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The ritual commences. The epic final chapter.

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The clearing up on the hill near Ophelia’s Field was softly lit with moonlight. The moon was like a giant alabaster white orb, shining like a beacon in the sea and making the sky more midnight blue than its usual pitch black. The clearing was quiet except for the soft songs of the crickets and the occasional calls from the loons.
A figure draped in black arrives in the clearing. The form was indescribable but the shape was suggesting feminine. The figure looked up at the large white moon and it sounded like she was whispering a prayer.
Or what she believed was a prayer.
The sound of grass being stepped on was coming towards her. She turned away from the moon and saw three figures coming up the clearing.
The figures were Ray, Gerard, and Bob.
“Asmodel,” Gerard said to the cloaked stranger as he approached closer.
The figure, now recognized as Asmodel, turned to him and lowered her hood. She revealed a ocean of long black spiral-curly hair, eyes of Payne’s gray, and lips as red as blood. Her face was pale except for the symbolic markings around her eyes.
“Gerard,” said Asmodel. “I have seen many things throughout your existence, but this is something I would have never expected.”
Gerard smiled knowingly and embraced her, “I never saw this either, Asmodel. This is a sudden change for me, but…I want this.”
“I know, since you have asked me to perform this ritual for you and…what is the name of your bride?” asked Asmodel as she produced out a golden goblet from her cloak.
“Helena. Helena Sheridan,” he replied.
Asmodel looked at him strangely, “Helena? Was that not the name of your last love?”
Gerard bit his lower lip and piped out, “Yes. But that’s not why I want her.”
“Oh Gerard, I know it is not that,” she said.
Ray and Bob came behind Gerard, “It’s good to see you again, Asmodel,” said Ray.
“You remember Ray and Bob,” Gerard pointed out.
Asmodel bowed her head, “Raymond. Robert.”
Ray smiled weakly. He never knew what else to say to a vampire priestess besides hello. Bob, on the other hand, found something else to say, “Exactly how long have you been a priestess, Asmodel?”
Asmodel turned to him, “Since when the sun first kissed the moon when it went down to the Earth so that the moon would shine in the dark night. Since the pharaohs spent long hours of daylight to secure their legacy.”
“So, translation: A long fucking time,” Bob speculated.
Asmodel’s eyes narrowed at Bob’s language, “Yes”.
Bob kept quiet after that. Ray saw the goblet in Asmodel’s hand. He pointed to it,” What’s that for?”
“It is where the Holy Dagger lies,” she explained.
Ray took a peek in it and saw no dagger in there whatsoever. He looked at her, “Um, where?”
Instead of answering Ray’s question, Asmodel turned to Gerard, “We cannot waste this beautiful night waiting. Where is your bride? We must perform the ritual now.”
“Here I am,” Helena’s voice broke through. All in the clearing turned to her. She, along with Serafina and Tabatha, approached the group. The gentle evening wind was blowing ripples on the hem of her dress. The silver hair ornaments shone in the moonlight. Her bare feet felt the coolness of the grass.
Gerard was rendered speechless. He never saw Helena, or any other woman, so beautiful in his entire existence. It made him fall in love with her all over again.
Helena came closer to Gerard and smiled sweetly. He shared her smile and then introduced her to Asmodel, “Helena, this is Asmodel Amen-Tat. She’s a vampire priestess. Asmodel, this is Helena Sheridan.”
Helena extended her hand, “Nice to meet, Priestess Amen-Tat, and thank you for coming to perform the ritual.”
Asmodel nodded in acknowledgment, “It is my service to perform the ritual. I welcome your gratitude.”
Helena smiled and pulled her unshaken hand back. Then she turned to Gerard. What’s with the proper English? Her thoughts asked him.
“It is from centuries of learning your language,” Asmodel answered.
Helena jumped, “You heard my thoughts?!”
Asmodel smiled knowingly, “I am a vampyre as well, although I am much older than anyone in this vicinity.”
“Really?” asked Helena. “When were you turned?”
“532 B.C.” she answered.
Helena’s jaw dropped, “You’re like, a million years old!”
