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Gerard has a surprise for Helena before the ritual

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The rest of the night, in Helena’s opinion, was typical. Go to a church mass. Go blood-sucking crazy on the bible-thumpers.
A mayor, a priest or two, and so many others. Had hot blood-splattered make out session with Gerard. Went home before the break of day. Went to their separate bedrooms. Slipped into her lacy nightgown and hopped into bed.
Now she was lying on her bed, thinking about what was going to happen tonight.
In a way, she was going to get married. She will be ordained as Gerard’s bride.
How did that happened? She thought. When I was brought here three nights ago and found out that Gerard kidnapped me and turned me, I hated him, despised him. I hated what I have become. Now here I am, a vampire, desperately in love with him and am about to be his permanent mate.
She tossed and turned for the first two hours of daylight. She finally fell asleep forty-five minutes after seven.
She woke up at ten thirty when she heard her door being tapped. She got up and tirelessly walked to the door. She opened it and Gerard was standing there.
“Gerard?” Helena blinked, reality and dream blended in her vision for a moment. “Why are you doing? It’s day! You’ll burn! You’ll-“
“It’s raining,” Gerard said. “The sky’s completely covered with dark clouds. It’s gonna be like that all day. Good news for us.”
Helena went past him and looked into the hall window. He was right. The rain was pounding the grass in Ophelia’s Field down. The sky was gun metal gray. Not ray of sunlight pierced through them.
She turned to Gerard, “So, we’ll be okay if we go outside?”
He nodded, “I want to show you something and then we have to prepare for tonight.”
“Okay, but I have to get dressed, first,” said Helena.
She went back into her room and was about to close the door, but Gerard went in and closed it himself.
She was surprised, “What?”
“I want to dress you,” he said. “Where’s the rest of your clothes?”
She pointed to the closet, “I believe that I’ve put them all in there. Crazy, right?”
He smiled, “Smart ass.”
He went over to the closet and opened it. It took him several minutes to pick out what clothes to wear. When he took the clothes from the closet, he put them on the bed and went back. Helena looked at the clothes he picked out.
He chose a black-and-white lace-up corset blouse, black side-laced pants, and a black hoodie. He came back and a pair of belted platform boots.
“Very nice,” she commended him.
“Thank you,” he said. “Now…”
Helena stood perfectly still. Gerard kneeled down and grabbed the hem of her nightgown. He pulled it over her head and dropped it on the floor. He grabbed the pants.
“Sit on the bed,” he told her.
She sat down and he managed to get her ankles through the holes of the pants. “Stand up again,” he said.
She stood up again and Gerard pulled up the rest of the pants. He zipped her up and buttoned the tab. Next he took the blouse and slipped it on her. At last, he tied together the lace ties of the corset tight enough so it would be secure, but not enough to suffocate her diagram. He had her sat down one more time and put her boots on.
“All done,” he said and extended his hand to her. She took it and he helped her up and led her out of her room. Then they left the house, crossed the road, and went through the field with the rain falling down on them.
Helena thought they were heading to Masque’s Hall, but once they arrived in front of the building, Gerard went to the left side of the building. She was curious about where they were going until they finally stopped in front of what Helena thought was a crypt.
“Is that…?” she began to ask.
“Yes,” he said. “It’s a crypt. My crypt.”
Helena looked at the crypt again. This is Gerard’s? why did he take her here? Was this what he wanted to show her?
“Come on,” he urged and they went closer to it. He opened the door and let Helena go in first. She entered with fear in her heart. She imagined that there would be spider webs in every corner of the place and scattered bones on the floor with a icy wind blowing through constantly.
This was not so.
Instead, she saw that the walls were decorated with black curtains and small paintings in black frames. There were torch placements in each upper corner and right in the center of the crypt was a glossy black coffin with brass palls. This looks too nice to be a crypt, she thought.
“Why did you bring me here?” she finally asked him.
“This was my home before the house and the hall was build,” he told her while he walked over to his coffin. “I haven’t been here for a long time. This the first time since…twenty, thirty years? Somewhere between there. I never had a real reason why I should come here anymore. But I have a reason to come back here now.”
“And that would be?” asked Helena.
He didn’t say anything. He pointed at the direction behind her. She turned around and she saw a gloss gray coffin standing up on a wall. She felt a chill rippling through her skin. She realized that the coffin on the wall was meant to be hers.
“I had specially ordered,” Gerard said, nearing making Helena jump when she realized that he was right behind her. “It came yesterday. Look inside.”
Helena was a little shaky when she lifted the coffin lid. It was embedded with white lace and white satin. A pretty white pillow was placed at the head. It was beautiful.
“Like it?” he asked in a whisper.
Helena nodded her head slowly, “Yeah, I do. It’s beautiful.” She turned to him. “Why are you giving this to me?”
“You don’t know?” he asked in a slightly surprised tone. Helena shook her head and he said with all the sincerity he had within him, “It’s going to be right next to mine. I want you to share this place with me. This will be our sanctuary if we ever wanted to get away from everything out there.”
“Wow,” Helena was taken aback by his honesty. “You want me here?”
“Yes,” he said. “You’re going to be my bride tonight. This makes this your crypt as well. If you want that.”
“I do,” she said then she asked him, “Can I see the inside of your coffin?”
Gerard was surprised by her request but complied to her by going over to his coffin with her following him and opened the lid of his coffin. Red leather was stitched inside and a red satin laid on the head of the coffin.
“Nice, isn’t it?” he said proudly. “The craftsmanship itself is a work of art.”
Helena nodded in agreement and then asked, “How many people can fit in there?”
Gerard shrugged, “I don’t know. Two to three people, I guess.” Then thought came into his head Why the hell did she ask me that?
Before he had the chance to ask, Helena said, “Get in.”
“What?” he was baffled.
“Get in,” she said again. “Trust me. I know what I’m doing. Now get in your coffin.”
Gerard had his doubts about this but he climbed into his coffin and laid in here.
“Good,” said a pleased Helena and, to Gerard’s surprise, climbed on top of him. They were face to face.
Helena smiled warmly at him, “Wouldn’t this be the perfect place to sleep together once in while?”
He smirked, “Fuck, if I knew we could do this, I wouldn’t have bothered to get the other coffin.”
“Oh no! I love my coffin,” she said and then added, “And you already paid for it, so have to use it now.”
Gerard laughed and then Helena kissed him. She pulled back and licked his lips, “Have you ever had sex in a coffin?”
“Um…” he stalled.
“Bet you haven’t,” she smiled devilishly.
He smirked at her and she grabbed the lid and closed them in. He pressed her to his body as she kissed him feverishly. Oh, they were going to have some pre-ritual fun.

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