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Only the lonely...

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Frank protects Gerard with his life...

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Here's the next chapter, please R&R if you can. The song for this is My Immortal by Evanessence, enjoy and thanks for reading xo

The early morning sun shone brightly through the open curtains of Gerard's room, casting a golden glow across the bed where Frank was sleeping soundly. Gerard lay beside him, head propped up on his hand, staring down at his lover. He stroked his cheek softly with his thumb, a soft smile playing about his lips, as he remembered the night before.

Gerard smiled wider as he thought of their nervousness, the way their hands shook as they touched each other, the way Frank felt as he entered him, the softness of their kisses. The way Frank left him breathless, he wanted to experience all those feelings again. He wanted Frank to take him back to heaven, the way he did last night.

"You may be part demon..." Gerard whispered so softly he barely heard himself say it "...but to me you're an Angel, you always were."

He dipped his head and pressed a gentle kiss to Frank's lips, trying not to wake him. He knew he'd failed when he felt Frank kiss back, his eyelashes brushing across Gerards cheek as his eyes fluttered open. Frank smiled and deepened the kiss, right there, in that moment, he felt incredible and he knew then he would never want to be anywhere else. He wanted Gerard to be by his side for the rest of his life.

They eventually pulled apart from each other. Their kiss was in no way sexual, it was purely showing how they felt toward each other. They grinned for a while before Gerard stood up from the bed and reached a hand out to Frank "Come on, we should get cleaned up..."

Gerard pulled a pair of jogging pants on and made his way down the stairs, he was going to make some breakfast as Frank showered. He set about grabbing a few items from the fridge, eggs and bacon, and switched on the cooker. As he poured oil into a pan he noticed a bad smell lingering in the air, he began sniffing around trying to find the source. Gerard walked toward the basement door and the smell became stronger, causing him to gag as he reached for the door handle.

Slowly he turned the knob and swung open the door, his eyes widening as a deep growl erupted from the demons chest that stood at the top of the stairs. Gerard backed away slowly, he tried to call out to Frank but it came out as barely a whisper. The beast followed him step for step as he was backed into a corner, it growled shocking the terrified man and causing him to scream his lovers name.

Frank was just pulling on his jeans when he heard it, a sharp terrified scream of his name. He slammed open the bathroom door and bolted down the stairs, running through to the kitchen as he heard a crash. The young man entered the doorway to find Gerard laid groaning on the floor holding his back, he collapsed beside him and helped him to sit up. A deep, dark laugh pulled his attention and he turned, facing the most terrifying beast he'd seen yet.

It's eyes were the most horrifying shade of black, as if it were holding a thousand broken souls inside them. It's teeth thin and sharp, glinting as it smiled down at them sickeningly. Frank immediately pulled Gerard away and stood in front of him protectively. He stepped toward the beast and looked directly into its eyes "I'm not afraid of you..."


Mikey screamed and collapsed to the ground, Ray running to his side and pulling him up to his feet "What's wrong?!"

"Gerard...Frank, they're in trouble! We need to get to them now" Dani grabbed the spare keys belonging to the deceased father and running to the door

"Get in the car...NOW!" Ray grabbed the keys from her and helped Mikey to the car as she locked up. Ray started driving before she even had a chance to shut the passenger door, the drive wasn't long but Ray floored the gas pedal anyway. He wasn't risking the two men being seriously injured, or worse...killed.

He dodged traffic effortlessly and was soon pulling up outside the house as Dani fumbled in the glove compartment, she wrapped her hand around the item she'd been searching for, a small bottle, and followed the two running men up to the house. Ray slammed open the door and ran to the kitchen, just in time to see Frank launched against the cupboards. Gerard writhing in agony on the floor, in sync Mikey and Ray ran at the beast and tackled it to the floor. Dani saw her chance and clambered onto or, as it screamed out she emptied the contents of the bottle down its throat. The glass vial smashing against its teeth and slicing her hand.

The beast screeched and thrashed wildly, throwing the people holding it down in various directions across the room. Smoke exhaled from its throat as its screaming turning into gargling, its limbs still flailing. Gerard cried out as he scrambled to his feet, pulling down a crucifix hanging from the wall and avoiding the creatures arms as he shuffled to its head. He raised it above his head and slammed it through the beasts skull. Ending its thrashing...and its life.

