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Frank and Gerard revisit the past...

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Sorry for it taking so long to update!

The song for this is Descending Angel by The Misfits. Enjoy and as always if you can R and R thanks!

Shadows danced across the front room as night began to fall, casting shapes across Frank's face. Gerard stared into the youngers eyes as he gazed up at him, briefly dipping his head to softly capture his lips before pulling back to gaze once more. He thought to himself how beautiful Frank was and how he could stare at him forever if he had the time.

Ray disturbed their tender moment to inform Gerard of the time, he needed to drive Dani home, so he pulled himself away from his lover and wandered up the stairs. Mikey had taken Dani to his room to hang out, being at a similar age their interests were pretty much the same, but as Gerard pushed open his younger brothers door and caught sight of the sleeping figures he realised that they were also interested in each other. Mikey was laid on his side facing the door, his arm wrapped around the girl who was snuggled tight to his chest, their legs entwined. He decided that there was no way he was taking Dani away from the comfort and slowly closed the door, being careful not to wake them.

Gerard walked back down the stairs to be met with Ray's quizzical look, one eyebrow raised, and simply shook his head in response. He smiled at Frank as he got back into his previous position, him sitting with an arm wrapped around the shorter man who was curled into his side, and sighed contentedly

"Uhh Gerard?..." Ray questioned, an eyebrow still raised "...Dani? We're supposed to be taking her home?"

Gerard smiled and ran a hand through his hair "I think Dani is staying the night..." Ray crumpled his eyebrows in confusion and Gerard nodded toward the stairs, his friend getting up and curiously going to take a look. The two embracing men on the sofa heard Ray chuckle and mumble about going to bed to himself. Frank decided to take this as an opportunity and lifted himself onto Gerards thighs

"Come on..." he whispered huskily into his lovers ear "...let's go to bed..."


Rain pattered against the window waking Frank from his slumber, he opened his eyes and glanced at the bedside clock before groaning and rolling over to face the sleeping man in beside him in the bed. A soft smile graced his lips as he took in his features, the sheet was pushed down so that it barely covered his crotch, his chest toned but not ridiculously so and his hips slim yet soft. The night before they had simply held each other, a sleepy haze washing over them. Frank noticed how pale Gerards skin was before his gaze flickered up to his lovers face. His soft lips were open slightly, deep breaths escaping them, his features resting in an innocent way. Frank's heart swelled as he took it in, he wasn't sure what he was feeling but it sure as hell felt amazing.

The young man didn't want to get out of bed yet so lay back down on his stomach, his head resting on his lovers chest. He could hear the gentle beat of Gerards heart like a sort of lullaby and felt his eyes grow heavy, just as sleep began to take over him once more a soft kiss was placed on his head and he looked up to find Gerard gazing through sleepy eyes at him

"Good morning Frankie..."

"Hey Gee..."

The two men just lay there in silence for a while, taking in each others presence and staring into each others eyes. Neither really wanted to move but Gerard was overcome with thirst and eventually had to admit defeat, moving off the bed to get a drink. He opened the door of his room and glanced out before dashing across to the bathroom and taking a drink from the tap, he switched off the faucet and ran back into his room closing the door behind him.

Gerard turned to see Frank still laying on his stomach and his cock stirred with interest as he took in the sight. The younger man was clutching a pilliow under his chin, the sheet so low that the top of Franks ass was exposed. His mouth watered just looking at his lover and he felt himself begin to harden.

He crawled onto the bed and pressed a gentle kiss to the base of Frank's spine, the younger man groaning out loud at the touch. Gerard ran his hands up the youngers back, feeling his soft skin before gripping his hips lightly and reaching up to kiss the back of his neck lightly. Frank rolled over and looked into the older man's hungry eyes, smirking as he saw his gaze flicker down his body then back up to his face. He ran a hand into Gerard's hair and fisting it into the back of it, leaning up to kiss him furiously.

Frank opened his legs so his lover could slot between them, moaning as he felt their erections slide together. He bucked his hips up causing the older man to moan loudly, hushing him with a giggle as a shiver ran down his spine. Gerard ducked his head and bit down gently on his lovers shoulder to try to muffle the sounds threatening to escape his throat as they ground their aching cocks against each other, Frank gasping into the air and scraping his nails down his lovers back.

Precum leaked down Gerards cock as the pleasure began to rise, Frank felt it as their movements became slicker and desperately wanted to taste his lover. He moved his hands to his Gerard's shoulders, flipping them over, and began kissing at the soft flesh of his neck. Gerard released a deep gutteral moan as Frank moved lower, gently flicking his tongue over Gerard's nipples and moving lower still to swirl his tongue across his belly button.

