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Ch 8: Another bump in the road part 3

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Snake eyes uses his swords to slice a couple of the bio vipers. "I can't believe we let Storm Shadow get away and take Abigail with him." Ripcord says. "Don't worry Ripcord we'll find her but for now let's deal with bio vipers." Scarlett says. A few minutes later they defeat the bio vipers. They walk back to the coyote to meet up with the others.

Meanwhile in a holding cell out Mindbender's lab, Abigail wakes up and tries to figure out where she is. She sits up in the bed and looks around the room. She sees a small table and a chair in the middle of the room and that's about it. She looks down at her locket and opens her. Inside is a picture of her and her parents. "Mom, dad I wish you were still here with me. I don't know who I am and I need someone to guide me down the right path. All I want is to find a family that loved me the way you did. I really need you." Abigail says, as tears start to roll down her cheeks.

Outside the door Storm shadow hears everything that Abigail just said. He can feel the emptiness with her heart and also feels the pain of everything that she has been through in the past ten years. "I can't believe it all this girl is doing is trying to find her true path and I'm keeping her from doing that." Storm shadow thinks to himself.

Back inside the cell, Abigail hears the door open. Then she looks to her left answer sees Storm shadow walks in the room with a tray of food. He sets in on the table."Here, you need eat we need you at full strength." Storm Shadow says. "No thanks I'm not hungry. You probably poisoned it." Abigail says. "Do you really think we would poison you after we captured you?" Storm shadow asks. "That does sound like over kill." Abigail says. She goes over to the table, sits down, and starts to eat. When she finishes eating Mindbender enter the room.

"It's time for you to help me with my project." Mindbender says. "What you aren't smart enough to finish your project yourself?" Abigail asks. "I am but I need your help with one last part." Mindbender says. "What makes you think I'm going to help you?" Abigail asks. "I'm afraid that you don't have a choice my dear." Mindbender says as he presses a button on the remote in his hand.

Meanwhile at the coyote, Scarlett fills the others in on what happened earlier. "How we are going to find Abigail?" Tunnel rat asks. "I don't know but we won't give up until we do." Duke answers. "Does anyone else besides me think that mindbender is behind this?" Ripcord asks. "That's the best explanation we've got." Scarlett answers. "Why did that use Abby's necklace to control her?" Ripcord asks. "Simple it's the only thing that Abigail has that reminds her of the family she once had." Scarlett answers. Twenty minutes later Snake eyes returns. Scarlett asks him if he found Abigail. He nods and points to the north. The Joes Grab their weapons and head north to rescue Abigail.

Back at Mindbender's lab, Mindbender has Abigail under his control again. She is working on the computer helping him perfect his bio viper formula. "Good work I knew the girl would as smart as her parents." Mindbender says. When she finishes her work Abigail walks over to Mindbender. He presses another button on the remote and releases her from his control. As Abigail comes back she starts to feel really weak. Then she faints a few seconds later. Storm shadow catches her in his arms. "What is wrong with her Dr. Mindbender?" Storm shadow asks. "That's just the side effect of the mind control." Mindbender answers. "You knew this would happen?" Storm shadow asks. "Yes, I did but I'm just following orders from the commander." Mindbender answers. "Forget about the girl storm shadow she has done her job. Now get rid of her." Baroness says. Storm Shadow nods and drapes her of his shoulder then leaves the room.

In the wood near a stream Storm Shadow does what he was told. He tosses Abigail into the stream. He watches as the unconscious girl is drags away by the current. He ninja streaks away from the scene. Twenty minutes later Snake Eyes sees Abigail floating down stream and is heading towards a water fall. He leaps to a stone that is close to where Abigail is heading. He snatches her out of the water a few seconds before she about to go over the edge. Snake eyes carries her to safety.

The Joes show up a few minutes later and see Snake eyes lay Abigail down on the ground and check for a pulse. Scarlett goes over to them to check for herself. She finds the something that Snakes eyes Abigail's pulse is weak but she is still alive. Then she looks down at Abigail's necklace and sees a small camera and GPS tracker come off two of the gem as the water continues to drip off it. "I think the best thing we can do for her is take her to a hospital." Scarlett says. The Joes nod and Duke picks up Abigail carefully. Then they head back to the coyote to take her to the hospital. The only thing on everyone's mind is why would Mindbender do this to Abigail?

AN: What exactly is Dr. Mindbender going to do with these new bio vipers? Is Abigail going to make it? Keep reading to find out.
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