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Girl Chases Guy For The Cure To Loneliness

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Omg. Tissues. It's so happy, I'm crying. bahhhhh and yep, it's pure romance in this one.

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Chapter 25- Girl Chases Guy For The Cure To Loneliness

November 17th 2006

Aloe sighed, looking over at Lexi who was tracing odd patterns on the balcony out front of Aloe's apartment. Breathing out the smoke and placing the cigarette back to her lips she nudged Lexi, bringing her back.
"Lex...I know we just got back but maybe you should come out with us tonight, the boys will be there," Lexi shrugged.
"I don't feel like it," Aloe sighed and slumped against the railing.
"You've been like this the last four months...even though the rest of us have seen the other guys, you haven't..." Lexi shook her head.
"I just don't want to face Pete, ok?" Aloe rolled her eyes, taking another puff.
"Little Miss Lexus Ann Starr, always running away from her problems...I remember when she hooked me and Joe up...but she's not willing to listen to me," Lexi looked away and crossed her arms, still leaning against the railing.
"'s different," Aloe took the cigarette and put it out, fully turning to Lexi.
"Listen, it's not. Ok? For crying out loud...if you're not going to go out tonight, then at least go talk to Pete...they are at Heather's right now. We are leaving in about an 7, so you better act fast...and Lexi; let me tell you...nothing bed is going to happen," Lexi arched her eyebrows, turning to face her friend.
"How do you know?" Aloe smirked and lit up again.
"I always know..."

Lexi moved from one foot to the other as she waited impatiently, hood up and the cold air nipping at her cheeks.
"Whoa...Lexus?" Lexi smiled and walked into her home.
"Hi mom," she muttered and gave her a big hug.
"Didn't expect you..." Lexi bit her lip.
"I'm in trouble mom," Mrs. Starr nodded and grabbed her daughters arm before bringing her to the kitchen and sitting her down at the bar.
"Boys, Band or Money?" Lexi smirked.
"Mom, money is fine...which means the band is doing excellent...we just got back from tour yesterday," Her mom nodded as she poured two glasses of tea.
"So, it's a boy problem," Lexi smirked.
"He's defiantly a boy alright," her mom raised an eyebrow.
", remember all those times I would talk about my favorite band, Fall Out Boy?" her mom just started laughing.
"Please don't tell me you're dating Patrick Stump," Lexi giggled.
"No, Heather is..." Mrs. Starr looked priceless, the gasp, the startled twitch, she almost spat out her tea.
"" Lexi bit her lip and nodded.
"Mom, we've managed to get everybody else together and then when it came down to us, we just were too...crazy to even admit it," her mom shook her head.
"You have the habit of going into denial, no matter what," Lexi sighed and nodded, taking a small sip of her tea.
"I don't know what to do," Mrs. Starr laughed.
"Well don't ask me, I'm the one who went through two husbands before you and then had a divorce," Lexi smirked and pouted.
"Mom..." she persisted and her mother shrugged.
"It all depends if you're willing to prove the world wrong and be the girl who chases the boy," Lexi breathed in and bit the corner of her lip.
"What if I am?" he mom smiled.
"Then put on your converse..." she paused and took the cup away from her daughter. "And run..."

"Freeda, thank god you answered your phone," Lexi quickly muttered into the phone. Freeda laughed slightly.
"Are you coming tonight?" Lexi bit her lip.
"No. I have something to take care Pete with you guys?" Freeda smirked, and rolled her eyes from the other line.
"Lexi...thank god, he's at Heather's...moping and being emo," Lexi smirked and turned on the road, heading back to her other home.
"Thank you so much Freeda, and please tell Andy how much you love him," Freeda giggled and shook her head.
"Will do..." she paused. "Oh, use protection," And that's when Lexi hung up and took another turn. And low and behold all cliché forces that it started to rain. It was nine o'clock, middle of November, raining. Lexi shook her head and nearly sped down the residential area and pulled into the driveway, jumping out without closing the door. She reached the door that wasn't covered by any over railings and went through her keys.
Damnit...don't have it
Lexi sighed, and closed her eyes before knocking on the door. Scratch that, pounding.
"Pete," she half yelled and she bit her lip, feeling the nervous tears sting her eyes as the rain pelted down harder, soaking her hoodie through and she could already feel her bra dampening. She shifted slightly and pounded again.
"God damnit Pete...I know your there...just..." she paused and rested her forehead against the thick door as the lightening illuminated the street. "Just listen..." Lexi paused again and wondered just what the hell she was doing.
"I don't care if your pissed or heart broken...or think I'm the complete stupid, selfish, nervous wreck that I am...just listen to me when I tell you that I messed up so badly and I'm done with thinking of the past and I'm done with being lonely and a hopeless...romantic," Lexi took a breath as she yelled over the thunder through the door, the only words she's never been able to say.
"I don't care anymore what people think...I'm in love, and it's never made me feel so like..." Lexi paused lifting her head from the door and looking at her hands that were shaking. "Myself..." Lexi shook her head after a minute passed.
"Forget it..." she mumbled and turned around, slowly walking back to the car, her feet squishing in the grass.

Pete silently cried as he sat, leaning against the front door, listening to Lexi's completely honest she was being. He stood up suddenly, and didn't care that he was just wearing a pair of her jeans with out a shirt and opened the door to see her figure walking back to her car.
"Lexi," Lexi jumped slightly and turned around, seeing Pete getting as drenched as him. She smiled, and started to slightly laugh and just cried more as he took a few steps before they both ran to each other catching each other in a hug and a kiss. Pete picked Lexi up and she picked her legs up, him twirling her around and holding onto her as tight as possible.
"I'm not going to say anything cheesy like 'I love you' because it's already obvious," Lexi giggled and opened her eyes to see Pete's eyeliner smearing and Goosebumps appearing all over his arms and chest.
"Pete...can we go inside...get warm and then we can continue this," Pete smiled and nodded before wrapping her back up into his arms for another kiss. And let me tell you. The rain, the music from the radio in Lexi's car playing an old Cure song and the fact each one was completely in love with the other made it so unbelievably cheesy, so cliché, but in the words of Robert Smith himself, it was /Just Like Heaven/.

evie says:'s not the ending, the ending is alot better than this...
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