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Keep Dropping The Sorrys

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Chapter 1- Keep Dropping The Sorrys

"Patrick..." Patrick blinked, once and continued to stare down at the phone, hand gingerly holding onto a suitcase full of random belonging.

"Patrick," His name was called again and still, he did not budge.

"Patrick." This time it was fierce and annoyed and Patrick slightly looked up to see Pete standing behind the kitchen counter, plane tickets in hand.

"I'm sorry Pete," He muttered, looking back down. Pete sighed and looked at his friend who was currently hidden by the bill of his hat.

" really need to stop thinking she's going to call," Patrick sighed, agreeing and looked back up.

"I don't care...I just think we both messed up," he muttered. Pete shook his head.

"'s been two years, nothing can turn back what has happened..." Patrick still looked like he was unsure.

"Listen, we are going to England, why?" Pete arched his eyebrows waiting for an answer. Patrick looked down at his feet, crushed already by the pressure on his heart and the situation.

"To try and find her," Pete smiled.

"Exactly," Patrick looked up and bit his lip.

"But...what if she's...not willing to take me back?" Pete sighed and turned around.

"No offence Patrick, but we aren't just trying to find her to hook you two back up, I miss my sister...don't be so selfish," Patrick twitched slightly and moved from his spot.
I'm just the boy losing too many chances...


Maddie sighed as she un-packed more and more books out of boxes, putting the new arrivals up on the shelves. It was Friday, just two more hours, and she would be off of work, and that means spending more time at home. She looked up at the counter at the sound of Fall Out Boy playing through the speakers.

"Damnit Jake," she cursed and Jake smirked.

"Sorry, love," he spoke in his thick British accent and turned it down slightly. "I know you have a history with Pete being you brother and Patrick being your ex-fling," Maddie sighed and shook her head.

"Never mind Jake," Jake sighed and looked at Maddie.

"Maddie, why don't you take seem a bit..." he paused and skewed his mouth to one side. "Off," Maddie sighed and put the box down.

"I really need this, Jake," Jake nodded and pulled out a pen.

"Smoothies...tomorrow? I'll call, and pay," Maddie shrugged.

"I'll see if I have time," Jake opened his mouth and nodded.

"Kati, I know," Maddie was about to reply when somebody interrupted her.

"Who's Kati?" Maddie felt her heart jump into her throat and her mind start to race a hundred miles a minute.

Jake's jaw dropped, and his hand fell from supporting his chin and onto the CD player where he turned off the music. Maddie slowly turned around and instantly felt the tears sting her eyes.

"Pete..." Pete smiled and opened his arms.

"Maddie," she lightly screamed as he gathered her in his arms, picking her up and swinging her around, her legs up. "Maddie...oh my sister...I missed you so," Maddie bit her lip as it quivered and she held his face in her hands.

"Pete...I'm so proud of you," she muttered and Pete smiled.

"We couldn't have done it without you," Maddie shook her head.

"I wasn't there..." Pete nodded.

"You were always there..." he paused and pointed to his heart. "Right here...for all of us, Maddie," Maddie just smiled before hugging Pete again.

"I'm so happy you're here. She widened her eyes. "Wait...where are the others?" Pete chuckled.

"Don't worry...we split up into different towns so we could find you...we went to your dad's house first, and he said you were was horrible," Maddie bit her lip.

"You aren't going to tell them that quickly that you found me, right?" Pete hesitated for a minute but nodded.

"I'll wait until tomorrow," Maddie nodded and Jake shooed her away.

"Take me home, Pete," Pete nodded.


Maddie gasped right before she was going to open her door. Pete raised an eyebrow and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Maddie bit her lip and turned to Pete.

"Pete...there's something you should know..." just as she said that, Mackenzie, the babysitter came out, holding baby Kati.

"Oh,'re here...I have to go, I'm so sorry," she handed the baby to Maddie and ran out towards her car.

Pete turned back to see Maddie tearing up. Pete shuffled them into the house and sat her down.

"Maddie..." he said slowly and Kati hiccupped. "When...when did this happen?" Maddie bit her lip and decided to tell him the truth.

" can't tell Patrick," Pete widened his eyes and nearly chocked.

"'s kid?" Maddie looked away and nodded. "Maddie...why didn't you call and say anything?" Maddie shrugged.

"I was ashamed...I thought Patrick wouldn't care," Pete shook his head and looked down at the now sleeping baby.

"She looks so much like him..." Maddie nodded her head.

"It broke my heart...always seeing him in her...everything," she then shook her head and stood up, walking to her bedroom. "Pete...I don't want Patrick to know, even if you tell them you found me...I'll tell Patrick it's his on my own time," Pete raised an eyebrow as Maddie placed Kati in her crib.

"What are you going to do? You can't hide a year old baby," Maddie bit her lip.

"He doesn't have to know the truth right away...I...I can lie," Pete sighed and hugged his sister close.

"Maddie...I don't want you to lie..." Maddie bit her lip and sobbed.

"Fine...tomorrow when they come over...I...I'll tell the truth," Pete nodded and sighed, thinking about what Patrick had said.

"What if she wasn't ready to take me back?"

Pete closed his eyes and hugged his sister close
I don't know...I never know
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