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The Plan

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Kathryn puts her plan for revenge into action and asks Coma for a favor.

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“This is a big risk for a joke,” Billy Numbers, one of Frank’s friends and Coma’s boyfriend, complained.

“You want out?” Frank asked.

“No,” Billy said quickly. They were at a farm, nearing the pig pen.

“Are you sure he won’t come?” Kathryn asked, referring to the farmer.

“He’s at a funeral in Nevada, Kathryn. I told you. He won’t come back while we’re still here,” Frank said. They approached the pig pen.

“Well, what’re you waiting for?” Kathryn said.

“You want to do it?” Frank asked. Kathryn quickly shook her head ‘no’. He entered the pig pen, holding a sledgehammer. After a few minutes, he managed to corner one. He raised the sledgehammer, and then brought it down. There was a sickening thud.

From Prom Night: the Case of Terra Markov, by Victor Stone.

I don’t think anyone could have predicted what happened on Prom Night. No one actually knew how much Kathryn Walker hated Terra Markov. No one knew how far she would go to humiliate her in front of everyone.

On Friday night, Terra put the finishing touches on her dress. It was blue and floor length. She didn’t dare get the color red, so she had picked blue. She looked at it when she finished. It was actually quite pretty. She smiled, both excited and nervous for tomorrow night.

At 11:00 on Friday night, Frank and Kathryn were in the school’s gym. Kathryn was holding a flashlight while Frank set up the bucket of blood. The blood had been drained from the pig he killed.

“Come on, you idiot, hurry up!” Kathryn hissed.

I’m the idiot?” he asked. “You’re the one that can’t hold the fucking flashlight straight. Besides, I’m almost done.” He climbed down the ladder, and then continued to set the rope up under the stage. Kathryn followed him, holding the flashlight.

“When you pull the string, there will be a little slack, but not much,” Frank said. “After you pull the string, run. We could get in serious trouble for this.”

“Okay,” Kathryn said. “Listen, I have to make a phone call. I’ll meet you in the car.”

“Fine,” Frank said, and exited the school, but not without retrieving the ladder first.Once he was gone, Kathryn reached for her phone, then paused. She shined her flashlight around the gymnasium, looking at the prom decorations. They were beautiful, and she wouldn't be there to enjoy it.

This was all Terra Markov’s fault. Thinking about the Freak brought on a fresh wave of anger in her.

It wasn't Kathryn's fault that Terra was too stupid to know she was on her period that day. And she couldn't believe that people took the Freak's side, either. That holier-than-thou bitch went around saying that everyone but her and her mother were going to Hell and people stuck up for her? Even Kathryn's father was too much of a chicken to do anything about it (he had said that it would make them look bad).

The livid blonde took a few deep breaths; that freak was going to get it tomorrow night.

Kathryn turned her cell phone on and dialed Coma’s number. Coma may not have skipped detention with her, but Coma was a good enough friend to show her the prom ballot. Kathryn was confident that Coma would do this for her. Besides, Coma owed her for not siding with her against Miss Smith.


“Hey, Coma. Listen, I need a favor.”


“I need you to make sure Terra and Gar get voted King and Queen of the Prom tomorrow night.”


“Because, there’s a bucket of pig’s blood directly above the place where the queen will be crowned. Terra gets elected Queen of the Prom, and then gets pig’s blood dumped on her. It’ll be the best prank in school history.”

“Okay, I’ll make sure they win. You’re right Kathryn; this will be the best prank in school history.”

“Thanks. Bye!” Kathryn said.


Kathryn hung up. She smirked.

“Oh, I can’t wait till tomorrow night,” she whispered, exiting the school to meet Frank in his car.
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