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Chapter Dos

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Things start to make more sense blah I'm not good at this. ((Rated for language and content once again))

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January 7, 2013 (morning)

I don't fucking know if anythings gonna happen today. It's been pretty chill for a day or two, let alone the past two weeks. But hey, it's still early in the day. Maybe I'll write you later. Signing off again, BJA.

January 7, 2013 (approx. 11 PM)

Today was somewhat significant. We broke into some stores and stole (took?) more supplies. We might have found life over by the beach, maybe not exactly zombies, but not exactly human either. They had skeletal bodies. There were about three or four. They were more red in body color and they didn't seem hungry. I really don't know what the shit these little fuckers are but my curiousity is peaked. Mike is keeping a sketch journal and Tre is watching supplies. I'm pretty sure Mike drew whatever those things were. Signing off, BJA.

January 10, 2013

Holy shit, yesterday was busy. We made a camp, a shelter, a fucking shed. It's a shed. It works though, we might be a little bit camouflaged. Just a little. The weird thing is, none of us seem scared. Unless we're in shock we're actually pretty upbeat about this all. Not exactly shitting rainbows, but not contemplating suicide. Oh, those little fuckers! They are alien looking things, pretty fucking ugly. They look like half their skin is peeled off. Gross. But they don't seem to be a threat to our well being. They seem fascinated by the beach, they drew little symbols in the sand. Maybe they're trying to bring back their mothership. Ha, little bit of humor never hurts in times like this. But in all seriousness, I'll believe they're bringing back a ship when pigs fly. Good night world. Signing off, BJA (accompanied by the likes of Mr. Tre Cool tonight)
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