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Two months later...

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Two months later...

"Mom, I'm home..."

"Hey honey, dinner will be ready real soon..."

Life has a funny way of carrying on when it feels like your whole world has stopped. The life I had come to lead, those incredible few months of dealing out a renegade justice, falling in love for the first time, even the pain of it all just...stopped. It halted and I began a new life, a normal regular Joe life...I hate it.

The worst thing is the most painful thing of all, the thing I should have moved on from, is the only thing still with me. I carry the pain of Gerard's death around with me always, I just can't get over him. When I hear a stupid joke, when I smell my mom cooking her lasagne, I think of that crooked little smile and it almost breaks me. I save my tears for when I'm alone, for when his memory surrounds me.

I have the same routine every day now and it feels so wrong. I get up, I shower, I eat breakfast, I go to my shitty add filing job, I come home, I eat dinner, I call the guys, I cry myself to sleep. I wish I could go back and change it all. I wish I could go see the guys and continue the work we were doing. I can't though, too much has changed.

Alicia is pregnant now, Mikey's gonna be a dad! How insane is that? Bob is still his badass self but he cares for Ray now. When he got shot the bullet lodged in his spine, they say he'll never walk again. That hasn't stopped him though, from what I hear Ray feels the same as I do but we can't continue...not without Gerard.

"Oh Frank, you have a visitor! He said he's an old friend so I sent him upstairs to wait in your room, you don't mind do you?"

"No mom, its cool..."

Who the fuck is in my room? She already met the guys when I took her to visit so I know it ain't them. I take a knife from the edge of the counter and walk up the stairs. As I approach the door I reach out a hand and gently twist the doorknob, swinging it open I glance around and see there's nobody in there.

I walk toward my desk and am startled when my vision is blocked by someone's hands.

"Guess who Frankie..." my heart begins pounding rapidly against my ribcage, my breathing stops and my palms begin to sweat. It can't be...but I know that voice anywhere, it must be must be...


I slowly turn to be faced with those beautiful hazel eyes and pale soft skin, his little upturned nose and pale pink lips stretched into a crooked smile. The only thing different was the white scar that grazed along just past his eye and over his temple. It was him...Gerard was alive?

"You...I...thought you were...were...dead?"

"I know Frankie...I'm so sorry...I can explain" he takes my hand and pulls me to sit with him on the bed "I had noticed the cops hanging around me, following me in the car. I always managed to lose them before I got home but I was scared for you guys, I had to fake my death."

I stared at him dumbstruck for a moment before he continued "In that warehouse, I almost did die. He shot at me and I just managed to dodge the bullet, that's how I landed this bad boy. Anyway, I ran out of the back entrance when I saw the guy aim at the barrels and I hid at cassies for a while...I couldn't hide forever Frankie, I missed you so much..."

I didn't know which instinct to follow so I choose both. I punch him as hard as I can in the face then as he nurses his cheek wound, I kiss him.

Tears spill down both of our cheeks as the kiss deepens, our tongues exploring each others mouths. Each needing to desperately feel each other and relish in the hot taste of each other. I pull myself away and remove his shirt, running my hands over his soft skin "I missed you..." I sink my lips into his once more "I missed you so much... I love you"

I pull him close and we just lay together, soaking in each others presence "I think you should call the guys..."

"I already did...they were more relieved than angry..." I opened my eyes wide and glared ay him, angry that I was last to know. He must have picked up on it "look I'm sorry Frank, I'm sorry, just please trust me, I need you...were gonna continue on with what we're doing Frankie. Help us? Please?"

I pull away and rub my palms across my face before turning back to him "I had the best time of my life and its over, I have a life here now! A normal, 9 to 5 regular normal life"

Gerard grabbed my face and forced me to stay looking at him.

"Baby, a life of normality is for those who choose to live without adventure! Please tell me you'll come along with me?"

My mind began working overtime when I consider what he asked...fuck normality, keep it for someone who gives a fuck

"Fucking yes! Lets the adventure start already!"

I press my lips into his one more time then start packing my shit ready to go and I know in my heart that this is my life forever now.

I think back to what Gerard said to me the day after we met
"Welcome to life on the murder scene..."

Life on the murder scene? There is no better place on earth to live.

I fucking love it. Let the new adventure begin.

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