Asmodel chuckled, “I am not even close to the millions, but I am very old in human years.”
“But still, that’s impressive!” Helena gushed and then asked, “When did you become a priestess?”
“Surprisingly enough, it was right after the death of Nero,” said Asmodel.
Helena was amazed that she was speaking to an ancient vampire. She would have thought she was at least three hundred years old.
Tabatha nodded hello to Asmodel. Serafina asked Asmodel, “What does your name mean?”
“I was named after the angel of Tarsus,” Asmodel answered.
Just then another figure, unknown to Helena, came up to the clearing. He was bespectacled man with short brown hair and he wore a long black coat with a red scarf.
Gerard went over to the man and embraced him, “Mikey, you came.”
“I said I would, didn’t I?” Mikey said. He pulled away from him and looked at Helena, “Is this her?”
Gerard nodded, “Yes. That’s Helena.”
Mikey smiled at her. Gerard brought her closer to them and introduced her, “Mikey, this is Helena Sheridan. Helena, this my little brother Mikey.”
“Your brother!” Helena gasped. “I didn’t know you had an actually family!”
Gerard smirked, “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.”
Asmodel looked around and spoke, “Everyone is now present to this ritual. Let us begin to intertwine these vampires’ fates.”
The boys and girls stood around Asmodel and the couple. Asmodel held the goblet to her, “The themes of love and death play a central part of our existence. We desire the most basic urges of the human psyche. The desire of immortality and the need for love. We are assured immortality by drinking blood from another.”
She turned to Gerard, “Gerard Way, you have taken this woman, Helena Sheridan, as your own and brought her to our coven. Will you now take her as your eternal bride?”
“Yes,” he answered.
She then turned to Helena, “Helena Sheridan, you have been taken from your human life and have been reborn to ours by this man. Will you now take him as your eternal lover?”
“Yes,” Helena answered.
“Will you let him remove your cross, the symbol of your humanity, and be part of our unholy coven of nosferatu and be with him for however long you shall live?”
Helena took a deep breath and again said, “Yes.”
Asmodel glanced at Gerard, “Gerard, remove her cross.”
Gerard reached out and took the cross between his two fingers. He pulled it hard and the chain of the necklace broke. Asmodel brought the goblet closer to him, “Drop it in here.”
He did and the golden cross seemed to melt into the gold in the goblet. Suddenly, the goblet started to fill up to the brim with blood. Asmodel waved a hand over it and a blood-spotted dagger risen up from the goblet. She grabbed the handle and said to Gerard and Helena, “Put out your hands.”
They did and she made long cuts on both their hands. Helena winced in pain but Gerard was still.
“Now press your hands to each other’s,” said Asmodel.
They pressed their bleeding hands together and then let go.
“Gerard,” said Asmodel. “Before you give her your blood, give it to your brother and your brothers- and sisters-in-arms. Your blessing shall be their blessing.”
Gerard turned to his brother and offered him his hand. Mikey took it and licked up the first swelling of blood. He then offered his hand to Ray, who licked up the second swelling, and finally Bob, who licked up the third swelling. Serafina and Tabatha licked the fourth and fifth. He finally offered his hand to Helena and she drank the remainder of the blood.
Asmodel looked at Helena, “Before you give him your blood, give to your brothers and sisters and then myself so we may welcome you to our coven.”
Mikey stepped foreword and took Helena’s hand, “I drink the blood of my brother’s bride.” He licked up the first swelling.
Ray was next, “I drink the blood of my master’s bride.” He licked the second swelling.
Then it was Bob, “I drink the blood of my master’s bride.” Licked up the third.
It was then Serafina’s turn, “I drink the blood of my master’s love.” She licked the fourth.
Tabatha was last, “I drink the blood of my master’s love.” Licked the fifth.
It was finally Asmodel’s turn and she held up Helena’s hand, “By this hand. By this blood, I welcome you.” With that, she licked the sixth.
She handed Helena’s hand to Gerard, “You will take the holy seventh and then she is your bride.”
Gerard took it and looked at Helena. He whispered, “I drink your blood and take you as my own.”
