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Yeah, Let The Drunk Have The Last Line

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Chapter 26- Yeah, Let The Drunk Have The Last Line

November 19th 2006

"Dude...Pete got laid," Lexi creased her eyebrows together before opening her eyes and screaming, seeing everybody from Clover to Andy in the room, surrounding her bed as her and Pete snuggled closely, only covered by a thin green sheet. Lexi snuggled in more, to hide her embarrassment and felt Pete stir awake.
"Oh, hey guys..." Lexi just rolled her eyes as he held her closer and smirked as Joe shaking his head.
"So you didn't hang out with us last night because you were too busy getting it on?" he asked and Heather crossed her arms over her chest, pouting.
"With my best friend on top of that," Lexi sighed and rolled her eyes again.
"I'd expect my friends to be happy that we're both not still depressed and that we finally had the best sex ever," Aloe and Joe both drew up blank expressions.
"Who said it would be the best?" Aloe asked and Joe chuckled.
"We have the best sex," Pete smile down at Lexi, ignoring him and kissed her.
"I now have the liberty to do that whenever I want," Lexi smiled and Freeda just sighed, shaking her head.
"No we're just one big happy family, huh?" Andy laughed wrapping an arm around her waist.
"You could say that," Clover giggled.
"Now all we need is for somebody to get pregnant," Dirty laughed looking at Lexi.
"Don't look at me like that," Clover and him both looked over.
"Come on boss, if you are ever going to reproduce, please...stay with Lexi," Lexi blushed as Pete laughed.
"Ok then...even on tour" he muttered and Freeda just but her lip at the irony of Clover's statement.
"I'm concerned in the fact of how a one month pregnant drummer is supposed to stay committed to a new tour," Clover jumped up and down clapping as Heather and Aloe looked outraged.
"Freeda! Damnit girl..." Lexi burst out laughing and shook her head.
"You guys are amazing," Andy smiled.
"We're the first to go," Freeda just rolled her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder.
"Who's next?" Clover shrugged and Dirty nudged her.
"It's been a year, Clover...let's...let's get married," Clover's mouth dropped and Heather's gum fell out of her mouth, again.
"Seriously?" she asked and he nodded.
"Yeah, then...we'll live and die like rock stars," he breathed and Pete coughed.
"Isn't that our job?" he asked, referring to him and the guys. Dirty laughed.
"But of the meantime, me and Clover will now go to her house to have...engagement sex!" Clover just snickered and pushed him out of the room. Joe linked arms with Aloe and poked her stomach.
"Let's go and let these two get dressed...I have a feeling today is going to be a lazy day," Aloe smiled over at Lexi who just nodded. Freeda placed a hand on her stomach and looked at Lexi.
"We can tour until I'm five months, I suppose...or just do local shows for a while," Lexi nodded.
"I like the sound of that," Andy grabbed Freeda again and the two walked out. Heather beamed and shook her head.
"I'm so happy right now, Lexi...I feel, so normal again..." Lexi just smirked.
"Your never normal," Patrick smiled at Pete and nodded.
"Way to go, Pete..." the two quickly left, closing the door behind them. Lexi giggled as Pete turned back to her and raised an eyebrow.
"What's so funny?" Lexi just shook her head.
"Can I be a major teeny right now?" Pete shrugged.
"Why not?" Lexi just took a breath and smiled, grabbing Petey The Meaty Mooer.
"Petey, last mission accomplished, had sex with Pete Wentz before 30th birthday," Pete smiled and kissed Lexi.
"I have a feeling everything is going to be ok," Lexi giggled and nodded her head before placing a hand on his waist.
"Pete...are you wearing my underwear?" Pete closed his eyes in a fit of laughter and Lexi just rolled her eyes before copying.
"Mission accomplished, Mr. Mooer..." Lexi raised an eyebrow.
"You shared your goals with my moocow?" Pete nodded, calming down.
"I told him I'd have a beautiful woman in my arms before 30,"

December 31st 2006

Clover laughed from where she sat at the bar in the kitchen as Aloe came out limping.
"Geeze...what happened to you?" Aloe just shook her head and gabbed a thumb back as Joe came into view, in his boxers. "God..." Clover shook her head but then laughed even more as Freeda and Andy came out, looking fresh and bright.
"What, did everybody get lucky last night?" Dirty laughed from beside her.
"I'm assuming..." just then, Heather walked in, eyes closed and humming a random tune. Everybody turned to see Patrick walking in behind her, limping.
"Patrick?" Joe asked and Patrick shook his head, sitting in one of the bar stools and holding his face in his hands, though his face and widened eyes were still visible.
"So...much..." Joe raised an eyebrow and Heather giggled. "I never thought a girl could be so," he gulped and his voice became quiet. "Dominating..." Clover burst out laughing and Patrick just whimpered and Heather pouted.
"Patty Cakes...I thought you liked it," Patrick blushed and nodded.
"That's the problem...I do," Lexi walked in next and sighed looking at her friends.
"Ok, so we know everybody is happy from sex...but, come on, its new years eve...let's party," Pete cam in after her and jumped up and down.

Clover and Dirty had drifted away from the ruckus of So You Think You Can Dance and silly conversations to sit out back and watch the stars. They were just talking about the past year and Clover was for once intrigued by the true meaning of it. She looked over at Dirty and he looked back and she just smiled. Dirty moved his hand over and held hers tightly as they heard Pete screaming something about finding the remote so they could watch the countdown.
"You know Clover, this has been one crazy, most eventful...amazing year," Clover blinked and bit her lip in thought of something witty. She smirked and kissed him before nodding.
"I'll say,"

don't worry...this is the end...but, secret. I have a secret. and it will be soon
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