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Chapter 3

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DEATH yeah, just carry on reading please. :)

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'They won't believe me.' The Doctor sighed at Brianna. 'It was a supid idea, can we go back to the TARDIS and come up with another idea?'
'No!' Brianna frowned. 'This whole town is in danger, it's up to you to help everyone!'
'Ok, ok.' The Doctor knocked on the door. 'I thought I was bossy.' he muttered, glancing at her. She grinned, as the door opened, and a widdle aged woman glared at them.
'Yeah? What you want?' she folded her arms and leaned against the door frame.
'Good afternoon, Miss.' The Doctor said politely. 'Did you know this town is in the most horrible danger?'
'Oh yeah? What sorta danger?' The woman sniffed.
'The shadows.' Brianna cut in. 'May we come in?' The woman stepped aside as Brianna and the Doctor stepped into the hall, which was patterned with bright blue wallpaper.
'Have you seen any shadows that have no objects by them?' The Doctor asked the woman. 'Any objects that have no shadows?'
'I...don't think so.' the woman frowned deeply. 'But, there was this vase, right-'
'A vase? Did it have a shadow? More than one shadow?' The Doctor asked rapid questions, and the woman looked bemused.
'It...had three shadows.' she said. 'I thought it was some stupid trick of the light, but...i blinked, and there was only one shadow.'
'How long ago was that?' Brianna asked gently, seeing the woman was really scared.
'About two weeks ago.' The woman sighed heavily. 'I think thats what killed my husband.'
'What's your name?' The Doctor laid a hand on her arm.
'Harper Brix.' she said. The she looked suspiciously at them. 'Who are you?'
'I'm the Doctor, this is Brianna Morgan.' The Doctor gestured to her. 'You need to warn everyone else, if they've experienced the same things you have, this whole town could be in terrible danger, everyone needs to run, get out of here, or you'll all die.'
'Hang on.' Brianna frowned at Harper. 'You said something about your husband.'
'Yeah.' Harper sighed. 'One night i found im', all half eaten and skeletal. The Doctors said it was wild animals, Manchester..? Maybe it was them shadows you was on about.'
'The technical term for it is the Vashta Nerada.' The Doctor explained. 'It feeds of anything who touches it. The only way for it to be held off is light. Thats why Brianna didn't die. It had infected her whole house, but a tiny plastic torch saved her life.'
'Y-you mean that...?' Harper gazed at Brianna as if she was some goddess or something, an invincible girl.
'We need to evacuate this area NOW.' Brianna looked up at the Doctor. 'Any good plan...?'
'Well...not really no.' he shrugged. 'But i'll think of something..............
'We have to warn everyone in the mean time.' Brianna said. 'Everyone needs to leave, RIGHT NOW.'
Harper followed them out as they went into the street, looking around. Strangely enough, all the people who lived on that street were already out, looking around, confused.
'Something isn't right...' the Doctor looked around, then back at Brianna.
'You're right...' she pointed upwards. 'They're gonna bomb this place.....'
Everyone looked up at the same time. 'oh god.' Brianna heard Harper mutter. 'We gotta run.'
'EVERYONE!! GET OUT OF HERE, RUN!!!' Brianna screamed at the top of her lungs. 'GO!!!' Everyone started running, panicked and screaming in fear. we haven't got much time. Brianna thought frantically. We're all gonna die. She shrieked as her foot caught on a broken part of the pavement, and she fell, twisting her ankle in the process. People ran past, not even aknowledging her. Then she felt hands on her waist, lifting her off the ground, and she breathed a sigh of relief.
'Are you ok?' The Doctor asked her. 'I saw you fall, are you hurt?'
'I've twisted my ankle, i don't think i can walk.' Brianna said pathetically.
'I'll carry you. Now lets get out of here.' He started runing, a little slower now that he was carrying Brianna, but still quicker than other people.
'Where are we going?' Brianna asked.
'The TARDIS.' the Doctor replied, 'We should be well protected in there.'
He turned a corner, away from the screaming crowds, and there was a small blue box standing there, the white light flashing on it's roof.
''s tiny.' Brianna frowned. 'How are we gonna fit in there...?
'Ah ha! Tha's the beauty of it!!' the doctor grinned excitedly. He dashed over to it and pushed the door open, setting Brianna down.
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