The older mans body felt hypersensitive, every nerve within him sparking with pleasure, as Franks incredible tongue finally flicked over the head of his cock. Gerard was shuddering with anticipation as he was wrapped in the heat of Franks mouth, he ran his fingers into his lovers hair and gripped it before just letting the silky locks slip through his fingers. Frank dug his tongue in the slit on the tip of Gerards cock, gathering the pearl of precum and sucking greedily at the head for a moment as if trying to suck the cum right out of him. Gerard bit his lip to keep from crying out as he bucked his hips and Frank took him all the way down, his head rubbing the back of his lovers throat.

The younger man began furiously rubbing at his own cock, huffing hot breaths over Gerards cock as he granted himself release. He felt a familiar tightening in his balls after waiting so long and teasing himself, his orgasm was approaching rapidly and he began bobbing his head faster up and down the older man's cock. Gerard gripped the sheets, his stomach clenching and flipping as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over him.

"Nng...Frankie...fuck I'm almost there...I'm gonna cum..." Frank pulled away for a second to tell his lover he was too and to just do it before wrapping his lips back around Gerard and sucking greedily again, hollowing his cheeks as he slid up and down his shaft.

Suddenly Gerard arched his back and groaned loudly into a pillow, his hot cum shooting down Franks throat pushing the younger man over the edge. Frank continued to bob his head up and down his lovers length while lazily running his hand up and down his length as they rode out their orgasms.

Frank sat up on his haunches and looked down at his spent lover, licking his lips with an innocent look in his eyes. Gerard gazed back at him, breathless after his orgasm, and smirked "Well, I feel much more awake now..."

Frank laughed a little and moved to lay on top of the older man "Good because I wanna go somewhere today, I want to visit the sisters at St. Michaels..."


Gerard tensed and untensed his fingers around the steering wheel, he wanted so badly to just spin the car around. He didn't want to go there, didn't want to face the women who had damaged Frank and lied to him but this was what his lover needed and he had to respect that, to be brave for him. The older man turned to Frank and saw fear in his face but his eyes held a steely determination and Gerard couldn't help but admire that. They pulled into the parking lot beside the orphanage, Frank looked to his lover and found he'd forced an encouraging smile onto his face. He leaned over and kissed him gently before taking a deep breath and stepping from the vehicle, Gerard following close behind.

They approached the door hand in hand, as Frank reached for the handle Gerard untangled their fingers only to have the younger grab them again more tightly. He wasn't gonna hide it from the sisters, he had no reason to lie, even if they had lied to him. The door swung open and light filled the enormous hallway, the plain walls still seeming as dull as Frank always remembered.

A nun came from a small room at the side and strode over to them, she glanced at their hands disapprovingly before turning her attention back to their faces "And how may I help you two?"

"I...I uh..." The words seemed to stick in Franks throat, he didn't recognise this woman so she clearly wasn't what he was loooking for. Gerard squeezed his hand and stepped forward

"We're looking for someone who took care of the kids here ten to twenty years ago..." the woman raised her eyebrows then crumpled them for a moment, suddenly clapping her hands

"I wasn't here then but Sister Margaritte was for a brief time, perhaps she knows where some of the Sisters were transferred. Follow me and I'll show you to her office." Frank nodded and began following after the nun, dragging Gerard behind him.

As they walked along the corridors the younger man gazed around him, nothing seemed to have changed. The same heavy woodem doors hid what was in the room behind them, the same off white paint chipped from the walls. It made him feel sick, knowing what he suffered in this place. They turned a corner and Frank's stomach lurched as he spotted a single door at the very end, a door that had a dark staircase beyond it with a dark attic room at the top. His old room.

He wanted to run but couldn't, a pain shot through his stomach as he remembered the nights he cried at the top of those stairs, the days he could hear the other kids playing in the halls and the sound of the lock clicking shut. He gripped his stomach as tears sprang to his eyes, Gerard pulling him close. The sister rushed to his side asking what was wrong, the older lied and said Frank had stomach troubles and asking if she could get some water. When the sister rushed away Gerard tipped Frank's face up to his own and brushed his hair from his face "What happened baby?"

"That was my room, I'm still that kid, that frightened little boy. That little fucking kid fighting to be free...when do I finally win?" Gerard kissed his head softly

"You will win Frankie, I'm going to be fighting with you every step of the can let go of that kid from yesterday, you're not alone anymore..." before Frank had a chance to answer Gerard the Sister rushed back with the glass of water and continued to guide them along the halls.

Eventually she stopped and told the men to sit on the hard wooden seats outside of what they assumed was Sister Margaritte's office. The woman knocked gently before stepping inside and speaking in a hushed tone, she came back out telling the men to enter into the room and rushing off to go about her business. Frank grasped Gerards arm tightly as they stepped inside the office, a large window allowed the sun to illuminate it, the woman sitting at the desk bathed in a warm glow.

She stood and walked toward them, a sweet smile on her lips."How can I assist you fine young men?" She looked at Gerard expectantly and he opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by Frank's voice

"I used to live here as a kid and I was wondering if any of the sisters were still here, it was twenty one years ago when I first came here. My name is..."

"Frank Iero..." the woman gasped

"I'd know those eyes anywhere..."
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