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When I Was Your Man

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A charity ball

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“Babe, are you ready?” I heard him shout from the next room as I gave myself a final once over glance in the full length mirror. My floor length gown framing my small shape perfectly. My recently bobbed brown hair had a wave in it. I’d opted to wear my contact lenses for the occasion, instead of my Ray Ban’s, allowing my icy blue eyes to add some more colour to my face.
“Yeah I am.” I called out grabbing my clutch bag and the invitations, before going to join him in the front room.
“Wow. You look stunning.” He smiled before pulling me into a suit covered embrace. “Did you have to wear heels though?” He said killing the mood instantly.
“This dress was designed to be worn with heels, so yeah.” I looked at him before making our way to the front door, picking up my house keys on the way. The party we were going to wasn’t so much a party, but a charity fund raising event. It was going to be a big event with some of Hollywood’s finest in attendance.

We arrived at the venue where his arm quickly went through mine as we were greeted and given our auctioning paddles. We walked into the main ballroom, seeing the sophisticated setup and décor.
“Do you want your usual?” He looked at me smiling as I glanced around mesmerised.
“Oh yes please.” I looked up at his taller self, smiling. “Tonic and lime please.” I reminded him, before he kissed my cheek and scooted off. I decided to go look at some of the pieces up for auction. Nothing really standing out from the sports and movie memorabilia until I got to nearer the end where the most beautiful ring was in the little case, I was stunned by it. I’m not one for jewellery, only ever wearing one necklace that was passed down the family; but this ring was stunning.
“See something you like honey?” His familiar voice rang out from near me. Taking a moment to compose myself, even after 3 years it was still difficult. I was just about to turn around when I heard another female voice respond.
“That ring is fabulous!” her high pitched squeal rang out.
“Oh looks like there’s another interested party.” His voice got closer until I did finally turn around. “Nina.” There was no hiding the surprise in his tone. “How have you been?” He moved in to hug me, stopping when Nathan approached, his usual stride suddenly getting quicker.
“I’ve been great, you?” I asked as Nathan joined us, his hand going around my waist tightly. “Frank, this is Nathan, my partner.” I hesitated before terming him my partner, “Nathan, this is Frank, my -” I was about to say friend before Frank jumped in.
“Ex fiancé.” He laughed as he held his hand out for Nathan to shake, which he did reluctantly, both of them not taking their eyes of each other.
“Nina this is Sarah, Sarah this is Nina.” Frank introduced us, breaking the awkward silence that had come over us.
“Hi.” I smiled politely at her. She was taller than me, even in my heels, and wore a long loose fitting dress. “We best go find Nathan’s sister anyway, lovely to meet you.” I smiled at Sarah, “and great to see you again.” This time I directed my gaze towards Frank. “Have a lovely night.” I smiled before linking Nathan and walking off slowly.

All night I was trying to look anywhere but at Frank and Sarah but it was becoming increasingly difficult, considering we had the same circle of friends. It got slightly easier when Gerard asked me to dance, considering Nathan wouldn’t do so. “You seem happy with him.” Gerard smiled as we took up our position, my hands on his shoulders, his hands on my waist. “Are you?” He looked at me, a serious expression covering his face as we started moving slowly.
“Of…of course I am.” I stumbled looking up at him trying to feign confusion. “Why do you ask?”
“You can’t fool me Nina, just remember that. I know that look and that stumble. What is it you’re not sure of?” He asked softly.
“Honestly?” I looked up at him biting my lip, knowing I trust Gerard, who nodded. “He’s not Frank.” I whispered after a moment of silence.
“No one is ever going be Frank, other than Frank. And truthfully even though you perfect for each other I just don’t think you can work together. You will always have that feeling there, that worry of the past. You don’t deserve that Nina. You have a man there who loves you for you. Don’t miss up on that opportunity.” He turned so I could see Nathan over his shoulder as he was trying to talk sense into me.
“We don’t work.” I rested my head on his shoulder, “he needs a constant relationship, and I need to get everyone off my back about moving on. He still meets up with his ex-girlfriend. He hates everything I do and wear. He doesn’t understand me.” I bite my lip, exposing all these feelings I’d had hidden for months. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do Gerard. I’m lost and a little scared.” I pulled away slightly to look at him and judge his reaction.
“You end things and you tell everyone to stick their opinions on moving on, you do what’s right for you. No one else. But don’t through all this away for Frank.” He smiled slightly. “Do you love Nathan?” He asked bluntly.
“No.” I didn’t even hesitate.
“Well then, I think you have your answer don’t you.” Gerard smiled simply as I felt a tap on my shoulder.
“Mind if I have this dance.” He held his hand out, like a gentleman as I turned to face him. I looked at Gerard for guidance who just smiled and past my hand over before walking off. As we got into the same pose as Gerard and I was just in, the song changed to When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars.
“Same bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now.” He started singing softly in my ear, as we started to sway. “You always liked dancing.” He smiled as it got to the chorus. I smiled as he twirled me out before pulling me back in. “How’ve you really been? I heard your career has really taken off. I’m happy for you.” He smiled as I filled him in on what’s happened.
“Although, it hurts I’ll be the first to say that, I was wrong. Oh I know I’m probably much too late, to try and apologise for my mistakes.” He started, “But I just want you to know. I hope he buys you flowers. I hope he holds your hand. Give you all his hours when he has the chance. Take you to every party because I remember how much you like to dance. Do all the things I should have done, when I was your man.” He sang to me. “You always liked Bruno Mars I always thought that was a little weird when you had your music on shuffle and you’d go from some heavy rock to Bruno Mars.” He giggled “but now I totally get it.” He looked me in the eye slowly before the organiser broke the music to announce the auction was about to begin. “I think that’s our call to move off the dance floor.” Frank laughed as we pulled away. “I’ll see you around Nina.” He kissed my cheek, lingering for a little longer then he probably should have before walking back over to Sarah, and not once looking back.

We waited until the auction was over before we decided to leave. “So what did you and Frank have to talk about? I mean you looked pretty cosy together.” Nathan asked with a sting to his tone.
“We were just catching up.” I looked up at him. “It was nothing.” I added, to which Nathan scoffed.
“Yeah ok.” He mumbled. “I mean it looked completely innocent.” He carried on.
“Oh wow we’re doing this are we?” I snapped back looking up at him. “We’re really going to discuss the whole ex meeting up are we? Outside a charity ball? Because we can if you want?” I watched his face change to confusion. “I mean I’m dying to hear how Lacy has been for the past 8 months.” I glared at him, waiting for a response, “or did you not really talk much? Is that why you can’t answer me?” I laughed. “You know this isn’t working between us. It’s not worked for the past 7 and half months. Tonight has just made me realise that. You can sleep at my flat tonight and get your stuff out tomorrow, leave your key in the bowl.” I looked at him before walking off in the direction of the local hotels.

The next morning when I woke up there was a note pushed under my door. Half expecting it to be from Nathan I’d decided to sort myself out before reading it. When I did it wasn’t the handwriting I was expecting. Instead it was the slightly slanted writing that I’d become so familiar with.

Meet me at the café across the road at half twelve. If you’re not there then I take it you’re not interested and that will be the end of this chapter in our lives. Frank x
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