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Secret Pod Cast On Behind the Bleacher's Website

February 2007

Pete smiled opening his lap top atop his bunk in the tour bus, while everybody else sat out in the front, doing something random. He did the routine Myspace check and logged onto the band's website before clicking on Behind the Bleacher's sub page that lead to their real website. Upon opening it, he smiled as he saw the girl's faces pop up, all in the air jumping off of a stage. Perking his eyebrows up he saw there was a new update on the video. Arching his eyebrows in surprise, he kept one hand near his mouth as he clicked it open and smiled at the title.
The Mess of Youthful Innocence
It started off with Lexi smiling into a camera.
"Hey fans, anybody watching...this is kinda going to be the last entry in my video diary. I've been doing this a long time now, even before Behind The Bleachers...and let me tell you, if your watching this...this is pure gold," Pete smirked and removed his hands from the laptop, watching intently.
"I have to say it's been a crazy experience, from the moment that damn Pete Wentz hit me in the ass with a paintball to the moment I was standing on my front lawn, pouring my heart out as fast as mother nature poured out the rain," Pete smiled and noticed Lexi bite her lip.
"Touring is is great. It's times like these you really are thankful the stupid things happened, because they are what makes you who you are," she blushed and looked down for a second.
"I guess if you are really listening and not just dreaming of having me in bed, even if Pete is watching this," Pete smirked as she paused again. "I'm trying to say is that if you try so hard to perfect the faults you find in yourself, you may lose out on a perfect opportunity, and getting caught in the rain doesn't happen to many people," Lexi smiled brightly, looking over at something for a minute. "It took an angel to show me that I was fine the way I am...and to show me just how bright of a star I really was," Pete nodded, knowing full well who she was talking about.
"This last entry isn't about...coming out to a show, or...buying our's about knowing that somebody is always thinking about you, in more ways than one, so try and not worry your head over things," Lexi sighed and smiled again.
"It's about doing what you love...and even if you never make it big, make sure you can have the most fun you can have...because without a smile on your face, you make ten others frown," Lexi smirked. "Trust me, I know," Pete smiled and saw that it was nearing the end.
"I can't drag this out forever but...I know that the people I love will eventually see this," Pete smiled and watched as Lexi blew a kiss at the camera.
"Just remember that the world is always waiting," she paused and Pete poised his mouth open, watching the timer tick down to three seconds.

"For somebody to make them jealous,"

we'll make them so jealous...
The End
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