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Show me heaven...

by FightingForever

Gerard and Frank find comfort in each other...

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First up, I never told you what the song for chapter 5 was. Incase you were wondering its Skylines and turnstiles by MCR and the song for this chapter is Show Me Heaven by Maria Mckee (cheesy but I love it) anyway I hope you enjoy this lovely little chapter before it all gets bat shit crazy again. Please if you can R&R, it gives me such a boost!

Vikki xoxo

Gerard called his brother to tell him he'd found Frank and had taken him home, telling him he'd collect Ray and himself in the morning. He replaced the reciever and walked through to the front room where Frank was laying on the sofa, staring into space.

Frank barely registered Gerard sitting beside him, only shifting his gaze to him when he stroked his hair. The younger man lifted himself to sit in Gerard's lap, his head resting on his shoulder and his hands gripping into his shirt

"She was so beautiful Gerard..." The older man turned his head to kiss Franks cheek softly, not saying a word just letting the younger speak "She was humming a song, a lullaby, for me and I could feel how much she loved me...then...then he..." Gerard shushed the younger and kissed his cheek once more.

Frank looked up into Gerards eyes and lifted himself so he was straddling his thighs, slowly he ducked his head and connected their lips. The kiss was soft and slow but so, so sure. Gerard licked at Frank's lower lip asking for entrance but was denied as Frank pulled away and stood up.

Shaking he grasped the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head before reaching his hand out to Gerard and pulling him from the sofa, guiding him to the stairs and making their way up.

Gerard guided Frank into his bedroom and closed the door, turning back to the younger and smiling sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck. Frank moved to sit on the bed and Gerard followed, sitting beside him and holding his hands "Is this what you really want?"

Frank bit his lip and shifted closer to him, raising a hand to cup his cheek "More than anything" he leaned in a captured Gerards lips in his own, gently suckling on his bottom lip. The men moved so Frank lay beneath Gerard, the older removing his shirt and reconnecting their mouths.

They moved slowly together, their stomachs turning in nervousness but neither wanting it to end. Their breaths becoming ragged, their hands shaky. Gerard reached between their bodies and popped the button on Frank's jeans, moving back to pull them from his legs. He looked at Frank awkwardly, unsure whether to remove his boxers, the younger replied by taking them off himself.

Gerard dragged his own pants and boxers down, gasping as the waistband brushed down his hardened member. He bit his lip shyly as Frank reached out to him, pulling him back onto the bed. They lay together, Gerard on top, just staring into each others eyes. The younger reached up and brushed Gerards hair from his face "I've never felt this way..."

"Me neither, this doesn't feel real. It's like I'm flying or something..." Gerard whispered softly "Show me heaven..."

Frank pressed his lips back onto Gerard's, moving slowly. This wasn't lust, this was care. It was about feeling, about making each other feel they weren't alone anymore. Gerard began slowly grinding his hips against Franks, shuddering at the sensation of their erections sliding together. Frank gasped into Gerards mouth before pulling away "Do you have anything to...y'know?" A blush crept across his cheeks, he felt ridiculous for asking but knew he needed to. Gerard shook his head softly, looking downtrodden, and Frank smiled softly at him "It's okay, we'll use the natural lube" He took one of Gerards hands and kissed his fingertips gently before taking two into his mouth, never breaking eye contact.

He sucked at them lightly, covering them in saliva, moving his tongue between them ensuring they were completely coated. The young man pulled them from his mouth and lay back, opening his slender legs as far as he could "I'm ready..."

Gerard nodded and placed a finger at Frank's entrance, circling it slowly until his muscles relaxed and allowed the first digit to slip inside. He placed gentle kisses on Frank's shoulder, helping put him at ease as the older man worked the finger in and out of him before slipping the next inside with the first. Frank whimpered a little at the pain but told Gerard to keep going, he did as he was told and began scissoring the two fingers. Slowly stretching Frank open, he wanted to prepare him as much as possible as not to hurt him. He felt a hand wrap around his wrist and pull his fingers out "I want to feel you now..."

The older man positioned himself between Frank's quivering thighs, wrapping an arm around the latter's shoulders and holding him close. He moved the head of his member to Frank's entrance and leaned forward to catch his lips in a tender kiss as he slowly pushed inside.

Frank closed his eyes tight until Gerard was seated fully inside of him, his muscles clenching around the older man. For a few moments they remained that way until Gerard finally began make shallow thrusts, angling his hips to find the youngers prostate. Suddenly Franks eyes opened wide and he moaned loudly, throwing his head back against the pillow and wrapping his legs tightly around Gerards waist. His fingers dug into his lovers back, making red marks appear across it, as his little bundle of nerves was nudged with every thrust.

Gerard began suckling on the pale skin of Franks neck, his hand slipping between them to wrap his hand around his lovers weeping erection. The both moaned and gasped quietly as their orgasms approached quickly. The older of the two reaching his climax first, his hot cum sending Frank over the edge. After taking a few deep breaths Gerard pulled out, wincing at the oversensitivity and rolling to lay beside his lover

"That was like nothing I've ever felt before, it was...incredible" Frank simply moved to kiss Gerards cheek softly and wrap an arm around him.

"It was a little piece of heaven"


Dani paced the front room, he curly hair bouncing as she walked, and tugged at the hem of her t-shirt. She didn't mean to blame Frank, she was just scared. The idea of being alone chilling her to her core.

She reached up to the necklace hung around her neck, a simple gold heart pendant, and ran her thumb across it. She would apologise tomorrow and explain everything to him. Tell him why she acted the way she did...

Why she is so alone...
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