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Total update for the readers

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To the readers,
Thank you for all your rates and reviews. I'm so glad you like the story so far.

I'm writing this now because I have something to share with you all. Three things, actually.

1)It'll be a few days, but I'm going to write the new chapters.

2)The next two chapters are going to be the last two chapters of Blood and Affection. The last chapter will be the longest I've ever written.

3)The story doesn't end there. There is going to be a sequel called Blood and Darkness. It will explain the spots I left in B+A.
The real reason for Helena's dream
Her relationship with Frank
Diving more into Gerard's past

Last and certainly not least, I will give you the real spoiler spots (but only a few...)
> Mikey will be in it
> George will be it too
> The others will become more involved
> There will be more blood, sex, drama, and gore

That's all I will say. Please continue your support.

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