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Don't fear the reaper...

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"I will not beg for my life..."

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"What do you mean you saw it?"

"Like I said, I saw it happen"

"What? You saw them last night or...?"


"Don't you fucking lie to me Michael, I know you too well..." Mikey grabbed Ray by his arm and pulled him through to the kitchen, hushing him as they moved. He didn't want the sleeping men to hear him, especially not Gerard. He had kept his secret hidden for this long, he didn't need him finding out now.

"The gift father bryar has...I have it a way. I see things before they happen and I try to change the future from it. People, ghosts I guess, come to me and show me things. I've saved your ass more than once. You're kinda dopey"

"Why didn't you tell anyone? Why didn't you tell us?"

"You saw how my dad reacted to Father Bryar, he was convinced it was the devil inside. He said no man can predict the future without lucifer playing his part, can you imagine if he knew? And as for Gerard? He's our leader, he tells us how to beat whatever unnatural fuck up the other side presents and protects us! I don't want that to change, I need him to stay being our leader"

Ray reached over and squeezed Mikey's shoulder reassuringly. He moved him over to the table and sat him on one of the chairs before sitting next to him "Okay Mikes, tell me how long this has been happening"

"As long as I can remember..."


Gerard stood at the doorway to the kitchen, keeping himself hidden by the wall. He listened as his younger brother poured his heart out to Ray, telling him the secret that had weighed him down for so long. He didn't understand it, why wouldn't his brother trust him? No matter what happened he would protect Mikey, he would give his life for him and hearing his brother speak like that broke his heart. A hand on his shoulder pulled Gerard from his thoughts and he spun to see a sleepy eyed Frank looking up at him. Quickly he pulled the younger man into a tight embrace and sobbed quietly into his shoulder, his emotions overcoming him. Frank was startled at first but managed to somehow get Gerard into the front room.

"What's wrong?" He pulled away from the older man and swiped his thumbs across his face softly

"Mikey sees things like Father Bryar does but thinks if he tells me I won't take care of him anymore and..." he couldn't finish his sentence as a fresh set of tears choked him up. Frank simply held him until he stopped, rubbing his back gently. Suddenly Gerard pulled away and wiped his face, taking a deep breath.

The man walked into the kitchen and sat down opposite his brother. He looked at the table and moved his fingers in a circular motion on the smooth surface

"You got something you wanna tell me Mikes?"

"That depends. How much did you hear?" Gerard slammed his palms on the table and stood up, leaning toward his brother. His face holding an expression of hurt and anger

"I heard everything Mikey, everything! I will always protect you and you should know that! I am NOT our father, he was a great man but he was stupid! He couldn't see the blessing that Father Bryar had been given and it made him careless! Don't you ever think I would be the same as him because I'm not!...I love you Mikey, I've taken care of you since you were eleven years old and I have no intention of stopping now!"

A thick silence hung in the kitchen, suffocating the men's ability to speak. Ray stood and moved to stand with Frank by the doorway, giving the brothers room to release all they had at each other.

"Gerard...I'm so sorry, I should have told you but I was scared. You worshipped dad, he was your fucking hero and it terrified me to think you could be the same..." Mikey looked down at his hands and picked at his thumbnail "I'm sorry..."

Gerard didn't say a word, he just walked around the table and pulled his younger brother from his seat, embracing him tightly "He is my hero, but your my baby brother. I won't make the same mistakes he did"


Father Bryar rushed to his car as the rain pounded down from the heavens. As he reached his vehicle a couple of books slipped from the pile he was carrying, hurriedly he opened his car before rushing back to grab the rest that had fallen. He crouched to pick them up when a heavy foot landed on top of the one he reached for. Slowly he raised his head and his eyes met those of the Djinn, he scrambled to his feet and moved backwards until his pathway was blocked by his car. Suddenly the man was in front of him smirking, he grabbed the priest by the collar and yanked him forward "I believe you know my son..."

" can't hurt him, he's stronger than you think. You will not win, the lord is on his side..." The man threw his head back and laughed loudly before turning serious once more

"Be that as it may I can send him a warning can't I? I may not be able to get to him or those imbeciles helping him but I can take away his holy man..."

"I refuse to beg for my life, especially not to a beast from the pits of Lucifer's lair..." The Djinn growled and held the priest by his neck, he flicked his head to the side and watched as an invisible force twisted the priests head harshly, snapping his neck.

The Djinn dropped the Father to the ground, he looked to the window of the vicarage where a girl stood crying and waved before disappearing. Leaving her alone with Father Bryar's corpse laying on the ground outside.


Mikey opened his eyes and gasped, a tear rolling down his cheek as he grabbed his brother. He forced the words from his lips to tell his brother what he had seen and they came out shaky and broken "Father...B..Bryar...Frank's father...he...Father Bryar is..."

The phone hung on the wall began ringing and Gerard turned to grab it, Mikey wrapped his hand around his brothers wrist forcing him to look back at the younger

"Dani's calling, Father Bryar is dead..."

So Bob is dead. Who saw that coming? Anyway I sincerely hope you enjoyed this chapter and if you can please R&R thank you :)

Oh before I forget, I actually have a playlist for this fic. If you guys want to know what the songs are let me know and I will post them in the next chapter

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