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Maybe This Is All Avoidable

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Maddie has a slight break down and wonders just what would happen if she tells one lie and when she does, just what happens to poor Patrick?

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Chapter 2- Maybe This Is All Avoidable

Maddie bit her lip, holding baby Kati in her arms as Pete paced in front of her, on the phone.

"'s really her...nope, she's still beautiful. Yes Joe," Maddie looked up as Pete hovered the phone in front of her.

She switched the baby with the phone and smiled as she heard Joe yelling excitedly.

"Maddie...oh how I've missed you," Maddie giggled and watched as Pete smiled widely at Kati and began making faces.

"I missed you too...but boy, am I proud of my boys," Joe laughed.

"Guess what?" Maddie rolled her eyes.

"What?" she heard the phone being switched around and she slightly panicked.

"Now, Maddie...let's hope you didn't forget me," Maddie thought for a minute.

"Peyton?" Pete's eyes lit up and he jumped once, making Kati giggle.

"Yeah...just hanging with the boys..." Maddie just shook her head at Pete and he shrugged.

"MADDIE!" Maddie pulled the phone away as it was handed off to Andy.

"Hi to you to, Andy," Andy smirked and Maddie rested against the couch.

"We miss you...and will be there soon," Maddie sat up slightly.

"Do you think I can..." Andy cut her off.

"Uh, we have to go...we'll see you soon," Maddie bit her lip as the phone line went dead.

"Pete...I'm scared," Pete sat down next to her and looked down at the baby.

"You shouldn't...just, be Maddie. Tell the truth," Maddie bit her lip and nodded, widening her eyes as the doorbell rang.

Pete handed Kati to Maddie and walked out of the room and down the hallway. Maddie looked down at her baby who smiled. She heard those familiar voices from the front door and a few footsteps walking through her father's house.

"Holy baby on a stick," Maddie raised an eyebrow before turning and seeing Joe in shock. "What the hell happened?" Maddie bit her lip and glared.

"It's called a baby, thank you very much," Joe smiled and came over sitting down next to her and looking down at Kati.

"What's her name?" Maddie bit her lip and pushed some of her hair away.

"Kati..." Joe raised an eyebrow.

"Are you going to keep her a secret?" Maddie widened her eyes and looked at him.

"It's that obvious that she looks exactly like Patrick?" Joe smirked.

"He won't notice until you tell him," Maddie looked down but then jumped as Andy ran into the room.

"Maddie's been busy!" Maddie giggled and Kati made a blubbering noise.

"Kati, these are your uncles...well, godfathers more like it," Joe laughed.

"I'm a godfather," Kati looked up at him and smiled. She waved and Joe widened his mouth.

"She's so cute," Maddie let Joe take her and stood dup to let Andy sit down next to the baby as well.

The two started playing with her and she bit her lip as she saw Pete walk back in with two other people in tow.

"Oh Maddie! You look great!" Maddie smiled as Peyton came into the room and then looking at Katie. "For having a kid too," And that's when Patrick came into the room.

Maddie bit her lip as his eyes widened and his vision darted from her to Kati.

" have a kid?" he muttered and Maddie bit her lip before nodding.

Pete looked at Maddie and she walked over as he sat down next to Peyton, slightly overhearing what she was going to say.

"Patrick...uh," Patrick shook his head.

"What...what happened?" Maddie bit her lip and closed her eyes.

"Kati is yours...I'm stupid and sorry but that's the truth," Maddie shook her head and let the lie slip before she could think it through.

"Met somebody and got pregnant...he left when I was 3 months," Patrick's expression took on a mix between a hurt look and sympathy.

"But..." he shook his head and looked down at the ground.

Pete looked somewhat angrily at Maddie and she just bit her lip, holding back the tears before walking off and into the kitchen.

"Pete," Pete looked over at Patrick who looked completely lost, like his spirit had been broken, tail between his legs.

Pete shrugged and Patrick just sat down in the armchair.

"Patrick...I only found out when I found her," Patrick shook his head.

"I knew she had moved on...I wasted a whole two years waiting, for something that would have never happened," Pete looked solemn and blinked, listening to his best friend pour his heart out.

See, Maddie...look what one lie has done...
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