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Snow Angels

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A oneshot,with me and Gerard set in the snow,because it snowed today and it gave me an idea..

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Snow Angels.

I stepped out into the crunchy,white blanket of snow,as I left for school that day.I had on a pair of jeans,with a black t-shirt and maybe,a million coats on.It was freezing as I waddled out the door in my many layers of clothing and down the drive onto the pathway.I then began to waddle as quick as I could to school,slipping on the ice a few times in the process.My face collided with a snowball as I turned to see a few boys cackling like a bunch of fucking hyenas.Dicks.I had also toppled over again,and was sat on the freezing cold,and wet,floor.

"Hey,you okay?"I heard Gerard,my crush,ask as he stood above me,holding out a gloved hand to pull me up.

"Yeah,thanks."I breathed out,taking his hand and rising to my feet.

"Wanna walk with me?"

"'Kay."I smile,and we walk through the snow to school,making aimless conversation,as friends do.


The day had passed pretty fast,for a Friday.I had most of my lessons with Gerard,or Gee as I called him,and I loved every minute of them.They were good lessons too,my best was,probably,Art.I was quite a good drawer,like Gee was.Music was good too,I got a singing part,like Gerard did.We were gonna be performing Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye,I kinda liked the song,it had a very artistic view about it.After school,Gee said I was allowed to come around his place,he said his mum wouldn't mind.We got to his house,and it was all dark inside.

"Where's the light switch..?"I mumbled to myself as I searched for the flick of a light.I found it,yet it wouldn't turn on.I clicked it on and off a few times,and it still never worked.

"Gerard! The light won't turn on!"I call to him,and he comes into view,ruffling his black hair about as he shook out the last of the snowflakes.He clicked the light on and off himself,before going to the fuse box.I heard his grunt in frustration as he came back and told me what happened.

"Power for the lights are frozen,and they won't work until the snow clears."

"Well,what we gonna do?"

"I got some candles.."Gerard walked off to the supply closet and got out a few candles,putting them on the table beside him.He then dug around in one of the kitchen drawers,before pulling out a box of matches.We then both walked off to the lounge,as I set up a few cushions on the carpet flooring,and Gee set up the candles,lighting each one with caution.The TV still worked,as I saw the news flicker to life,and we got the weather.

"Extreme weather warnings in New Jersey today.All the streets are closed,for at least most of the weekend.Stay in your homes,as it is extremely bitter out there,and keep warm,as the heating supply for most of the homes on Fifth,Sixth and Seventh street have been closed off.This is Manesh Jones,with the weather."

"So,looks like you won't be going home for the weekend then."Gee had seen the news report too,and realised I lived on Fifth Street.

"We don't have any heating either."I add,knowing that Gee lived on Sixth street.

"All right,I'll go get some blankets,you find a film or something."Gerard then leftthe room,and I heard the sound of footsteps go downstairs as he went to go get supplies.I scanned through the movies that were piled up by the TV,and picked up the one that looked good.I walked over to the TV,putting the movie into the DVD player,and the DVD titles popped up.I had picked the stupid idea of a horror film,as I didn't really like them.Before I had a chance to eject the disk and probably throw it out the window,Gerard had come back with some blankets,and it seemed he had made some popcorn whilst he was away too.

"Cool,you picked a horror movie!"Gee smiled,knowing his love for horror movies,and layed out the blankets and pillows,making what looked like a bed by the TV.

"I'll get scared though."I whined.Jeez,I was a fucking baby sometimes.

"Don't worry,I'll protect you,Cupcake."He smiled,calling me by my nickname.I liked it when he called me Cupcake,it sounded so cute when he said it.I then smiled a bit too,before wrapping myself under the covers,as the movie began to play.


I flinched as I saw the zombie in the movie stagger towards the screen.I quickly covered my eyes,and heard the scream of one of the actresses and heard a chainsaw revv,and the sound of blood splatter.As the horror continued through the movie,I'd ended up having my head buried in Gee's chest,hearing a quickened heart beating.

"Is it over yet?"I whined a little,scared as fuck.

"Yeah,it's gone.I'd better turn the TV off,before we waste all the electricity."Gee sighed,and I felt him get up and flick off the TV and take the movie out.Gee then returned to his spot,and wrapped an arm around me.

"You're freezing."He stated,and I shivered,knowing I really was cold.I cuddled up more in his chest,as he was really warm.

"C'mon,let's try and get a little sleep.."He mumbled,and we both layed down next to eachother,Gee still had his arm draped over me.I closed my eyes,my head pointed up at the ceiling,before feeling the softness of Gerard's lips on mine.He then pulled away,and rested his head down.

"I love you,Sadie.Never forget that."I heard him whisper,before I heard his steady breathing as we both slept,side by side.

;~; aww.. that was cute.
As I said,I basically thought this up as I walked to school,and was smiling all day because the thought of it was so adorable.
God,I wish I had a real boyfriend to keep me warm at night..I'll never have one though... le sigh..
Anyway,rate and review. xo Cupcake
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