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Frank experiences a night he will never forget...

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So first of all here are the songs for each chapter so far, I call it my 'Sinners playlist'

Chapter 1: Breaking the habit- Linkin Park

Chapter 2: The Kill- 30 Seconds To Mars

Chapter 3: 18 and life- Skid Row

Chapter 4: Afterlife- Avenged Sevenfold

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6: The Beast And The Harlot- Avenged Sevenfold

Chapter 7: Be my baby- Frank Iero version

Chapter 8: (Don't fear) The Resort- Blue oyster cult (or the PTV version if you prefer but I love the original.)

Chapter 9: When we die- Bowling for soup

I know these don't exactly fit with some lyrics and stuff but they are what stuck in my mind as I wrote the chapters.

And second I hope you enjoy this chapter. It was a tiring chapter to write because the way I envisioned it was really emotional but I loved doing it all the same. If you could, please R&R I would be forever grateful Thank you xoxo

Silence resonated within the confined space of the car, nobody speaking a word for nobody knew what to say. Frank sat by Ray in the backseat of the vehicle chewing his nail anxiously, he blamed himself for this. Father Bryar was just trying to help him and he wound up with his neck broken, he should never have allowed these people to help him. He was better off alone.

Gerard drove quickly to the vicarage. His heart was breaking from the priests death, ever since the death of his dad Father Bryar had been his father figure and he did love him. It was like he had lost the real thing again and he dealt with it in the same way as before. He buried it deep within himself, to be released later when he was alone. Mikey was Gerard's main concern, and Dani. They had both witnessed the priests death and had been unable to help him. Inside it would be tearing them apart, he just knew it.

The car eventually rumbled to a halt outside of the priests home and Gerard switched off the engine, before he had time to open his door Mikey was halfway down the path leading to the house embracing a girl in his arms, hushing her softly. The other men stepped from the car and began running toward the two embracing in the pathway. Frank followed behind hesitantly, feeling he shouldn't really ne there. This was his fault, the priest had died for him, why should he be here at his home? He should leave before anyone else gets hurt. He didn't have time to turn away as an arm slung over his shoulder and moved him toward the front door, he looked up to find Ray smiling reassuringly but weakly at him "It's okay..." he said as if reading Frank's thoughts "Nobody blames you, its not your fault..." the words were kind enough, but they were just sweet lies.

They walked into the warm house where Gerard was currently holding the sobbing girl, hushing her with tender words. She pulled away from him and wrapped her arms around Ray, his arms hugging her back and stroking her dark blonde curly hair. He planted a small kiss on her head and she smiled up at him before turning toward Frank "Your the one aren't you?..." he nodded and she slapped him hard across his cheek "You did this! You killed him!" Gerard jumped immediately to Frank's defence but he wasn't there to hear it.

Frank was gone.


His legs ached and his chest burned but he wouldn't stop running until he eventually collapsed on the sidewalk. He sat taking deep breaths just staring at the floor, tears marking his cheeks. When he finally looked up he realised he recognised the alley across from him, he turned around to face the building he knew so well. The building he had come to every night since he was 16.

Slowly he got to his feet and walked to the door of the apartment block, easily pulling away the boards across the entrance and pushing open the door. It was as if he'd been inside a thousand times before as he walked up the stairs. A foul stench filled the corridors, unused for so many years, and he made his way further up ignoring the ghosts of tenants past. Frank reached the top of the third flight of stairs and instinctively knew this was where he was supposed to be. He took a moment to gather himself before venturing along the deserted corridor, every step filling him with dread.

He stopped abruptly outside of a door, number 137A, and reached out to open it but the door swung open of it's own accord. The young man took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he stepped inside. When opening them again his jaw dropped.

Light illuminated the apartment and a woman humming a lullaby could be heard. Her gentle tone filled the air and Frank's heart broke at the sound, he brushed away a stray tear that ran down his cheek and continued into the front room.

The woman was rocking her baby in its cradle, running a finger gently down his cheek, and humming the song. She got up to walk to the kitchen, passing through Frank, and filling him with such warmth it brought him to his knees. He could hear her pottering about and he moved to the crib to look at the child. He knew that it was his infant self but leaned down to gently kiss its head, turning startled by a knock on the door. Frank screamed at the woman not to answer, begged her to stay with him but it was no good. She walked to the door and pulled it open, shaking her head and crying as she backed away from it. The Djinn walked in and laughed at her terrified cries, Frank lunged at him but fell straight through him, collapsing in a heap on the floor.

The woman was screaming now and Frank covered his ears to block out the sound but couldn't tear his eyes from the scene in front of him.

He watched his fathers fingers wrap around her throat.

He watched her legs kicking wildly as she tried to free herself.

He watched as she was thrown to her death from the window.

He watched his father walk away.

Frank closed his eyes and brought his knees to his chest, he wished she hadn't been so desperate and that he hadn't been born in his mind. Suddenly a soft voice, his mothers voice, filled his ears "I love you baby..." he opened his eyes to find a damp, dark, disused apartment but couldn't deny the ghost of a kiss that still lingered on his cheek.


Gerard had been driving around for two hours trying to find Frank, his heart sinking a little more with every passing minute. He had shouted at Dani, screamed at her for what she said and although she didn't really mean it, he was still angry with her. Refusing to accept her apologies and telling her to save them for Frank, the already broken boy she had damaged just a little more. Inside Gerard knew she was just upset, everyone she had been raised by was dead and it was killing her inside. He would sort it out when he got back.

His phone began ringing so he pulled over and hit the connect call button. His brothers voice filled his ears hurriedly "Frank, he's at his mothers old building. I just saw it, he needs you..."

"Thanks Mikes, I'll find him..." Gerard hit end call and moved to start his car, the vehicle rumbled a little but didn't start. He hit his palm on the steering wheel and glanced out of his window, the wide open door on the closed down building he was parked outsidw of catching his eye. He rushed out of his car and locked it before running inside, a faint sobbing noise catching his attention.

Gerard ran up the stairs two at a time, wandering along the corridors before starting the next flight of stairs. Eventually he stopped at the top of some stairs and listened, the sobbing coming from along the corridor. The man moved quietly along until he reached an open door and glanced inside, his eyes resting on Frank curled into a featal position on the cold floor. Slowly he walked in and placed his hand on the younger mans shoulder, saying his name softly.

Frank scrambled to his feet and embraced Gerard, burying his face in his neck. He held him as tight as he could and whispered "Take me home..." the older man simply nodding and guiding the younger from the apartment. Frank stopped and turned back, smiling as he saw his mother standing, her hands crosses over her heart and her lips pulled into a loving smile.

Gerard helped Frank into the car before climbing in himself, he turned to the younger and held his hand

"You shouldn't have come here alone Frankie..." Frank looked up to the window of his mothers apartment and smiled softly before turning back to Gerard

"I wasn't alone, my mother was there. I think she always will be..."
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