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Helena prepares for the ritual

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After they were done with their pre-ritual sex inside his coffin, Gerard headed out and told Helena that he was going back to the house and have his servants help him dress for tonight and suggested that she should do the same.
“Tabatha and Serafina are waiting for you in Masque’s Hall,” he said. “So you should head over there now.” With that, he was gone.
Helena quickly got dressed and left the crypt. She arrived at the Masque’s Hall and Tabatha was waiting for her. She was wearing a black double-breasted coat and holding a black umbrella. She let her inside and closed her umbrella, “Good! You’re here! I’ll get Serafina and we’ll get the stuff. You head upstairs and go into the last room in the right. Serafina will help you get dressed”
“Okay,” she said and went upstairs. She went into the room and sat on the chair near the boudoir table. Minutes later, Serafina came into the room and closed the door. She was wearing a belted overall plaid dress and two-tone loafers. Her long red hair was tied in a messy ponytail.
“Head into the shower first,” said Serafina. “You need to look presentable.”
Helena headed to the bedroom shower and shed off her clothes. She turned on the water and washed her hair and body with sweet-smelling soap. When she was done, she wrapped her hair and body in cream-colored towels.
When she came out, Serafina was by the boudoir table. She held something folded in her hands.
She handed it to Helena, “This the dress you’re supposed to wear at the ritual.”
Helena unfolded the dress and held it up. It was a beautiful black Goth-ball formal dress with a lace collar.
“Don’t put it on just yet,” said Serafina. “We need to do your hair first.”
She grabbed a blow dryer and a straightener. She turned on the blow dryer and worked on drying Helena’s black hair. After, she plugged in the straightener and when it was hot enough, she worked on each section of Helena’s hair so that her crimped hair became straight. Then she used the blow dryer again to freshen Helena’s newly straight hair.
She brushed it until it felt soft and silky and she took out a box full of hairpins and silver hair ornaments. She made a braid crown around her head and held it tight with the hairpins. Then she added the silver ornaments.
“There!” said Serafina, who was quite satisfied with her work. “Now all we have to do is put on the dress.”
Helena then stood up and let the towel that was wrapped around her drop to the floor. Serafina grabbed the dress and helped Helena put it on. Once they got it on, Serafina zipped her up.
“Take a look,” she said.
Helena looked in the mirror and she gasped at what she saw. She was beautiful. She was breathtaking. She was stunning. “S-Serafina, I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless!”
“You look great with straight hair,” commented Serafina. “You do it more often.”
“How did you learn this?” she asked incredibly.
“I was a beautician before I met Gerard,” she said as she was putting the stuff away. “It was in Paris. 1903. I was a live-in, working for a nasty little bitch. A nasty little bitch that I made beautiful everyday. One day, she told me she was dating a man who I come to know later as Gerard. Gerard came to the house one night after she invited him in and he killed her. He was about to kill me, but then he gave me the offer of becoming a vampire. So I took his offer and left Paris.”
Helena listened to this and asked, “Did you want to be a vampire?”
Serafina shrugged, “Not at first, but I knew he would have killed me if I refused. It took some time to adjust, but I finally accepted it.”
Helena understood and Serafina started to leave the room, “Well, I have to get ready, so Tabatha will do your make-up.” She left out the door.
A minute later, Helena heard a knock on the door. “Come in,” she said.
Tabatha entered the room and closed the door. Tabatha was wearing a dark purple cross-motif empire dress and black-lace-top knee socks. She was carrying a big make-up case.
She marveled at Helena’s hair, “Wow! Serafina did a great job with your hair! I just hope I could give it justice with my make-up.”
She grabbed a nearby chair and brought it over so she could face Helena while she was doing her make-up. She opened her big make-up case and went right to work.
She applied pewter eye shadow to her eyes and then did her long eyelashes with midnight blue mascara. Then she lightly dusted Helena’s cheeks with blush. Next she colored her pink lips with dark mauve lipstick. Finally, she sprits on some Paris Amour on Helena’s neck.
“And, for the final touch,” Tabatha said in a tone like a magician would begin his next trick. She reached into her pocket and then produced out a gold cross necklace. She put it on her and Helena asked, “What’s with the cross?”
“It’s your symbol,” said Tabatha as she closed her case. “Gerard is to remove it from your neck and give it to the priestess. The vampire whom you give your life and your love to must remove the symbol that keeps you apart from him and cast it away so he could take you as his own.”
“Really?” asked Helena.
“Really,” said Tabatha. “You’re really lucky. Gerard is totally and completely in love with you. It’s about time too. He’s been in mourning for so long. Thank God he found you when he did.”
Helena was touched. She never knew that Gerard was still in grief for his lost Helena. She was grateful that he found her. If he didn’t, her life would be been plain and pointless. With him, nothing is normal and never will be. She preferred it so. She loves him.
Tabatha stood up and said to her, “Are you ready?”
Helena looked at her and smiled, “Yes, I am.”

Serafina and Tabatha were both wearing black crisscross dresses and black Victorian Rose necklaces when Helena descended down the stairs.
When she can down, she realized something. Neither her nor the girls were wearing any shoes. “How come we’re not wearing shoes?”
“It’s part of the ritual,” said Serafina.
“Come on,” said Tabatha as she opened the door. “He’s waiting for us.”
Helena started to move forward and started to head through the field with Serafina and Tabatha. To officially become part of Gerard’s family and to be his eternal lover.
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