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We see into Helena's unconscious mind

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Helena fell unconscious and Gerard, for the second time since his un-life, was scared out of his mind.
“Helena! Helena!” he yelled as he lifted her up and shook her. No dice.
He gently dropped her back on the bed and raced out of the room. He sped down the stairs and rushed out of the house to Masque’s Hall.
He threw the door open and found Ray in the garden, reading Poe. Ray looked up as soon as he heard the door was opened.
“Gerard! What’s the matter?” he asked and then cringed. “Helena didn’t go psycho vampire bitch on anybody again, did she?”
“No! I just made the mate contract with Helena and as soon as she was done making her mark, she fell back on the bed unconscious and I don’t know why!” Gerard explained in a frantic tone.
“Okay, okay,” said Ray and lead them outside. “Let’s go in the house and check if she’s okay.”
Oh God, thought Gerard. If this mate contract was supposed to be fatal, I would have never gone through with it. I’ll never forgive myself if she dies. I don’t want to go through this alone. Not again.


Total blackness clouded Helena’s mind. She couldn’t feel anything. She couldn’t hear anything. She thought that this is what it must feel like when you die.
Except that she was already dead.
Suddenly, a sound shattered the silence. Helena tried to search for it and felt very afraid. Then she heard the sound of flapping wings. She turned and saw what was making that sound.
The very moment she saw it, she thought she was going crazy. She saw a woman flying above her. Correction: she saw the upper half of a woman. Her blood boiled like lava. That thing was a vampire.
But kind of vampire is she? Her mind screamed. Who ever heard of a half-torso vampire?
Just then, the vampire swooped down and was flying straight to Helena like a kamikaze plane. She opened her mouth and her tongue, or what that thing calls a tongue, lashed out at her. Just before it was about to strike her, a bright light shone above them and the half-vampire woman screamed like it was bloody murder. Which would have seemed appropriate, since the beams of light shone upon her and immediately turned her into a sandstorm of ash.
When the dust cleared, Helena looked around, trying to find out what else was there. What she saw next made the half-vampire nightmare look like a birthday party.
She saw a skeleton-like figure with no legs draped in tattered translucent cloths and its wrists were bonded in shackles that looked extremely old. It looked at Helena with its empty eye sockets that only held in a tiny blue light.
She was about to go mad with terror. Two frightening apparitions in one cranial mind-fuck show.
It reached its bony hand out to her and it spoke to her, but it was more like wind-blowing whispers than a real voice.
Help me find my body…” it said. “He knows where to find them…ask him…help me…
Helena was too scared to even answer it. Her body blasted with horror and fear when she heard someone shouting her name.

Helena’s eyes flew open and she was no longer in the black recesses of her mind. She was in her bedroom with Gerard and Ray looming over with concerned looks in their eyes. She felt like her lips were sealed shut. She moved her mouth and made her lips open.
“Helena?” Ray asked. “Are you okay?”
“Y-Yeah,” she managed to say and rose up a little. “I don’t what just happened there.”
“Neither did we,” said Ray. “But Gerard was scared like hell. He thought you were dying…for real, I mean.”
She turned to Gerard and touched his cheek, just to see if he was real. “Well, I’m okay,” she said with a gentle smile.
Gerard took her hand and kissed it, “Thank God.”
“Do we even have a god?” Helena asked.
Ray laughed, “Nice to see you making light of your situation.”
Gerard joined him. Helena remained quiet. She was seriously asking them that. But she felt like she shouldn’t try to correct them. It probably didn’t matter anyway.

“I’m headed back to Masque’s Hall,” Ray informed them. “Is there anything else you need?”
“No. We’re fine, Ray. Thanks,” said Gerard, holding Helena close to his side. “You can go.”
Ray left the room and closed them door. Helena turned her head to see Gerard and he bent his head down to kiss her.
“You scared me to death,” he whispered. “It would’ve sucked that you died and we never went through the ritual.”
“Ritual?” Helena cocked her head to the side. “What ritual?”
“It’s pretty much a wedding of vampirism,” he told her. “It takes place in a clearing with our closest confidantes and a priestess performs the ceremony of our bondage.”
“When does it take place?” she asked.
“New moon,” he said. “You know, the time of renewal for vampires.”
“And when’s the next new moon?”
“Tomorrow night.”
Helena’s eyes widened. Tomorrow night! “Does that mean…?”
“Yes,” he said almost immediately. “We’re to be wed by tomorrow night.”
Helena took a moment and then asked him, “Does this mean you can’t see me until tomorrow?”
Gerard rolled his eyes, “Oh please, Helena. This isn’t a human wedding. It’s not bad luck to see the bride before the ritual. We’re bad luck ourselves. Well, to humans anyway.”
“Does this mean you’re gonna sleep here tonight again?” he heard her ask. He turned his head to her saw her smirk suggestingly.
He grinned, “Yeah, but I’m going to do anything to you. Not until after the ritual.”
Helena giggled and Gerard got off the bed and had Helena get up as well, “Come on.”
“Where are we going?” she asked.
He smirked evilly, “Now that you’re all right now, let’s not waste this night in idleness any longer. I heard that the church in the next town is having an evening mass right now.”
Helena licked her lips in anticipation, “Great. I was hoping you had something planned already. So much blood to drink, so little night to do it in.”

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