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Long time no see...

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I have missed you guys too much!

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Um... wow!

I forgot how I even did these things and how I set them up and everything. That is a clear sign that it's been way too long. I miss my Ficwad friends! How are all of you?

Well, a lot has happened in my life! I got a real life best friend! (I know, I know. Cue your gasps!) She's awesome. She loves some amazing bands and she's so funny. She came round to my house on Sunday, and we went to the deer park, and we saw some morons feeding the deer doritos, so she screamed her head off at them, and as we were walking away, she loudly mumbled "what idiots!?!" God! She's amazing. She doesn't even realize how amazing she is!

So, my school's gone to shit. The new head teacher who's a real moron just lets everyone in. If you don't know, I go to a "special" school for people with High Functioning Autism, and she let's in the most lowest functioning of all. I guess I'm part of an okay group in the school, but ugh. It's like you have to be there to truly understand it. It's not all bad though. My friends and I talk about how we go to a "thpethial thchool" because my friend works somewhere, and he told his colleague he has autism, so she was like, "Oh does that make you special?" and so he started acting seriously ill. It was so funny.

Not to mention that my frickin' ICT teacher is frIENDS WITH OLI SYKES AND WENT ON TOUR/HAD DRINKS WITH FALL OUT BOY!!1! (I know. I know. I hate/love/am jealous of him too. He's really cool though. I like him. :) He has a roommate called bear bear (don't ask me how I know) but all I can think of is moon moon. It's awesome. He has Oli's number, and my friend and I carry on trying to get it from him. Unfortunately, he keeps his phone locked. :(

I don't know if I told you guys, but Hozzie and I went to the SPN convention, Asylum 10! We had a picture taken with Misha and Death, and then separately, I had one with Osric (the guy who plays Kevin) and Mark Sheppard. So it was an extremely successful trip!

BUT I want to know how you guys are! Let me know because I miss all of you, and I'm still getting back into the habit of using this place. Now, I'm not into Frank anymore which is unfortunate, but, time heals all wounds. I'm thinking about writing original stories. Auditions will be held if you guys are open to it. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you guys! I missed you all so much!

Love from Penina! :D xxx


Okay, so this is for the people who have no clue who I am.

I was on this website for about a year before I left because I wasn't feeling it. But, I'm back now to spend time with you guys, read your stories, and hopefully write some myself. My name is Penina Dayne. I like the colour blue, I live in a strange mystical place called England, and I have a cat called Smudge. (He's a stupid animal that you hate to love and love to hate. But I love him anyway.) I've also got so many fish I've lost count of how many I've got. I'm an Aquarius, I love dogs, and music and shows are awesome. There's probably a whole bunch of complicated stuff that you'll learn about me later, but for now let's stick with the non scary stuff, hey? :P
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