He gave her hand a gentle squeeze and then licked the last of her blood. He pulled away and kissed her with every ounce of love of passion he had within him. Helena returned his kiss with all of her heart and soul.
They finally pulled apart and Asmodel smiled, “This ritual has ended. Helena is now our sister.”
Everyone clapped and Helena smiled at them all. She was one of them now. They were her friends. Her family. Her coven. She turned back to Gerard and smiled at him as well. She will never understand how she first thought of him as a sadist vampire who took her away from her normal life and now see him as the love of her life or un-life. Not even if she lived to be Asmodel’s age.

Everyone was celebrating in Masque’s Hall. Asmodel left right after the ritual was done. Helena kept talking Mikey. She couldn’t believe that Gerard had a brother.
Helena decided to step out for a moment after she had her fifth glass of blood. She smiled when she felt the cool breeze touch her face. She then heard rustling in the tall grass. She looked and saw nothing there. She sensed that someone was there.
“Boo,” said a familiar voice.
Helena turned around and saw Frank beside her. She didn’t know what to say to him. What can you say to a guy you had sex with the night before your ritual? Well, she thought of one thing. She could tell him why she can’t do it again. She loves Gerard more than anything.
He waltzed over to her, “So you’re officially his now, aren’t you?”
Helena nodded and sorted out her words, “Yes. Frank, even though having sex with you was wonderful and amazing and I’m having a hard time comparing the two- wait, what am I saying? Despite it all, I can’t ever do that again. Gerard and I are-“
That was all she managed to say before she felt Frank’s lips on hers and his tongue slipped in. she softly moaned at that and gave him a hard kiss. God, she felt so weak around him.
They pulled apart and Frank finished her sentence, “Are bonded now. That doesn’t mean I still can’t have you. It just gives me more reason to do it. I’ll just have to keep this a secret from the others and keep growing wolfs bane. As long as I have that, Gerard won’t ever know about us and you could take me anytime you want.”
Helena blushed at this. Frank kissed her one more time, “I’ll leave you with him for now, but when you’re tired of his tricks one day, find me.” With that, he went into the grassy field and disappeared.
Helena watched him go and jumped out of her skin when she heard Gerard’s voice behind her asking, “Are you okay?”
Helena swung her head around and nodded quickly, “Y-Yeah. Just needed to get some fresh air. Y’know, away from the party crowd.”
Gerard agreed, “I know. It’s getting a little rowdy in there. What do you say we leave the party and get to our ‘wedding” night?”
Helena smirked and wrapped her arms around his neck, “I can get on board with that.”
Gerard was silent for a moment and then he leaned in and kissed her. She returned the kiss.
“Let’s go,” he said when they pulled apart and grabbed her hand. The both left the glowing building of Masque’s Hall and headed to the darkened house up the field to share their unholy union in the blissful darkness.

The door of Helena’s bedroom was swung open and Gerard almost stumbled inside while he had Helena wrapped her legs around his waist and kissing him repeatedly. He closed with his foot and they collapsed onto her bed.
They pulled apart and Helena’s eyes were filled with lust. Gerard licked his lips and tore off Helena’s dress in an animalistic pace.
“Again with the dress-tearing,” Helena chuckled.
Gerard smirked a toothy grin at her, “Better get used to it, baby.”
“Well,” Helena sat up. “As long as we’re doing this…”
Gerard didn’t know where she was going at until Helena hooked her hands on his clothes and tore them off fast.
When she was done, she smiled evilly at him, “You look a lot better naked.”
“That’s my line,” Gerard teased.
“Lie down,” she said.
“That’s my line too,” he said and laid back on the bed. She loomed over him and gave him a quick kiss. Then she crawled down to his waist, leaving butterfly kisses that caused him to shiver with anticipation.
“Helena,” he breathed out and she took his member in her mouth. Gerard hissed at her touch and then moaned when he felt her soft tongue lick him upward.
Helena sucked gently and dragged her nails down his thighs, leaving red marks. She felt him getting harder and harder with each lick, suck, and kiss. She was getting so turned on by sucking him off that she reached down with her free hand and began to finger-flick herself.
