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Chapter 30: The final chapter

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And so my friends, this is the end...

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One final kiss.

One final kiss was all we shared before we had to leave. My heart felt as though it was going to burst from my chest as our lips parted. Not knowing if they would ever reconnect.

It was agreed between us that once we got in there we were on our own. We had our own backs to watch so trying to watch each others too would be the most dangerous thing to do, our lives were in our own hands.

My palms were sweating so bad I was terrified I would drop the gun I gripped but I swallowed back my fears and wiped my hands on my jeans. To think my fears weren't being shared was a selfish thought, it was in all of us and hung heavy in the atmosphere of the car.

We pulled up outside of the warehouse and my stomach lurched with the memory of the agony I had been caused inside of there. I swear the scars on my back had begun to burn at the memory of those hooks being forced into my flesh, tearing into me as I was suspended in the air.

Gerard turned to me as the car screeched to a halt. He gripped my hand on his and smiled before placing a gentle kiss on it. I nodded at him and he did the same in return before turning to the other guys "Let's go..."


The shots began the second we got inside the warehouse, my ears were ringing and my throat burned from the smoke filling the air. We managed to barricade ourselves and shoot out at them. Although there were more of them than us, a few got a little too trigger happy and had to reload so we took advantage and shot them down.

I imagined Mikey at home, chewing his fingernail to the bone, anxiously waiting for our return. Praying for it. Non of us were religious in any way but I knew we had all prayed to god for him to save us. To let us live a little longer.

I was snapped from my thoughts by a bullet flying right by my face and I glanced from where I was hidden and pulled the trigger, he fell to the ground. His eyes were blank, just another corpse for the pile. There wasn't many left so we took our opportunity and jumped from our cover. A shot grazed my arm and I hissed as I shot back furiously, taking out two of the motherfuckers. Not many left now.

I heard a yell and spun to see Gerard running up the stairs to the office at the back of the building, my heart was screaming at me to follow him but I stopped myself remembering what he had told me

"No matter what happens, save yourself. Don't come back for me..."

I stayed and shot at each person who came for me.

I screamed out as a bullet penetrated my shoulder, the red hot searing pain rippling through me as the last guy standing fired at me. I shot back with everything I had and he dropped to the ground. The shells of the bullets rattling on the cold hard ground where corpses lay around me.

I spun as I heard Bob yell and saw him running toward Ray. A loud echoing sound of a gun firing filled the air and I knew it wasn't any of our guns. Then Ray fell to the ground and I saw him, a guy clutching his thigh with his gun fixed on the spot Ray had been standing in. Bob fired and hit him 3 times in the chest before dropping to his knees and pulling Ray onto his lap.

"Help me Frank, we have to get him outta here..." I could hear muffled yells from inside the office and prayed that one of them was Gerard's. I used my good arm to help Bob to stand up with Ray in his arms and helped him to the car. I turned to run back into the building and Bob stopped me

"Where are you going?"

"To find Gerard, I can't just leave him in there..." Bob looked at me and then back to Ray laid up in the backseat of the car

"Ok...I'm coming with you..."

We ran back inside to see the tell tale flash of guns firing from upstairs and the sounds ringing out. I ran forward a few steps only to be halted by laughter. Bob and I turned to see a guy standing with his gun fixed on us, in our haste to find Gerard we forgot to arm ourselves and I was filled with a sinking feeling. Suddenly he turned his gun to some barrels against the wall and grinned at us before whispering a single word "Boom"

Bob grabbed my arm and ran toward the exit. I didn't even notice the firing had stopped in the room upstairs and I kept screaming Gerard's name but he never came.

We got a few feet away from the warehouse before it exploded. I was thrown by the force and must have blacked out because the next thing i knew there was a loud ringing in my ears and Bob was pulling me to my feet. I cried out for Gerard as I saw the burning building and Bob pulled me into his chest "I'm sorry Frankie...I'm so sorry..."

We drove Ray to the hospital and because Bob was uninjured he took Ray inside, claiming his injury was a random attack. I took the car home, I'm suprised I made it there with a shot arm and a crippled heart. I had to tell Mikey, what the fuck was I going to say?

I walked in to the living room where Alicia and Mikey sat waiting for me. Alicia grabbed me and sat me down before setting to work on my injuries, carefully pulling of my suit and my shirt. Mikey moved beside me and brushed my hair from my face "Rays in the hospital, he was shot in the back..."

Mikey nodded and squeezed my knee "And Bob?"

"With Ray..."

"And Gerard?..." my mind went blank and I looked at Alicia before looking back at Mikey. My mouth opened and closed like a goldfish gasping for air, then I just broke down and shook my head.

Mikey just stared and began shaking his head too, a tear escaping his eyes. I lost it. I jumped up and flipped the coffee table, I started kicking at everything in sight. I pulled at my hair and screamed out at nothing. Mikey grabbed me and held me against his chest sobbing.

"I loved him Mikes, I loved him so much..."

"I know Frankie...He loved you too..."


I packed my things a few weeks later. I couldn't stay there anymore. I said goodbye to Bob, Mikey and Alicia. Ray was still laid up in hospital but understood I had to go.

I got in the car and turned to the house one last time. I knew where I was going, I was brave enough to face it now.

I was going home.

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