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Can't Stand It

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Christofer Drew x my alias, Sunnflower oneshot. Yes I ship me and Christofer Drew alright?

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Can't Stand It

"So, how was school today, Sunn?" Sunnflower's mother asked as Sunnflower skipped happily into the room, a smile on her lips as she plonked down onto the cream sofa beside her mother with an adoring sigh. "By the look of it, it was very happy."

"Well, I met a boy, he's new at our school." Sunnflower giggled excitedly. "He's really cute."

"Cute, as in puppy-dog cute, or cute like boy cute?"

"Both. With little more puppy-dog." Sunnflower smiled.

"What's his name?" Her mother asked, perching herself up on her elbows.


"Ooh, nice name."

Sunnflower collected up her bag, and walked out the room and up the stairs, calling up to her mother "I'll be in my room!"


With a piece of paper perched on her knees, and a pen poised in her hand, Sunnflower began to write. She wrote a song, a love song. Something to confess her feelings. Occasionally, she stopped writing, and sang through what she wrote.

Baby, I love you,
I never want to let you go.
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know,
That everything you do,
Is super-duper cute, and I can't stand it.

As she wrote, her mind flashed back to the day she'd met Christofer, making her smile sweetly.


"Class, this is our new musician!" unnflower's head snapped up to view a boy, a beautiful boy. A boy with chestnut-brown hair, with a fringe positioned over his brown eyes, brown, captivating eyes. "His name, is Christofer."

Murmurs of greeting passed through the group of aspiring rockers, pop-stars and classical players, as the new boy sat next to the bumbling Sunnflower, smiling a smile that could melt a million-and-one hearts.

"Hi, I'm Christofer, and you are?"


"That's a name?" Christofer laughed, and Sunnflower scowled.

"Yes, and I'm proud of it."

"I was joking. It's a pretty name." There was that smile again, the angelic smile.

"Thanks." Sunnflower played with a strand of her dark brown hair, dark-green-with-a-hint-of-hazel eyes twinkling, as the teacher announced the day's assignment.

"So, class, today, you're gonna pair up, and write a song. It can be whatever you want, whatever style you desire. Next week, we shall showcase them for the class. Easy enough, let's get to work." Sunflower watched as the usual huddles of friends got together, leaving only Christofer and Sunnflower to find partners, so they paired together.


"So, any ideas on the type of song we're gonna do?" Sunnflower asked Christofer at lunch. Since Christofer was new, he decided to sit with Sunnflower, as she was the only girl he'd properly befriended at this time.

"I was thinking.. a love song? I write really great love songs."

"Really?" Sunnflower smiled. "Well, let's hear a little bit of one then."

"Okay." Christofer reached into his guitar case and brought out a guitar made of oak. Second, he took a white guitar pick out of his pocket, and began to strum and sing.

"What is love?
What is love, oh?
Is is giving up?
'Cause that's not how you raised me."

When Christofer had finished strumming, he sat there, guitar on his knees, smiling as he awaited Sunnflower's response.

"You're left-handed?" Was all she could say, which made Christofer laugh.



Sunnflower laughed as she remembered all that happened earlier when she met Christofer. He made her laugh a lot that day, and he was really talented. Sunnflower hummed as she finished the song, before tucking it away in her bag, knowing that she had the perfect song for the two of them to perform next week.

A/N: Okay, this sounds a little bad, but it's my first time tackling romance in what seems like ages. And, to answer your questions, I like Christofer Drew. Dude, his voice is amazing. Heavenly, even. What Is Love is my fave NSN song right now, second being Can't Stand It. And, I shit you not, Christofer is left handed, like me. I smiled so much when I found that out. Anyway, off to read more fanfic. PS: I'm making Sunnflower my alias in fics, because I like the name.
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