Despite being lost in the absolute pleasure of her mouth, Gerard looked down at her and saw this. “Helena…stop…”
She did and Gerard sat up and had her lay down on the other end of the bed. He leaned over her and kissed her hard. “I wanna play now,” he purred and slid down to her waist.
He opened her legs and ducked his head in between where she was split. Helena gasped when she felt his slick tongue lashed out in her. She frantically thrusted her hips backwards at the feeling. She clinged to the sheets in a death grip.
Gerard stopped using his tongue and replaced it with one of his fingers, earning a long groan from Helena. He searched until he found her sweet spot. He then added a second finger and buried them deeper in her warm moist paradise. He pushed them in and out in a slow pace.
She let out a low moan, “Hahn…Gerard…”
He smirked at the pleasure he was giving her. He could fuck her with his fingers all day. Then again, she has the advantage of being able to fuck him with her mouth. He slipped in a third finger and fastened his pace.
Helena squirmed and squeezed herself tighter around his fingers. He plunged them deeper in her and loving the contorted face of pleasure she had.
She couldn’t stand it anymore and groaned, “Ohh god, Gerard, fuck me, p-please, fuck…”
Gerard smiled at her, “As you wish, my sweet darling bride.”
He took his fingers out and had her wrap her legs around his waist. He looked at her, “Ready?”
She nodded frantically; her body shook with want and anticipation, “Yes! Now please…”
Gerard needed no other words of encouragement to push himself deep into her, savoring the awesome throb he felt when he was fully inside her. He started moving his hips slowly so that she was comfortable.
But it seemed that she was already comfortable when she breathed out, “Go faster, ahh, h-harder, maah, don’t hold back baby. I can take it.” She wanted more and more with every slow thrust he gave her.
Sparing her and himself from his slow pace, he started a fast and hard thrust movement. Helena moaned and arched her back in appreciation, “Ahh, god, yes, more, oh Gerard, yes.”
“Yeah,” he moaned and thrusted deeper and deeper into Helena. His mate. His lover. “Motherfucking yeah.”
He hit her sweet spot and she practically screamed in pleasure, “Gerard! Oh my god, yes, ah, ahh! Fuck, yeah, ahh!”
She pulled him down and kissed him hard. He gave her a even harder one. Then he pulled her up to him so that she was sitting in his lap. Their lips were in perfect synchronization and he thrusted into her in perfect rhythm.
They pulled apart and Gerard thrusted harder, “You like this?”
“Yes!” she moaned.
“You like my cock in your pussy like this?”
“Fuck yes!”
“You about to come?”
“Ohh yeah!”
“Scream my name.”
She groaned. She was close, so close.
Gerard leaned over to her ear, “Scream my name when you come. I want to make you fucking writhe when you do.”
She couldn’t hold back anymore, “GERARD!”
She felt herself covering him with her juices. She laid on the bed as he continued to fuck her.
“Oh fuck, Helena!” he gave one last moan and came harshly in Helena. He finally pulled out of her and collapsed beside her. Their breathing (or un-breathing) returned to normal within minutes.
Helena rolled to her side and placed her hand on Gerard’s cheek. He turned to her and leaned in to her lips. They kissed with the strength they had left.
She pulled away, “That was wonderful.”
Gerard sighed in relief, “I think that topped all the other times we had sex.”
“Maybe because we’re bonded now?” Helena giggled.
“Yeah,” he said, running a hand down her neck.
Helena smiled but then her face shown concern, “Gerard?”
“Yeah?” he asked, eyes closed like he was about to fall asleep.
“Will I be okay like this?” she asked. “As a vampire?”
Gerard gathered her in his arms and kissed the top of her head, “Yes, because you have me. I told you before. I wanted you and I got you. You’re mine. I’m yours.”
Helena then felt Gerard falling asleep and she nuzzled close to him. She closed her eyes and thoughts of blood, death, and Frank disappeared, for the night at least. She began to dream. She dreamt of giant vampire bats taking flight over the grassy plains of Ophelia’s Field.

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