Gerard dropped to his knees and crawled toward Frank who lay unconcious on the floor, he quickly pulled the youngers head onto his lap and stroked his head

"You fucking stupid boy, why did you do that?" Mikey curled up beside his brother and wrapped an arm around his shoulder

"Because he loves you..." Dani soaked a cloth in cold water and crouched beside Frank, cleaning the cut on his forehead. She turned to Mikey and spoke softly

"What did he do?" Mikey squeezed his brothers shoulders and looked back into her eyes

"He stood in front of Gerard. He protected him from being hurt...Frank was willing to die for him"


Gerard had sat for hours, just watching, waiting for Frank to wake up. Just as his eyes began to slip shut, succumbing to the sleepy haze that had overcome him, Frank groaned and opened his eyes. Gerard was thee beside him immediatly, stroking his hair and shushing him softly

"Gerard, are...are you okay?" The older man chuckled softly, helping Frank into a sitting position and batting his arm softly

"No, I'm epically pissed off! What were you thinking?"

"I was protecting you..." Frank glanced down at his hands and sighed a little "that's what you do for the person you..." he looked at Gerard, unsure whether to finish his sentence. The older man just smiled and leaned to press his lips to Frank's

"I know Frankie, I know...let's go downstairs, theres some people waiting to see you..."

Dani kept pacing back and forth, twisting her necklace and chewing her thumb nail. She blamed herself, if she hadn't have shouted at Frank, blamed him for something beyond his control, they wouldn't have been here. Frank would be safe. Gerards voice made her snap her head around as he helped Frank into the front room. She ran to them, engulfing the smaller man in her arms and apologized over and over. She felt his hand brush over her hair as he whispered "It's okay..." in her ear and pulled away.

Frank gripped Gerard's hand and shuffled over to the sofa, he sat slowly beside his lover and motioned for Dani to sit beside him. She sat tentatively on the edge of the sofa and looked at the young man "So Dani, tell me about yourself..." Dani took a deep breath and rubbed her eyes, she had been thinking of how she was going to tell him about her past, about how she came to be living with Father Bryar but she needn't have bothered. As she opened her mouth, it all spilled out.

At just six months old Dani was orphaned. Father Parker was her uncle and one morning he called around to see his sister in her new home, the one she had just bought with her husband. He could hear Dani crying inside but nothing else.

He walked to the back of the house where an all too familiar scent filled his nostrils, the smell of death. Slowly he walked into the house and found his sisters husband laying on the ground, his neck snapped. Fear filled him and he ran to the phone, calling the police.

He hung up and began to walk up the stairs, his stomach churning, and walked from room to room. Slowly he pushed open the door to the nursery, sighing prematurely in relief as he saw his sister leaning over crib. He walked to her and placed a hand on her arm, reeling it back as an icy chill shot through his fingers. She had suffered the same fate as her dearly beloved.

He composed himself as he heard gurgling coming from inside the crib, looking inside to find Dani looking up at him. His sisters heart pendant in her tiny fingers. He gathered her up in a blanket and became sole carer of the child.

He later found out from Gerards father that a demon was responsible for his families deaths.

As she grew up she was home schooled, the priest too afraid to let her go out alone. He knew what beasts lurked in the shadows, he'd fought plenty of them. One day Father Bryar had come to live with them, her uncles understudy, and he took care of her when her uncle went out.

One day Father Parker went out with Donald, leaving Father Bryar with Dani and the two boys, never to return. It was in the papers the next day 'Two Men Die In Mysterious Circumstances.'

Gerard became sole carer of Mikey, and he with Father Bryar took over working to fight the creatures of the underworld, meeting Ray who witnessed an attack on the men and had helped them.

"And thats why I got so upset when Father Bryar, Bob, died. I was looking for someone, anyone to blame. I know it wasn't your fault, its just every time someone takes care of me, the people I love..they all up the same way. It's inevitable really, every single one of them ended up a corpse..." Frank pulled her close to his side, holding her as she broke down. He knew the feeling she felt, it was all too familiar...

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