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These are their hearts, but their hearts don’t beat like ours.

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It's always different when you have a relationship with the same sex. It's more comforting as where when your with the opposite sex, you have to learn things as you go. I know being with Frank will be the easiest thing for me. I have never been so sure in my life. My heart swells with love that I have never felt before. There have been girls before, but none of them were what Frankie is to me. It's like entering a paradigm full of bliss. His eyes are portals I can escape to pure joy.

Light. It hit my eyes. It pained my tired eyes. For a small damn window it certainly likes to pick when it wants to be annoying prick!... Anywho...

I felt all uncomfortable. I was still in regular clothes. I could feel the indents the denim in jeans had done to my skin. I kept letting the sun hit my face. For once I wanted the light. I embraced it for once. I felt the true happiness swell all over my body. I looked to my side.

My Frankie sleeping so peacefully against my side. His hand laying on my chest. his chest rising and then falling. It made me sleepy looking at him. He's like an angel. A beautiful fallen angel. Fallen like me.

But that really doesn't matter anymore. I have him and that is ALL that matters. He is my world.

Suddenly, the my door was abruptly opened and hit the wall.

"Gerard, Frank! We have to go-" Mikey shouted then looked at the position we were in. Frankie woke in a jolt. Look at Mikey and me then back to him.

"Uhhh.." Frank started. We both looked at each other having no idea what to say.

"Finally you guys!" Mikey said all dramatically rolling his eyes. He crossed his arms looking back at us.

"HUH?!" Frank and I both asked dumbly.

"You guys finally figured out your feeling for each other. Sheesh." He rolled his eyes again."Everyone knew you guys were liking druling over each other's back. None of you had to say anything. It was just to damn apparent." He said shaking his head.

"..but seriously guys, we have to get ready for school!" he said dramatically.

In our response, we threw my pillows at him. We laughed our ass off. He tried to throw the pillows back in a manly aggressive way. Failing and in turn looking the a teenage girl throwing the pillows flimsy. We laugh even harder. Mikey just turned to the steps that lead out of the basement.

"Immature asses.. Obviously perfect for each other." he muttered to himself.

"We heard that!" Frank and I said in unison.

"Good!" he said stubbornly. We laughed. Frankie looked up at me. And I lost it..

I grabbed his face and pushed his lips forcefully on him mine. He was startled at first and gave in. He pushed himself on top of me straddling his legs on my hips. Our tongue swirling together. Moans and groans shared amongst us both.

The door slam open again.

"Oh, and another thi-OH MY FUCKING GOD!! I'V GONE BLIND!!!" Mikey shouted. His hands over his eyes and ran out. I really need to lock the damn door. Ugh.

"Maybe we should just get ready," Frankie shrugged. Sitting up on my crotch. Fuck. Looking down at me. He smiled.

"Hey! When did your little friend come to town?" he giggled motioning to my crotch. I blushed embarrassed. I closed my eyes and smack my forehead.

"Fuck off." I muttered. Frank climbed off my crotch standing on the side of the bed. He looked at me and smirked.

"Oh, I will Gee." He said. Then he learned down to my ear."To you." he whispered. I shuddered. I opened my eyes to see Frank taking his CLOTHES OFF! I watched intently. Getting hard by every millisecond. He down to his pants. He then looked at me smirking. He picked at his belt seductively unbuckling it. He then took his belt off throwing it on the floor. He opened his button on his pants. Pulled down his zipper, painstakingly slowly. Pulled his pants down to his feet, which he reluctantly kicked them off. All he was wearing was his boxers. He winked at me and walked towards the bathroom door. I looked away to stop torturing myself.

"Oh, Gee?" Frank said mischievously.

"Yes, Frank." I said through gritted teeth and closed eyes.

"Happy belated birthday!" he yelled. All of a suddenly, I felt something light hit my face. I opened my eyes and saw nothing, but batman logos. I picked the thing off of my face.. And realized, it's Frankie's BOXERS! I heard him shut the door quickly giggling his ass off.

I looked down at my pants. Fuck. It's like a huge mountain at this point. I really need to get rid of it before he comes out...

Hey! So I finally updated. I know this sounds like pathetic and desperate, but I really would appreciate more reviews and/or rates. I just need a little push to make more motivated to write this story. Thank you for who have already reviewed it many times. :) Very appreciated.
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