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Chapter Uno

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Nobody know what really started this whole "apocalypse." But according to movies, in a post apocalyptic world those who keep strong survive. And that's the rule they all follow. ((Rated for langua...

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~Billie POV~

January 5, 2013
It just kind of happened one day, it's been two weeks to be exact. We woke up and it was too quiet. The town was totally empty, shops were open but nobody was inside. Traffic lights worked but there was absolutely no traffic. There were abandoned cars in the middle of the street and that's pretty fucking annoying. Mike, Tre, and I were all staying together after a night of drinking and were unable to drive. I vaguely remember walking into my house the morning after to discover that Adrienne and the kids were gone. Not even a note. I remember going back to Mike's. Brit and the kids were away at her mother's. Tre never left Mike's house. That's the most I remember from then. I drank, and drank, and drank til I couldn't have drunk anymore. I might of had alcohol poisoning, God knows what the fuck I could've had, or done in my drunken state. Mike and Tre have been sticking close by me. We haven't found any bodies or corpses for that matter. It just seems as if everyone vanished, without a trace. I'm writing this journal to prove that I might have just survived the Apocalypse. How fucking cool! I guess I'm pretty upbeat about it after all. I got my two best friends and a shit load of supplies. If we find out how this all started I promise to keep you updated.
Signing off, Billie Joe Armstrong.
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