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The boys get ready and a secret comes out

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“I’m in the shower for twenty minutes,” Gerard muttered loud enough so that Bob and Frank could hear. “Twenty minutes and you guys managed to turn my room into a murder scene of clothes!”
Gerard, clad with only a towel knotted around his waist, crossed his arms and looked at the ocean of tossed and scattered clothes covering what was left of his floor.
He asked the boys to lie out a suit for him while he was in the shower. He didn’t expect them to turn a simple search into a mad hurricane.
Frank and Bob were silent until Ray walked in the room with some clothes in his arms. He looked around the room and his face flashed an ‘Um, okay?’ look. He went over to Gerard, “I got your clothes.”
Gerard looked skeptical, “How?? Those two,” he pointed at Frank and Bob. “Thrashed my closet like it was eating people!”
“Your clothes for the ritual? Hello?” Ray reminded him. “Y’know, Giving your love and devotion to your lover? Helena?”
“I know that!” Gerard snapped. “I mean, how did you get a suit from my closet when you weren’t even in here?”
“Because these clothes weren’t from your closet,” Ray explained. “I got them from the priestess. She told me that you’re supposed to wear it.”
Gerard took the clothes and held them in front of him. It was black and it looked like something that a medieval Romanian prince would wear.
He looked at Ray, “She does know I’m Gerard Way, right? Not Vlad Dracula.”
Ray rolled his eyes and groaned, “Yes, dumbass, but it’s part of the tradition. It goes back to the time of, yeah, Dracula. The men are supposed to wear a ceremonial suit.”
Gerard shutted up after that. He went into the bathroom again with the clothes in his arms. After he shut the door, Ray turned to Bob and Frank, “Let’s clean this place up.”
Bob started to pick up the clothes while Ray went over to Frank and whispered, “We need to talk.”
Frank said nothing and they both left the room. Ray closed the door, “What exactly is your plan here?”
“Why, Ray,” Frank feigned being shocked. “Whatever do you mean?”
“Cut the bullshit,” said Ray. “I came over here last night when Helena was having her unconscious freak-out and-“
“Unconscious freak-out?” Frank interrupted, worried. “Is she okay?”
“Yeah, she’s fine. Will you be quiet?” Ray said, trying to stay on subject. “While I was leaving, I found a garland of wolfs bane on the ground. I looked and saw that it was below Helena’s window.”
“And your point is…?” Frank insisted.
“Gerard was sleeping there last night and he didn’t wake up until six. We both know that he’s up by five-thirty,” Ray said. “And I know you grow wolfs bane in your crypt. And that you were in the house last night and I could smell your scent on Helena’s skin. The scent of sex.”
“You think I had something to do with that?”
“I never think. I already know. What I’m telling you is that you may have had your fun with Helena and Gerard doesn’t know about it, but if and when he does, well, let’s just say you’ll see your family sooner than you think.”
Frank scoffed, “If you already know all about it, then why don’t you tell him?”
“Because I thought it be a sucky thing for Gerard to have a homicidal wave during his ritual,” said Ray. “That is why I’m not going to say anything. Except this. If you want to continue living the way you do now, you won’t repeat what you did last night. Ever again”
Frank flashed a sly smile, “Ray, my friend, since when do I give two flying fucks about you vampires want anyway?”
With that, Frank turned on his heel and walked away. Ray sighed. Well, he warned him. Now it’s his choice now. He went back into the room and Bob was finished cleaning, “What happened? Where’s Frank?”
“He left to get ready,” Ray lied. He didn’t know where Frank was going.
“Oh great! Way to leave me to clean up the mess!” Bob whined.
Ray scratched his head and asked, “Bob, do you think Frank’s up to something?”
Bob shrugged, “Hard to tell. But if he is, I think it would have something to do with Helena.”
“Why Helena?” Ray asked. “Is he in love with her or something?”
“Maybe,” Bob guessed. “Or maybe since that she’s going to be Gerard’s mate, he wants to humiliate him by sleeping with her too.”
“So you know about that too?”
“Kinda hard not to know. Frank’s a ghoul but that doesn’t mean he can block us from his thoughts.”
“I think he found a way. He’s been growing wolfs bane and I think he’s been wearing pieces so we can’t get to him. I could read his thoughts at all while we were talking.”
“And he’s used it on Gerard. He made that garland.”
Ray sighed, “I got a crazy feeling that Frank’s going to mess up our lives like we ruined his.”
Bob shook his head, “We didn’t ruin his life, Ray. Gerard did. He’s out to get revenge from Gerard.”
“What about me?” Gerard’s voice came behind them. They both jumped and Gerard backed up a little. “Geez, sorry. I didn’t think I looked bad.”
They both looked at him. He was wearing the suit. He looked very handsome.
“Gerard, I gotta say, you look great,” said Bob.
“Yeah,” said Ray.
Gerard beamed and brushed a few dark locks away from his temple. Ray smiled a little. Gerard saw this and told Bob, “Bob, why don’t you go and get ready?”
“All right,” said Bob and he left the room, leaving Ray with him.
Gerard looked at his friend with concern, “Ray, something’s bothering you.”
Ray nodded. He may be smart, but there was no hiding from Gerard.
“It’s about Frank,” he admitted.
“Uh-huh?” Gerard said.
“H-He…he…” Ray stuttered. How could he tell his master that his ghoul had slept with his lover?
Maybe he didn’t need to, because Gerard had a serious look on his face. “He slept with Helena.”
Ray nodded, “Yes, and he put a garland of wolfs bane in her room so you wouldn’t wake up.”
Gerard shut his eyes for a moment and then opened them, “I thought was something was wrong with me. That also explains why Helena was racked with guilt.”
“But she loves you,” Ray implored.
Gerard looked at him, “I know. I don’t want to lose her. That’s why I’m going to forget we had this little conversation and go through the ritual with no regrets. I want her to be my mate for the rest of my existence. She’ll tell me when she wants to.”
Ray understood. When Gerard saw this, he said, “Come on. Let’s see if they’re ready yet. I don’t want to fuck off any longer than I have to.”
“Wait. What about Frank?” Ray asked. “Aren’t you going to say anything to him?”
Gerard smiled at him, “You already warned him, didn’t you? He should be grateful I didn’t give him my warning.”

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