you're gonna regret later on. This is one of those regrets I'm preventing you from having."
"David, I'm miserable here. If I don't leave soon, I'm gonna go crazy. Jessey feels the same way and you're telling me you want that? You'd rather me spend the rest of my life here, trapped and bored than being happy and actually living my life somewhere else?"
He looked down at the ground, loosening his grip on his sister's shoulder slightly. "No. I don't want that."
"Then let me go," Her voice became softer. "Let me go, David. You know it's the right thing for me. I know you do."
"I just don't want you to get hurt."
"I won't. It's not like I'll be alone, Jessey and I'll be watching each other's backs. We'll be protecting each other."
"You're not just saying that so I'll let you go? Jessey'll actually be going with you and protecting you?"
"Yes, she will. I promise she will, David."
He sighed. "You promise me you'll definitely be happier this way?"
Lenah nodded. "I promise, David. I promise."
David let go of her shoulder completely and pulled her into a hug. "We're not the closest of siblings, but I do love you, Lenah. I want what's best for you."
"I know you do and believe me, whatever kind of plan mom and dad have for me isn't what's best for me. I know it isn't." They let go of the embrace, David was completely unaware it would be the last time he'd see his only sister for a long time. If he had known just how long it was going to be, he would've held on to their hug a lot longer.
"I love you, Lenah."
She smiled, picking up her duffle bag. "I love you too, David. Goodbye."

Her brother being an Exterminator was hard for Lenah to imagine. Last time she'd seen him, he wasn't exactly a saint but he was at least a fairly kind person with a conscience. She never thought of him becoming another one of Better Living's killers, let alone of their best, most skilled ones.
She found it funny sometimes. As children, they'd always had conflicting opinions. They were opposites from children and looked like it'd continued into adulthood. Lo was a Killjoy, she believed in people having their own free-will and defended freedom by rebelling against Better Living. While on the other had, David worked for Better Living Industries. He killed her kind and probably wouldn't hesitate to end her life. After all, she was a Killjoy. It probably didn't matter to him if she was his own flesh and blood, Lo knew deep down he'd kill her given the chance.
Lo sometimes found herself wondering about the child he'd fathered as a teenager sometimes. The kid would be what? Fifteen, maybe sixteen at that point? She didn't know. Lo just hoped where ever they were, they were safe and happy. It was all she could do.

Acid, Death and Poison soon approached the small house a few miles away from the borderline between Battery City and the Zones. Acid jumped out of the car straight after they pulled up outside and ran into the house.
"Andy? Andy, are you here? It's okay it's only me, it's Lexia." She shouted frantically.
"Lexia?" She heard her brother shout back from a different room in the house, making her sigh in relief. He was going to be okay. They'd found him.
Acid swiftly walked into the dusty room, the floorboards shrieking painfully as she did so.
Andy was huddled up into the corner of the room, his cheeks were teary and his wide, childlike eyes stared up at her. She couldn't help but see the burning pain in her little brother's eyes.
She knelt down and pulled him into her embrace, stroking locks of his dark brown hair.
"Ssh, it's okay now. You're gonna be safe now, Andy, okay? You're gonna be safe." She rocked him back and forth then kissed the top of his head.
"Lexia," Andy sniffed. "I can't believe I hurt someone . . . I didn't want to. I-it just happened. They might be dead, Lexia."
"It wasn't your fault, Andy, you had to do it. If you didn't, you'd be with mom and dad in the Better Living headquarters right now filled with drugs."
"It was still a person I hurt, Lexia. What if I killed them? What if I'm a murderer?"
She pulled away to look into his pain-filled eyes. "Andy, I know it's hard. But you need to remember that they're not real people anymore with real lives. They were killed a long time ago by Better Living. They're controlling them now, they're more like mindless drones than people. Even if they are dead now, the blood isn't on your hands. It's on Better Living Industries' hands."
"You got the kid?" Poison interrupted them, keeping his distance from Acid and her little brother.
"Yeah, he's right here. Andy, this is Poison. You remember me telling you about him?"
Andy nodded. "Y-yeah, I remember him . . . He's your daughter's father and you're married to him, right?"
"Used to be married." Poison corrected, quietly.
Death stared at the boy, who was her little brother, for the first time, completely fascinated by him. He had the same eyes as her and her sister, his hair was the same shade as hers used to be before she started dying it and they shared most of the same facial features. She understood what her sister meant now. He was undoubtedly their little brother.
"And this is Vaimey, or as we call her Death. She's our sister." Acid introduced them.
Death smiled, walking over to him slowly. When she knelt down, the burning sensation of her fresh wound ached, but she ignored it. All of her attention was occupied with her brother.
Andy hugged Death straight away. It took Death a second to register that she was actually meeting her brother for the first time. She hugged back.
"I've wanted to meet you for a long time."
She smiled, still in shock. "I-I know. I've wanted to meet you for a while too."
After the small family had shared their moment together, Poison cleared his throat. "Sorry to interrupt the family moment, but don't you think we should get going soon? Someone could've been following us, we weren't exactly careful when it came to checking if we were being followed."
Acid nodded, getting up off the floor and brushing herself down and readjusting her bandana so her face was covered again with the exception of her eyes. "You ready?" She asked her brother and sister.
Both of them nodded. "Ready."
"Then what're we waiting for? Let's go."
They started walking out towards the Trans Am when Acid saw something heading towards them. Cars. Better Living cars were around a quarter of a mile away from them and they most likely wanted Andy back.
"Fuck," Muttered Poison. "Everyone, get in. We're gonna need to go pretty fast."
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