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How stubborn are those scars when they won't fade away?

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-07-03 - 415 words

Warning: extremely triggering.

You remember your first time, scaring yourself. The contact of a blade on skin, the slice of deep pain as the red liquid oozes from your veins, dripping onto the floor. And then, you try so hard to hide the damage, and hide the concerns of those who love you so dearly.

After a while, you check the scars, to see they're still there. Still red, sore and painful. Still haunting you, drawing you closer as the scar whispers 'more..'. You try so hard to ignore the voices drawing you in, and the painful memories that blade created for you. Your heart says no, but your body says yes, so you add more scars; more memories.

Time passes, you forget the memories. You feel better than before, happier. You're married, living a full life. Until that one unlucky time, that one day that all comes crashing down on you, drowning you in despair. You look upon the scars, they never faded like you thought. They are still there, still drawing you in. You thought they were just scars, they'd fade and it'll all be gone, but, and take this from me, they aren't like any other scars. Those are memories; each scar holds one. They're gentle reminders of our now better days. We've moulded ourself around this scar, become better in who we decide to be. We're successful, and happy. Yet, some of us aren't happy. Some of us are dead, because of the pain and suffering we experienced.

How stubborn are these scars when they won't fade away? Or, are they just a gentle reminder of our now better days? You decide.

Okay, so for some, that is going to be extremely triggering. But, for others, it could be life-saving. It's true, you know. Scars are our memories, we created them. Some scars never fade away, because the memory hasn't faded. We can mould ourself around that scar; that memory. You can either choose to be happy, or you could just be in this deep pit of despair that would soon end up killing you. I created this poem, all around the Asking Alexandria lyric "How stubborn are these scars when they won't fade away? Or are they just a gentle reminder of our now better days?", taken from A Prophecy. That lyric is one of my favourites, because I understand the meaning of it. So, read this, and Rate and Review! I'll be writing one every other day.
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